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Ridgefield Playhouse ~ Ridgefield, CT ~ November 8, 2014




Roger Hodgson ~ Ridgefield Playhouse ~ Ridgefield, CT

Roger Hodgson ~ Ridgefield Playhouse ~ Ridgefield, CT

Great show! Roger did rock out to Had a Dream!‬ ~ Dan Wells

Last nights show in ridgefield was amazing!!!!!! I have waited my whole life to see you and it was everything i hoped for and more!!!! Thanks for a great show! ~ Jean Jean

Great show tonight!! Hope to see you again next year!!‬ ~ Bernhard Christen

Great show in Ridgefield,CT. GRACIAS come back soon. ~ Theo Jimenez

A concert is audiences participating with the performer otherwise just buy a live cd. Roger was fantastic as was the crowd with very few iPhone bandits recording show.‬ ~ Mat Lewis

We loved the show!! Very happy ,my husband and I couldnt believe been there and watching Roger Hodgson... He is awesome!! Thank u for doing such a show!! Made us going back yearssss...ago.
~ Debora E Marcus Quintela

I'm gonna b50 but it felt like 21 hahahah you know when y go to a concert 4the first time!!!It was great!!!!See u next year!!! PS:it was just so FAMILY ORIENTED" really cute!My kids will be there next year too! 4rverRoger! ~ Josane Rosa Doyle

Thank you Roger, Shakti, and Linda for yet another memorable night. Harmonies sounded amazing!! We can't get enough ~ Brett Bauchner

Awesome show tonight, Roger! Thank you for a great evening. It wonderful to meet you again too! Shakti and Linda, you're the BEST! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.‬ ~ Jay Jendrewski

Great Show. I think technical difficulties made more like we were in his living room like he said‬
~ Brian ODonnel

Dear Roger, Band and Staff, Thank you for another amazing show at the Ridgefield Playhouse! It was awesome to hear "Had A Dream". I haven't been able to get that song out of my head! It was also the first time I've heard "The More I Look" live. I loved hearing Babaji, Along Came Mary and many other favorites. I know it's been an intense tour schedule. Thank you for your dedication to bring your music to us. It is appreciated more than you know. I hope to see you a few times again next year. Enjoy your down time between tours and safe travels! May God Bless you all! ~ Patrick

Last nights show in ridgefield was amazing!!!!!! I have waited my whole life to see you and it was everything i hoped for and more!!!! Thanks for a great show! ~ Jean Jean

Thanks for coming out to see us in this neck of the woods, Roger. Safe travels to you and hope to see you back out this way again. ~ Paul Clough

Yesterday morning my husband and I got the rarest of of moments and ran into Roger in the elevator. I hope that we were able to share what a wonderful experience it was to have seen him the night before in concert. He was very kind and open. Thank you Roger for your music and being a very kind man. ~ NancySue Lootens Reid

Everyone was (indeed) listening Another night of non stop entertainment by Roger and his band. The talent and pure love of what they do just comes through each note of music. You just can't miss seeing Roger Hodgson and his band!! I've just had the pleasure of seeing them again in Ridgefield, CT this past Sat. Nov. 8th. Going again to see them at the Paramount, Huntington, NY on Tues. Nov. 11th. Can't wait. All the songs I love. I did miss hearing "Lady" this past weekend, but hopefully he'll play it Tues. and if luck is really on my side, "Don't Leave Me Now" too. We'll see. As long as I hear Lord is it mine, Fools Overture and Hide in your shell... I'll be a very happy camper. ... Took my sister with me last year to see him in Westbury... my brother this past weekend in CT and my 16 year old daughter called dibs on this Tues November 11th at the Paramount. Go ahead Roger, Everyone is Listening!! ~ giggingit1

Photos by Ramzi Musallam


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