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Ridgefield Playhouse ~ Ridgefield, Connecticut ~ January 12, 2013


Ridgefield Playhouse

Ridgefield Playhouse Ridgefield Playhouse

Roger was absolutely wonderful! His voice was perfect and the other artist playing with him was impeccable. The audience loved the show from start to finish and Roger's story telling throughout the concert made the songs come even more alive. It was one of my all time favorite shows. Thank you, Roger, for make my life better with your music! ~ Andy Warren

The show exceeded my expectations! For Roger and Aaron, with all the instrumentation, multi-tasking, etc.--they were as tight as any band I've heard live, and I've seen ALOT of concerts!!! Although they didn't play any songs from Open the Door, I did get to hear some songs I had never heard before, which I will now want to hear again and learn on keyboards. "Say Goodbye" is one such song I especially like because of the great chords. If there was anything I wished to convey to Roger, it is this: his music has been the primary catalyst for me to learn to play keyboards by ear, since the age of 13. But, more importantly, it is his style and the chords he used that have always driven me to play piano and write music. Oddly enough though, I had always felt his music was special (as an 11 year old and up) but it wasn't until recently that I began figuring out his songs on piano--and realizing that the songs I had written back as a kid were using Eb, Cm, Bb, Ab, etc. So, anyway, to me, Roger is right up there with the Beatles, and in fact two of Roger's songs just happen to be in my top five favorite songs of all time. Just sayin'.... I can appreciate your busy and, at times, exhausting schedule. Thank you, again for all your kindness. Please convey my best to Roger, and know that you folks are always welcome to come to Vermont and play!  ~Scott Casella

I wish you a great day and a wonderful show tonight. This is my first time seeing you live and I am so looking forward to it. Your music has touched me since I was a child. Cheers to an amazing show. I hope we can give you back half the inspiration you have given us through your lyrics, voice and instrumental talent. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. ~ Lois Burmester

The last great Supertramp concert I saw was 1983 in Houston. Roger sang "Hide In Your Shell", and that was worth the ticket alone! ~ David Lane Brown

Loved your show tonight Roger...brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing your special gifts in Ridgefield! Come back soooon!!! ~ Marita Bonanni

Awesome show. I was blown away. ~ Marc Jaffe

Saw Roger last night @ The Ridgefield Playhouse. OUTSTANDING!!! A true gentleman & performer. Thank you Roger for music that inspired my life  ~ Wayne Anderson


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