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Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, Canada ~ November 14, 2014




Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, Canada

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, Canada

A sensational show as always. Thanks so very much!! See you in 2015!!! ~ Louise Chiasson-Kennedy

Seeing & hearing Roger play that brought back so many great memories. ~ Robert Gordon

Saw this show and Roger for the first time about 4 years, the music i grew up listening to as a teen. My spine was tingling, it was amazing. Last night was even more so, and i hope many more shows to come. Thanks Roger. ~ David Michael Fawcett

I've Ben waiting for this night since I bought my tickets back in August! Roger always puts on a class act! ~ Chris Ehrt

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, CanadaIt was awesome to be there seeing one of the best performers ever. ~ William Vallejo

It was awesome, Roger you are so nice, we really enjoyed the show. Tonight again!!!
~ Yvonne Bevoort

Love the concert what an amazing talent all those years! ~ Aranka Berends

Another excellent performance. This was my ninth year in a row going to this event, and I have no intentions on having this being my last! Please keep returning to Rama! ~ Dan Morritt

Extraordinary show Rodger! I woke up this morning with your magical tunes running through my head. I can only describe your stage as a sea of musical richness and talent tastefully complimented with your incredible vocals. You took me back 35 years to my youthful years. I cannot wait to see you again and that may be to night. Hats off to you and entourage. ~ Terry Bass

The show was solid from start to finish. As the last leg of his 2014 tour, it was wonderful to see and glad Aaron took the "Long Way Home"! It was such a treat to hear Roger's songs off his own albums...Death and a Zoo...Eye of the Storm. I hope he records The Awakening for us, what a meaningful song for these troubled times. ~ Monika Melichar

What an amazing show last night. Thank you Roger for wishing me a happy birthday............and playing my favorite song, hide in my shell. 10th year in a row.......you never disappoint....love the electric guitar number, see you next year!!!!!! Hugs ~ Patti-Anne Coughlan Spidle

What a great show last night ~ Dan Tilling

It was awesome !!!! Thanks Roger Hodgson & Band !!!! ~ Loraline Dalcourt

Awesome show last night. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us tonight. Keep on rocking. ~ Colleen McKee

Fantastic show, as always! ~ Tami Pohlmuller-Sutherland

The best show I've seen in a long time! Amazing. Roger you rock! ~ Bruna DiCecca

Great show last night Heading Ur way again tonight with Friends I know It will be Great ~ Don Bate

Roger and Linda Tyler what an amazing show last night! Thank you both so much for the special arrangements for Emma to be able to come again to see you perform! As I told you after the show every time I see you your voice and the show just get better and better! We love ya both so much!!  ~ Bryan, Ellen and Emma Reif

I don't know how the show gets better every year---but it does--Aaron sounded amazing!!! ~ Dennis Bowes

Got what I wanted I said the same thing roger was amazing on lead guitar. It reminded me just how much he did with supertamp. ~ Tim Needham

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, CanadaThank you for a wonderful evening Roger, my mother and I saw you tonight at Casino Rama. She is 69 and this is our 4th time seeing you perform. Always a beautiful treat to see you perform and we love Aaron . We are always in the nose bleed seats way up there, and you have so much love up in those seats. We are from the Rama community and just enjoy you so much. I had some tears in my eyes tonight but I had a chance to rewrite my life and believe. Also I am a survivor of cancer so I can relate to the song and so can my mom. Thank you and safe travels until next time, Miigwech(which means thank) ~ Andrea Snache

We were at tonight's show at Rama and it was just outstanding! We see you every year and you, your band and the orchestra and the choir are beyond words! Looking forward to next year. Safe travels Roger and enjoy your time off over the next few months. ~ Gail

Great Rama Show Tonight. We really enjoyed it. I loved the way some of the songs were done. Had a Dream Was Outstanding. See You Next Year. ~ Terry Hill

Roger, Tonight's show was amazing! Thank you so much for mentioning Amy and myself before playing Hide In Your Shell. That was very special. We can't wait for tomorrow nights show. Thank you, ~ Jerry and Amy Cross (Denver, Colorado)

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, CanadaSaw your show at Casino Rama last night. Roger, you blew me away. Your stage presence and passion you put into the show was truly appreciated and showed the love you have for your fans. I have been to many shows in my 50 years, this being my first seeing you and I can't wait to go again. You played an incredible set list of songs I grew up loving and you did it without altering lyrics, tunes or melodies. You played them as they were heard by millions of music lovers, the way we loved them. Your band and the orchestra and back up singers were all phenomenal. You said you go to CasinoRama every year and I say this , I will be there every year to watch a true musician and amazing entertainer. Thank you Roger. ~ Daniel Napasney

I'm a Roger Hodgson addict! There, I've said it. I've been addicted since my introduction to the '74 album 'Crime of the Century' which I first heard in Jan '77. It's a habit I'll never try to kick. Last night at Rama Roger blew me away from beginning to end! The concert was beyond incredible! The latest twist to my addiction is hearing and watching Roger perform 'Had A Dream' on electric guitar! WOW! Can't wait for tonight's concert. I know this is selfish, but I pray that you always enjoy performing for us Roger, and that you never stop. We are blessed to have you. I can't wait for tonight's "fix"!!!
~ Jim Amey

Saw your show for the first time last night. I heard it was excellent however I was mesmerized with your talent and all your music. I grew up with Supertramp but to see you live was beyond my expectations. You are gift from God. Thank You. ~ Susan Zanaya

THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart for "Had a Dream". I know you have MANY fans, but on the off chance that you would remember, I met you at Rama (two years in a row) and requested it. At that time you said you were unable to do it live and I am so pleased that you are able to now! I will be looking forward to hearing it again tonight. In case I am not able to get up to the front when you play "Dreamer", I will be calling out (during the encore) for "It's Raining Again" as I have for every show you have ever played at Rama. Your music will always be a blessing to my spiritual awakening and so, may God Bless You!!! ~ Christina Saw

Your show last night for the first time at Rama and were totally blown away! Your talent, along with your band, the orchestra and singers brought shivers to us both! LOVED that you played "Had a Dream"! We are planning a return trip next year - hope you are able to share your amazing gift for many more years. ~ Lori & Warren Craft

Your show last night was amazing as usual. Welcome to Canada. I am sure you could feel all the warm hugs for you in the audience. Year after year your show just gets better and better if that is at all possible. Getting to meet you afterward just made the night my number 1 thing for the year. After that amazing show full of energy you still were the gentleman and great artist that you are in the greet room. Thank you again. See you next year. Love ~ Gloria Stanley

I was at your show last night at casino Rama And you were absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see you again next year. God Bless ~ Tony van Rennes

We saw your show last eve at Rama. This was my first show but went with some loyal fans. It was a great show. Your music is beautiful and your presentation was that of a kind soul. Thankyou for the night – cheers ~ Linda Lomax

Been to a number your Rama shows and about given up on seeing 'Had A Dream' live. It rocked, don't put away the electric guitar. ~ LarryW

Hi Roger, I saw your show last night for first time. I have always been a fan. I hope you realize how talented and creative you are. You are the Wayne Gretzky of the music industry, absolutely amazing. My daughter has been trying to break into the music industry and I keep telling her to try and take after you. Thx for the great show. I will be back ~ Bruno

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, CanadaYou have the most thrilling show I have ever seen, it captures my heart & give me such a wonderful feeling of togetherness. to have so many people so perfectly present your music give me chills. I would like to thank-you from all of your fans for giving us a wonderful concert and all year round pleasure by presenting such wonderful music. thanks from ~ Jean

Roger, thank you for what you do. I meet you after last night's show at Rama, what an honour! I will have the picture forever. Today, while waiting near the pool counter, I met Aaron and his beautiful daughter. What another honour. To meet two fabulous musicians in one weekend!!! Thank you for making my weekend!!! Can't wait until tonight's show. ~ Kari Aubin

Hi Roger, Just wanted to thank you for the great show 11/14/14. Took my wife and we had terrific seats 4 rows from the stage. You remain amazing but I am even more impressed with the type of personality you exude. Cant wait for next year. Kind Regards, ~ David Johnson

Your show last night was utterly brilliant. We both loved your song Awakening, hope to hear it recorded one day. We were sick last year for your trip to Rama, and had to give our tickets away, so this year my partner Doug decided to make it extra special by proposing to me while we were in the stands waiting for your show. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you again soon!
~ Connie & Doug

Last year our friend Dave Standbridge had tickets to see you but unfortunately his father passed away and he could not attend. Tonight Dave and Rose made the 4 hour drive to see the concert they missed last year ~ Erna Booth

Another awesome night at Rama. I love it when he says orillia. We have a blast every time. Looking forward to next year. ~ Brian

We were at your show last night at Rama. This is the 4th year we have attended your show. I think it just gets better and better. Last night was incredible with the orchestra and the choir and your incredible band especially the very talented Aaron. My husband and I were in New York last week and went to see the new Sting musical The Last Ship and we feel that you should also write a musical play or an opera. Your musical talents and story telling skills are totally up to it and we would love to be able to see this. Think about it. Meanwhile we will continue to enjoy attending your delightful show every year at Rama for as long as you are willing to perform there. tHanks so much. ~ Sue Spivak

Yes, forgot to mention how truly special. Had a dream was last night with you playing electric guitar.. Everyone in attendance was so into it and apprieciated by giving a very loud applause. Next year please play even in the quietest moments. Last night when I got home played both til 5am. ~ Brian Lind

Roger, another excellent performance. The first time we saw you at Rama you were on stage by yourself with a cold and you still were magnificent. We have been back about 8 times since. Never disappointed. We saw you back in 78 or 79 when Supertramp played the CNE IN Toronto. Favourite song always, "Fools Overture". ~ Scott & Cindy Parkin

My wife and i were at the show at RAMA again last night for the 3rd time. twice with orchestra. my wife said she sang along to almost every song, and has 2 of your solo albums. i saw you first in the 70's. you do not age roger. you only get better. my favorite song is Fools Overture and it was splendid again. Thanks so much for coming to Ontario and i cant wait till next time. ~ Gord Dougan

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, CanadaHi. I was at the show at Rama Nov 14. I have to say I have been listening to your music since my early teens and I have always enjoyed and connected with your music and songwriting. The show the other night was outstanding. I often go to concerts but I must say your at the top of my list for favorites. I intend to come to future concerts you have here in Ontario. Thank you and your amazing band so much for incredible concert and an incredible evening. You are a legend! ~ Janet Amiel-Sorgini

Excellent Show! We went with several friends who had not seen him before. He didn't disappoint! He still hits all those high notes and along with the Band/ Orchestra played all his songs admirably! The last time I saw Roger Hodgson, was the late 70's as part of Supertramp. I won't wait that long to see him again next time! Favorite moment: He played Two of us in the encore and shook my wife's hand at the end of the show! ~ Newly54

Toni Amey @ToniAmey @RogerHodgson Wow! Rocking show last night! Band. Orchestra.Choir. ELECTRIC GUITAR! #casinorama #rogerhodgson #ifeveryonewaslistening

Sandra Alves @AquariusDreamr @RogerHodgson formerly of SuperTramp put on a fantastic show last night @CasinoRamaLive. Gave me goosebumps!!

momwingrove @momwingrove @RogerHodgson Thank you for a phenomenal show at Casino Rama tonight! Was able to share it with my daughter and will definitely go again!

Therese Miller @mothert50 @RogerHodgson thank you so much for your time, beautiful evening"Two of us", special song. Peace & blessings.

Sonya Cabral @SonyaCabral Fabulous, fabulous ! Great show! Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been too! #rogerhodgson #casinorama @RogerHodgson thank you!

Molly primeau @primeau_molly @CasinoRamaLive @RogerHodgson awesome concert

Conner Boden @ConnerRushBoden My music teacher... Thanks for the great show as always @RogerHodgson Round 5 was killer!

Keri Parker @Rangerette94 Just saw @RogerHodgson at Casino Rama.. unbelievable, amazing. #TheBestOfTheBest

Lorraine Gardner ‏@lorrainegc3 Best rock show ever! @RogerHodgson is awesome in concert. Loved it!!

jamie grant ‏@jamie140 @RogerHodgson Thanks for a great night Friday!

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino Rama ~ Rama, ON, CanadaTony White ‏@twhitetraining “@t16bam: Even in the quietest moments with Roger Hodgson LIVE #supertramp#awesome concert ”Great concert!

Tiffany Ann ‏@TiffanyAnnSnow The very talented @RogerHodgson at @CasinoRamaLive last night! Amazing orchestra! Stunning performance! #Supertramp  


Photo # 1 by Rique Franks
Photos # 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 by Howard Heckers
Photo # 5 by Candido Marquez Perez
Photo # 7 by Richard Bain


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