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Pasino ~ St. Amand, France ~ May 21, 2013



Pasino - St Amand, France

Pasino, St Amand, France

Pasino - St Amand, FranceFirst of all THANK YOU for the amazing show you gave us tonight... I'm 19 but I do know most of your songs thanks to my father with whom I went to see you at Saint-Amand in France ... Outstanding performance, you and your band ... Hope to see you again, you guys really rocked ! ~Louis

I was at St Amand yesterday. A wonderful concert with three very good points in my opinion : The choice of songs, not only the most famous ones but for me the best ones (child of vision, fool's overture and don't leave me now). A Young band, those guys are very good. The affordable ticket price. As you said, I am living with Supertramp for 25 years now and your songs have something special. ~sb

Pasino - St Amand, FranceThank you again for this amazing show yesterday evening. Thank you also for receiving us in your room after the concert. That was a dream coming through : I still can be a Dreamer ! My son Hadrien was the happiest child in the world. he says he is going to cherish that moment forever. : "I will keep this evening in my heart all my life", did he say when we were going home (taking the long way, of course). I wish you a good journey in UK. Thank you again. PS : Thank you also to your musicians who as we say "know how to do it !" ~Djayesse

My sister and I went to the 2 Paris concerts, and we cannot Thank You enough for all the strong emotions you have brought to our hearts. Your music is in our lives since the end of the 70's and always will be. It is a huge treat to be able to see/hear you live, we feel so very lucky! You have a wonderful band with you as well!! Hope to see you again... Sending you our warmest and Best wishes, with love.
~Christelle and Corinne

Thank you very much Roger ( and also your band) I saw you with Supertramp in the North of France in Cambrai...iin 1977 i think -I was student and now i am a little bit old but the emotion is the same , perhaps much better! Thanks for your show in St Amand les Eaux and for Child of Vision and Fools Overture...Some tears in my eyes last night! Thanks! ~Thierry

I bought both of the CDs that were sold at our concert. I listen to the live concert every time I'm in the car. I just never tire of listening to your voice, Roger. ~ Karen Walls

The yesterday show was wonderful. Thank you Roger, Linda, the musicians! The meaning song was fabulous! ~ Julien Defournier

Agree with Julien ! Wonderful show. My favorite song, "The Meaning", was played. Roger is listening his audience, it's sure ! And the audience received his songs like many gifts. Thank you Roger and all the team for these wonderful shows ! ~ Christian Kldr

I was there ! Thanks for the amazing show ! Keep being young for ever and make us dreamers with your songs ... We love you ! ~ Louis Duchateau

Merci pour cette belle soirée, j’étais fan de supertamp depuis très longtemps mais j’étais trop jeune pour venir aux concert, quand j'ai eu l'age , en 1985 vous aviez quitté le groupe, c'est donc la première fois que je vous voyais vous produire sur scène , j'espère qu'il y en aura d'autres , avec de nouvelles chansons ...formidable soirée (Thanks for this wonderful evening, I was a fan of Supertamp very long time but I was too young to come to the concert, when I was the age in 1985 you left the group, this is the first time that I saw you on stage, I hope there will be others, with new songs ... great evening)
~ David Dedours

Super concert , merci !!!!!! ~ Léo Roppa

Merci d'être passé à Saint Amand super concert. (Thanks for coming to Saint Amand great concert.) ~ Pascal Bantegnie

A pleasure to relive all these songs:)) thank you for come to St Amand!! We feel your pleasure in the show and that is the most important ^^ thank you very much^^.... very good saxo ! ~ Fabbie Button

Bravo à l'ingénieur du son de Roger pour avoir fait sonner notre système de sonorisation de si belle manière ! ( Kudos to the sound engineer Roger for making our sound system sound so beautifully!)
~ ACS Sonorisation

Thanks for the very nice show in St Amand ! it was raining again.... !! ~ Thierry Janas

French Fan Club Review by Gogotte ~

It's with “light and curious mind, and a little worried, that I arrived at the concert of Roger in St Amand Les Eaux. Curious, because it's the first time I will see Roger in a small hall in province. I had seen him before in Paris (Olympia and Palais des Congrès and Brussels). With "Light mind" because it's always a great time to see him on stage. With “light mind”, because this concert had some special meaning for me and my wife. We've been living St Amand for 5 years and to see him in our town is something quite amazing, we still can't believe it.

And a little worried, because after a big tour and three big shows in a row (brussels and two Olympia), how would feel Roger? Tired? Bored? And, And ......
It was an unforgettable evening for several reasons, a moment of pure magic, and special moment that will remain etched forever in my memory.

Roger was very in very good shape, very relaxed. He joked a lot with the audience, he really made us laugh. He was really happy to be there and ones can feel it, it's shared. I had seen him last Saturday at the Olympia. It was great but I feel sometimes that for 'important' concerts, Roger has less requirements and can " let go himself". Here in the province, facing a public 'less' demanding, Roger gives all its splendor, all his love and communicate its joy.

And what about the set list? Simply exceptional. He changed a lot of songs compared to Olympia and I really felt like attending an another concert than I had attended three days ago.

Above all, Roger offered us an incredible gift that I didn't expect at all. Was so surprised that I barely reacted, paralyzed by emotion and by surprise ...... The morning of the concert I sent an email to Roger and Linda, just telling them how happy we were, my wife and me, to see him in St Amand. That it was a divine surprise for us to see him in our city, after seeing him in Paris and Brussels. A simple message of thanks for all he has done and is doing.

Roger had not only got my message but spoke about it during the show and dedicated to my wife and me a song = Lord is it mine! We didn't expect it at all, I asked nothing, I just had sent a message of thanks.
Paralyzed by emotion and surprise, we are still on our cloud nine, my wife and myself, and this especial moment will remain forever in our memories. Thank you Roger, thank you Linda. Roger you are a great great man. I have never doubted about it but yesterday was to me more than a confirmation, it was the real revelation.

THANK you, simply from the bottom of my heart

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