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Olympia ~ Paris, France ~ July 1, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, France

Dear Roger, my wife and I have had a fantastic evening with you and your great band at the Olympia (1st of july 2015). We are just back from the show and we are ready to buy the next one! As you said all your songs are coming from your heart to our hearts, and we grew up with them as we were born in the early 70s. Thanks a lot and hopefully we will listen to you again in south of France (where we live).Your music take us to thoughts, joy and happiness. "If everyone was listening..." All the best and take care. ~ Yves and Patricia

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceHello Roger, I just come back at my home after your concert tonight in Paris and it was magical. The set list was wonderful with a new songs as "Love is the thousand time", "the awakening", "had a dream" and "the meaning" songs that i love very much. I was near the scene in front on your electric piano, i see you not far on me. There was a good atmosphere with the french people who singing with you and dancing with a lot of joy, happiness and fun. You bring us your love and you heart and you sing with smile and pleasure to be here trying to speak french with humour. I was so happy to be there because i was afraid didn't come to your concert due of the hot weather (not a train to come to paris, i took a taxi to come to see you. Thanks a lot for your beautiful songs. I see you next year the 30/04/2016 in Paris Olympia. With all my love. ~ Sandrine, french fan

Amazing concert in Paris, the best that I have seen. Everything was perfect : your voice, setlist, sound, light, the beautiful and warm atmosphere, a incredible band. Magical songs : Along came Mary, A soapbox opera, Had a dream, Love is a thousand times. See you at Carcassonne. ~ alice

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceDear Roger, We saw you twice at Olymppia,but this tiime,we were sitting in the fourth row, on the left so we could see you better!! Wow...what a marvellous time!... You sang all your songs with so much emotion -in particular Love is a Thousand Time and The Awakening : that's why the audience loves you!! We hope to see you again at Olympia next year, and would you sing Rosie and If Everyone Was Listening? Thank you for your kindness to the "crazy" french people. J'espère que la chaleur de Nantes vous a aidé à guérir "the grippe"!...nos meilleures pensées pour vous et votre équipe. ( I hope that the warmth of Nantes helped you heal "the flu!" ... Our best wishes for you and your team. ) ~ Soazic and philippe

Je l'ai vu à l'olympia et c'était le pied ( I saw him at the Olympia and it was the foot )
~ Franck Rmt

We are at the Paris show right now, during intermission waiting for the band to return! We came to Paris from Chicago for our honeymoon, so excited to see Roger while we're here!
~ Rita Bardell Rhodes

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceJe vous écoute depuis plus que je suis gamine et ce soir c'est le plus beau concert de ma vie (avec Léonard Cohen vu à Grenoble ) merci pour ces moments magiques ! Bravo à vous et votre équipe ..
(I  listen to you, since more than I am kid and tonight it is the most beautiful concert of my life (with Leonard Cohen seen in grenoble) thank you for these magical moments! Bravo to you and your team.. )
~ Manuella Ferras Vernez

I see you! Great Concert! Incroyable! Pour moi a ete tres emotional! :) ~ William Olivares

Just magical and so intense on emotions! Perfection! ~ Christian Riesen

Met with Roger yesterday. I was with my daughter and we both have him a hug... This Man is full of Love. Thank you. ~ Renaud Grout

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceRoger : "Lord is it mine" helped me so much "And it seems the time of sadness is the time to understand is it mine?" My faith is themost valuable asset I have and some of your songs made me closer to the deep emotions I had to come through... "Take the long way home" as well is among my all time favourites and i loved "The Meaning" as well last night...
~ Jérôme Ambros

Roger & Band: ça c'est la premiere fois dans ma vie... , la premiere fois dans ma vie... que j'ai vu beaucoup de monde: en chantant, en dansant avec joie, contentes, optimistes et heureux! ça, votre incroyable et fabuleuse concert fut en moment de vrai magie, de vrai relations humaines. de noltalgie et d'emotion profonde. Pure coeur! Merci Beaucoup a vous tous (Roger & Band) pour votre musique!!! :) GREAT! :)

( Roger & Band: this is the first time in my life ... the first time in my life ... I've seen many people: singing, dancing with joy, happy, optimistic happy! that, your incredible and fabulous concert was in the time of true magic, real human relationships. of noltalgie and deep emotion. Pure heart! Many thank you to you all (Roger & Band) for your music !!! :) GREAT! :)
~ William Olivares

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceThank you so much for this wonderful night Roger, you mean so much to me and to all of us here in France <3 Everything was perfect, like it always is.
~ Lucie Benaiteau

Amazing concert yesterday evening!! Thank you Roger, we love you!! ~ Eric Hajduch

Wonderful and beautifully sung and played Roger Hodgson... And see you probably in 2016! "When I was young it seemed that life was so..." ~ Jérôme Ambros

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceWonderful concert with a Roger at the top. Thank for this time of show which could go on all night long. See you next year on the same place. You and your band are fabulous ~ Nasko le Goff

Electrifying from the heart. ~ Sabine Bustros

Yesterday it was fantastic ! much much better than last year at the same place ! your voice was stronger, the lights really nice, the set list more interesting ! it was my 32nd concert of you or Supertramp! The first time I heard Logical Song on the radio I was 13 (I am 47!) I phoned to the radio to know the name of the group and since then I never missed a concert and I bought all your records from 1968 ! Your music is the best I know through the years : whatever my mood and my age I still appreciate each note after 30 years. As I saw all your shows the 5 previous years I hesitated to come back next April but after the yesterday's show it's obvios that I have to get my ticket one more time. My only regret (like thousands of people) is not to see you with the rest of the group. I was too Young when you broke and I have never seen you together...I was really impressed too by Aaron's popularity and progress in French!! With all my love and again congrat's for yesterday ~ Marina Jean Bernard Bouteiller

Merci de tout cœur pour ces deux show, Nantes, ou j'ai eu l’immense plaisir de réentendre "Along Came Marie" et "say goodbaye" dans une belle ambiance comme savent donnaient les gens de l'ouest, que j'ai partager avec mes amis du fan Club Français. Mais la soirée de L'Olympia à dépassé toute mes attentes, toute mes espérance. Une ambiance aussi chaude que la température extérieur, sinon plus, l'auditoire en délire, une ovation à Roger comme il se doit, c'est à dire démesuré, digne d'un artiste tel que Roger. Un show de presque deux heures et demi ... avec le rappel, de nouveaux "Along Came Marie" oui je l'aime de trop cette chanson j'étais vraiment heureuse de l'écouter en live et surtout avec le nouvel arrangent de la fin, qui lui donne une dimension celtique encore plus pointu ... J'adore ;) mais le clou de la soirée à été de le voir à la guitare électrique, sur "had A Dream" ;) j'en ai encore des frissons. Roger et vraiment un artiste unique. L'émotion de le découvrir a chaque nouveaux concert reste intact à celle du premier jour. heureuse de savoir que je retourne le voir à la fin du mois ;) :)

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, France(Thank you with all my heart for these two show, Nantes, or I had the great pleasure to hear "along came Marie ' and ' say goodbaye" in a beautiful atmosphere as know gave the people of the west, that I share with my friends The Fan Club French. But the evening of the Olympia to exceeded all my expectations, all my hope. A warm atmosphere also that the temperature outside, if not more, the audience in delirium, a standing ovation to Roger as it should be, that is to say, immeasurable, worthy of an artist as Roger. A show of almost two and a half hours... With the recall, new ' along came marie " yes i love him too this song I was really happy to listen live and especially with the new suit of the end, which gives him a celtic dimension even more... I love ;) but the highlight of the evening was to see him the electric guitar, on "had a dream" ;) I still have chills. Roger and really an artist unique. The emotion of the discover each new concert remains intact to that of the first day. Happy to know that I returns the see at the end of the month ;) :) ) ~ Marie Jose Scornet

J'y étais, je confirme que c'était magique. Comme d'habitude ! Quel grand artiste !
( I was there, I confirm that it was magical. As usual! What a great artist! ) ~ Paolina Guagno

Génial!!!!!!!!! (AWESOME!!!!!!!!!) ~ Didier Meyer

Yesterday this was a great show, you are so generous, I had the feeling to be 35 years back,(I was young at that time) your voice has not changed that much , and the band is really fantastic, "bravo" for your efforts , I mean for your French, I recommend to anyone to be part of "one night with roger Hodgson", I have never thought that this could be possible one day after 1983 , It has come, if I can, I will be back for 2016, and you are right , just a bit more with electric guitar will be fine and a bit more pertinent on certain songs (ex : dont leave me now) this was close to perfection with a specific mention for fool's ouverture. ~ Guillaume Bialek

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceFantastic night at Paris Olympia... Many good surprises, some of the mosted lovedsongs listened for the first time live : take the long way home, in jeopardy, soapbox opera, child of vision, the logical song and most of all some old "Crisis what Crisis" like the meaning, two of us and everlasting ones like school, dreamer, its raining again, don't leave me now, give a little bit and a fabulous "fool's overture"... Good surprises from solo album's : had a dream, lovers in the wind, love is a thousand times and the epic death at the zoo... Thank you so much Roger for such a long show in such a hot time, and cheers specially to your fantastic musiscians and saxo player in particular... ~ Jérôme Ambros

This Olympia was definitely the show of the Century, incredible energy, incredible voice, incredible band, incredible ambiance, incredible complicity with the audience. To see happy faces of all my friends from fan club and abroad amazed me as much as your show. They were the mirror of the happiness you shared. Throughout your whole long show, from the beginning, up to the end, there were smiles floating in the hall, and hearts were dancing the dance of the happiness. Perfect show, moved and fun at the same time. And I can't agree more with the moving introduciton of Alex Jaffray, famous musical journalist of Antenne 2, "we have all a little bit of Roger Hodgson in our heart". Merci Roger, for us the magic continued when we met you by chance in the late night. It should happen, so you could see our shining eyes smile emoticon Yes MAGICAL evening <3 ~ Mila Denot

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceAyant raté le concert de 1979 à Paris, je rattrape le temps avec bonheur ; artiste pluridisciplinaire, musique d'orfèvre et beaucoup d'émotions. Ça devrait être remboursé par la sécu !

(Having missed the concert of 1979 in Paris, I caught up to the time with happiness; multidisciplinary artist, music for a goldsmith and a lot of emotions. It should be reimbursed by health insurance!)
~ David Arnoult

It was my fourth concert of Roger and it's still magic! When I listen to Roger, I forget all my worries, his songs are like fresh air to me. The acoustics were great and the lights were sublime. So happy to hear "The awakening" on stage and see Roger play electric guitar again on "Had a dream" J . This year I heard my two favorite songs "Fool's overture" and "The Meaning", I'd love to hear "Open the door" next year because I'll be there at the Olympia ! <3
~ Guillemette Guipert

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceEffectivement "super trempe" ... il n'a rien perdu de ses qualités vocales, musicales et aussi humaines !!!! Cet homme est un mélange de gentillesse, de charisme ... Il prend soin de son public, n'oubliant pas de saluer d'un petit geste les visages connus ... ayant toujours un mot gentil pour l'un ou l'autre de ses fans ... Il aime son public et le public le lui rend bien !!!

(Actually "super quenching" ... it has lost none of his vocal qualities, musical and also human !!!! This man is a mixture of kindness, charisma ... He takes care of his audience, not forgetting to greet a small gesture known faces ... always with a kind word for either his fans ... He loves his audience and the audience loves him back !!!) ~ Carole Caisera Loup Dedek

Roger Hodgson ~ Olympia ~ Paris, FranceMila ‏@Mila_Happiness <3 Roger Hodgson gave the show of the Century at Paris Olympia, incredibles : voice, set list, i band, audience. WOW

Sabine Bustros ‏@Sabustros Your whispers tell a secret. The logical fame #Supertramp #Olympia #Paris #fame #RogerHodgson

cmoilouloute85 ‏@cmoilouloute85 Bon show @RogerHodgson We think about you, your band and your team. Bon @OLYMPIAHALL

Giles D Elliott @GilesDElliott @RogerHodgson quite outstanding this evening in Paris. Joyous. Thank you.  

Photo # 1 by Linda Tyler
Photo # 2 by Carole De Deken
Photos # 3-13 by Howard Heckers

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