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OverOslo Festival ~ Oslo, Norway ~ June 19, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ OverOslo Festival ~ Oslo, Norway

Roger Hodgson ~ OverOslo Festival ~ Oslo, Norway


It was a brilliant performance, Roger. You and the band are outstanding. Thank you for visiting Oslo, and welcome back, SOON! ~ Geir-Jakob Hellem

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening . An evening to remember for a long long time
~ Morten Træland Hjertaas

What a show - brilliant. Thank you...please come back soon! ~ Cecilie Coward Schøyen

Thank you for a fantastic performance tonight, Roger! ~ Tore Ingenious Propell Christoffersen

An amazing evening-full of memories-thanks ~ Kristin Munkejord Lapidus

What a WONDERFUL concert in such a very special place! I will never forget this. Thank you so much ~ Julie B. Coucheron-Aamot

Great show! Specially enjoyed the energy in 'Lady' and 'Child of Vision'. It is nice to see the warm atmosphere that Roger and the band create on the stage! ~ Peter Andersson

Thanks for a great concert ! :))) ~ Marianne Bjaarstad

Outstanding performance!! Thanks a lot. ;-D ~ Dag Jøran Gravdal

Thanks, for a great show Roger. :) ~ Roar Beggerud

Tusen takk - an evening to remember! Thank you for visiting Oslo :)) ~ Kjersti Kleiven

Thank you for a magical night. This was an outstanding performance! ~ Trond Hagesæter

I hope you will be back..... ~ Berit Halén Thank you again for en excellent performance last night! A real "memory lane" experience! And we certainly enjoyed chatting with you on the flight to London today! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing you again! Best regards 
~ Tone and Lars Windfeldt

It was a wonderful concert, we are so happy to hear you live again :) Hope you will be back in Norway very soon :) ~ Anne Mari Vestvik Matre

Magic evening!!! ~ Stig Eide Sivertsen

Grefsenkollen er Grefsenkollen. Heldig er døden som bor der. ~ Per Robert Olsen

Thanks for a fantastic night! I love it. ~ Joar Voldsund

Absolutely magical, been waiting for this for decades. Thank you :) ~ Helge Lindbergsengen

Thank you again for a great evening!! ~ Harald Beckhaug

Hi Roger. Thank you for an wonderful evening, it was magical listening to your beautiful songs, while the sun was setting over Oslo. And thank you very much for playing The Awakening, my wish came through!!! I hope you come back soon. ~ Hans Petter

Hi Roger - What a great show you and your band put on for us in oslo last night, it was a bit cold as i only had a tea shirt on but your music warmed me up big time. Love seeing you live, i think thats my 8th show in various countries now, thanks for a wonderful evening, hope to catch another show later in the year. All the best  ~ Carl Fitzgerald

Last night in the concert OverOslo, you and your band touch us to the soul level. Besides the great joy to hear again, and sing along to all the beautiful known songs, the new one you sand on the awakening went straight to find the inner spark inside of me, please release it soon..... I feel privilege that you were generous enough of your person to endure the fresh evening, and carry on playing even though you had freezing fingers. Your generous music shows what a generous person you are, and your aura on stage was a blessed confirmation of it. Your band was also very nice guys, thank them, too... Thank you sad to see the end of the concert. and carry on giving lots of joy around the world xxx ~ Monique

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