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Olympia ~ Paris, France ~ May 18 & 19, 2013  



Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, France Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, France

Thanks Roger, and all the band, for an absolutely wonderful night at the Olympia in Paris Saturday night!! We travelled from Stockholm for this concert. It was fantastic! ~Ann-Marie

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceJe vous ai vu hier soir à l'Olympia et c'était magique! je connaissais toutes les chansons et certaines m'ont rappelé mes 20 ans (j'en ai presque 51!) j'ai même eu les larmes aux yeux sur "Fool's Overture" qui est ma préférée. je vous remercie pour ce beau moment, pour vos qualités de chanteur et de musicien, et aussi pour votre sensibilité à laquelle j'ai été très sensible... j'aimerais vous lire en retour, est ce trop demander? cordialement. ~Sophie
(I saw you last night at the Olympia and it was magical! I knew all the songs and some of them reminded me of my 20 years (I'm almost 51!) I even had tears in my eyes on "Fool's Overture" which is my favorite. thank you for this beautiful moment for your qualities as a singer and musician, and also for your sensitivity which I was very sensitive ... I would like to read you in return is that asking too much?)

Bravo to Roger and his band! Great show yesterday at the Olympia! And bravo pour votre français et humour, ils sont très bons!!! Et bravo to the saxophonist! À bientôt à Paris! (Congratulations to Roger and his band! Great show yesterday at the Olympia! And congratulations on your French and humor, they are very good! And congratulations to the saxophonist! See you in Paris!) ~ Olivier Onnainty

Thank you again Roger for this evening in Paris ! Très bon francais et humour ! aha Hope to see you soon, Peace. ~jerome

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceBravo and thanks Roger for your concert yesterday in Paris!!! I am 14 and I'm sure that I couldn't live without your wonderful voice and music! Thanks to all the band too, they're fantastic! I will keep great memories of that night! Merci pour toutes ces émotions inoubliables! ~Hortense

Thank you for the both of show, incredible gigs in Paris ! Thank you for your humanity, your kindness. Just one regret : why don't you sing "The meaning" ? As i have told you one day, this song is my préfered song of you. But i love all of other masterpieces that you have played, of course ! See you on Tuesday ! ~ Chriscas

I was here dear Roger ! Great show yesterday at the Olympia and thank you very much for your dedication of "Hide in your shell", my favorite song. See you. ~ Antonio

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceMany many many (would be impossible to put the right number ) thanks for the evening in the Olympia in Paris yesterday Sunday evening. Thanks also to your band even the "dangerous" man behind his drums . Please stay young for ever and keep us dreaming and having the opportunity coming into a better world while sharing these magic moments with you ~ Christian




Awesome concert yesterday night in Paris ! The sound was great and so was the set list ! I'm 43 and I play all your songs at the piano since I was 14... Sometimes hard to play everything fine with only two hands but it's a great challenge ! Thank you so much for all of your songs, and especially for some of my favorite songs I was dreaming to hear live but didn't expect you actually would play them : If Everyone was Listening, Child of Vision, Death and a Zoo... I was thrilled ! PLEASE, PLEASE make a nice Blu-ray of this tour with the whole playlist, we really need to keep a memory of this, and watch it again and again !! And I still hope for a new album as good as was Open the door... Merci et à bientôt ! ~ Marc

I saw you yesterday and it was... Magic ! I'm only 15 but I know that I've been so lucky ! I listen to your songs for a few months because of my mother. You're amazing ! I hoped so badly that you'd play "Lord is it Mine" and you did it ! I was crying ! I went close to you and in the end of "It's Raining Again" you smiled to me... Thank you ! Thank you so much ! (Sorry for my English...) ~ Cécile

I want to thank you for the great concert you have made with your band the 19th of may 2013 at Olympia, Paris. It was the first time I see in concert but I was completely impressed by your talent. Your voice, your songs, your spirit are the authentical roots of Supertramp. Hopefully I has the chance to discover that behind Supertramp there were you... Thanks again for the great moments we passed. Hope you plan to come back again in France!  Peace & see you soon !! ~Alex

My wife and me were on the occasion of our silver wedding in Paris and have seen and heard you and your band in Olympia. Once before I was able to experience a concert of you and your saxophonist in Bremen (Germany). I can say, I'm your second biggest fan. The greatest of them even looking for! We will see and hear you again! ~Silke and Wolli, Bremen

My sister and I went to the 2 Paris concerts, and we cannot Thank You enough for all the strong emotions you have brought to our hearts. Your music is in our lives since the end of the 80's and always will be. It is a huge treat to be able to see/hear you live, we feel so veru lucky! You have a wonderful band with you as well!! Hope to see you again... Sending you our warmest and Best wishes, with love, from ~Christelle and Corinne, Bordeaux, France

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceI wrote in a few days about the concert of 18 mai 2013 in Paris and I want to add that the sound was very good and the musicians have playing very well. It was the first time that I saw Roger with his band and it was great. I love the set list that you have played this night. I saw Roger on concert solo for the first time, the 22 may 2000, in Paris to the Bataclan. I remember it was a wonderful concert.After that, other concerts in Paris again, at this day, 8 time on concert with Roger. I listening his songs every day with a lot of joy.(A bientôt pour vous entendre à nouveau chanter en France vos magnifiques chansons.Je vous embrasse très fort. Sandrine, votre très grande admiratrice.) ~Sandrine

Hello Roger, mon ami :) Merci de m'avoir redonner le sourire, et l'amour de la vie, avec ta musique qui vient bercé mon cœur. Au long de 8 mois sans te voir sur scène je m'étioler, tel une fleur privée d'eau. Grâce à toi et au fabuleux groupe qui t'accompagne j'ai vécu deux w/e musical magiques, avec mes amis Fan de tes chansons, de ta musique. Paris fut extraordinaire, jamais tu n'as donner un concert aussi bon, tant la complicité qui régner sur scène était palpable. Merci pour les belles et douce paroles que tu ma adressé lors du backstage de Birmingham. tes paroles ont toucher mon cœur. Merci. God Bless You
(Thank you smile again, and love of life with your music just rocked my heart. During eight months without seeing you on stage I wither, like a flower without water. Thanks to you and the fabulous group that accompanies you two I lived w / e magical music with my friends fan your songs, your music. Paris was amazing, you never have to give a concert as good as the complicity rule on stage was palpable. Thank you for the beautiful and sweet words you sent me at the backstage of Birmingham. Your words have touched my heart. Thank you. God Bless You) ~marie José scornet

Roger, since I have followed your concerts, I told myself each time, it is not possible you can't make it still better... And yet, the impossible was possible, the eight shows of this year I attended to were really an invitation to the musical paradise, both by your performance, as by the choice of your songs. Wonderful, moving, profound, true and, sometimes, fun. So, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for all those brilliant concerts which completed the most beautiful musical journey of my life, which had lasted for several years. It was not journey of a groupie, but the long journey of the true music lover which has profound respect for the artist! Thank you for all friends you brought to my complicated path and for all whom you continue to bring the light. God bless you Roger. Take care, also... ~Mila

Great show. Thank you for singing Death and a Zoo ... ~ Philippe Cance

It was just great, fantastic, supernatural !You are the best Thanks guys ~ Nathalie J. Ridel

We had such a great time. Thank you so much for the love you gave ~ Jacques Le Honsec

It was fantastique !!! Thank you so much for all the good sensations you give!!! I hope that you will come soon in the future!! It´s a so great pleasure for me. I don't know how to express my feeling (in english). I have seen the group Supertramp when I was younger (in the 80's) and it was a marvellous discover for me, and, Roger, you have always been the singer I prefer. See you soon!! ~ Marie-Agnès Bertrand

Yesterday evening was just like a dream............. ~ Philippe Wartner

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceMerci,formidable, magnifique..... les mots me manquent. J'ai passé une excellente soirée. Votre musique nous fait voyager, elle nous transporte, je ne sais où? C'est comme de la magie...... ( Thank you, great, great ..... words fail me. I spent a wonderful evening. Your music takes us, it takes us, I do not know where? It's like magic ......) ~ Veronique Woito

The more I look the better you are! The perfection of the perfection! If we have had to attend to only one show of you in our life it would have been this one. Thank you Roger and guys. Yesterday Paris was yours! Your french public has special love for your music. ~ Mila Musiclover

Excellent concert de Roger Hodgson et son groupe...super soirée ! (Excellent Roger Hodgson concert and his group ... great night!) ~ Sony Douay

Was a super amazing show tonight! Thank you Roger . ~ Heidi Stegehuis-Ihle

was fantastic, thanks Roger ~ Jerry Woudenberg

Je l'ai il y a deux ans et encore hier soir je ne m'en lasse pas ! Excellent concert à l'Olympia ! ( I two years ago and again last night I do not get tired! Excellent concert at the Olympia!) ~ Sony Douay

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceThanks, thanks, and thanks again for this amazing and incredible evening !?! I'm french, 50, and started listening to Supertramp at 7...... I saw you and Aaron in 2009 at l'Olympia. it was already a magical and strong show, "simple", but full of emotion and happiness. But yesterday night, it was a strange and stronger feeling of "past and present mixed", and really of pure happiness ! It was just magic. Of course, it's "Roger Hoddson and Band in concert", but what a fantastic band you have !!! During 2 hours, looks like it was a Supertramp concert, in the songs, and in the sound too !!!! Back to my youth !!! It was simply great and wonderful. So thanks and congratulations to your band, they're just FAN-TAS-TIC ! Tell them please !! And congratulations to Aaron for his french At the end of the show, I bought the "classics live" cd, that I didn't know and must be recent. Listening to it in the car on my way home, it was just like listening to "Supertramp"... "Forgive me" Roger, but for us, for me anyway, "YOU ARE SUPERTRAMP" ! Anyway Roger, again, thanks for this magical music and these wonderful texts all over the years, with Supertramp or alone. You're an incredible star, and a wonderful human being : we guess that in your songs, we see that when you're on stage... We love the way you are, your natural, your friendship, your humor, your honesty, your generous smile... Thanks for giving us joy and happiness for so long. Just before the show you said "let all the bad things outside!" And we did so during 2 hours ! And thanks for being able to give us that possibility ! it's so hard nowadays... At last, Roger, thanks for yours songs, thanks for all it brings to our hearts and souls. Roger, you've always been in our hearts for forty years, and you'll always will ! THANK YOU !!! I can't be there sunday night, but I hope to see you soon back in France, where you're forever welcome and which is your second home ! (PS : hope my English's not too bad and understanding ~ Bruno Debacq

Excellent show - Saturday evening. Thank you. ~ Julian Dellar

It was fabulous, thank you so much Roger! Bravo at all the band ! ~ Jerry Bur

great concert tonight as well, thank you so much for this wonderful moment ! ~ Sophie Tran

We had a great time. Thank you. ~ Marjolein Kuijvenhoven

It was magic !!! Thank you Roger and Band, see you again in Munich in July ~ Helmut Pende

Magic show with lot of emotion. Thank's Roger. ~ Thiollier Frédéric

What a concert ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the original sound track of my life. See you very soon Roger... ~ Christophe Robin

Danke für dieses tolle Erlebnis in Paris Mr. Hodgson and Band !!!!! (Thank you for this great experience in Paris Mr. Hodgson and Band!!) ~ Michaela Müller

Super soirée avec toi et ton groupe, un vrai régal Merci encore!... (Great evening with you and your group, Thanks again for a real treat! ...) ~ Michel Delaunay

toujours aussi bien! merci Roger! (still great! thank you Roger!) ~ Brigitte Goethals

quel concert ! Roger Hodgson la voix, le piano toujours au top. Bravo et merci (any concert! Roger Hodgson's voice, always the piano top. Congratulations and thank you) ~ Sophie Tran

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceSoirée exceptionnelle hier à l'Olympia : Roger est tout simplement de la race des seigneurs. Le talent, l'humour, la joie de communier avec son public. C'était un concert fantastique. Les spectateurs ont été plus souvent debout qu'assis dans leurs fauteuils. (exceptional night at the Olympia: Roger is simply the master race. Talent, humor, joy of communion with his audience. It was a fantastic concert. The spectators were often standing than sitting in their chairs.) ~ Xavier Desmedt

it was a great moment, thank you roger ~ Nathalie Lamarche

Un gran moment, c'était Fabuleux. Merci Roger!....( Un gran moment was Fabulous. Roger thank you!) ~ Michel Delaunay

Magnifique concert, une voix!!!! Nous avons passé une super soirée. ( Wonderful concert, a voice! We had a great night.) ~ Bernadette Barbosa

Magic show with lot of emotion. Thank's Roger. ~ Thiollier Frédéric

Prévot J'y étais. Dimanche 19 mai. Debout, devant. J'écoute Roger depuis l'âge de 16 ans. J'en ai 52 : C'est ça, l'Amour...( I was there. Sunday, May 19 Standing before. I listen to Roger since the age of 16 years. I am now 52: That's Love .) ~ François-Xavier

j'y était samedi 18 mai c'était trooooooop bien! Quelle voix! Il est juste génial!( I was Saturday, May 18 trooooooop it was good! What a voice! It's just great!) ~ Ba Defecques

I was in front row, one of the most exciting concerts I have ever attended .. thanks roger! see you in london!! ~ Billy Shears

ROGER you're wonderful - two fantastically beautiful concerts in Paris DANKE, MERCI and THANKS to all ~ Bianka Barcz

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceWe went to the 2 Paris gigs which was very fortunate as both shows were so different. We had an incredible time, cannot thank you all enough for bringing so many strong emotions! Roger is a magician, and we will forever love his songs, most beautiful music ever xxx ~ Christelle Menard

As usual Fantastic show !!! more and more wonderful and powerful !!! Roger and his band are amazing !! Thank you for these 2 hours of happiness and love !!! ~ Claudine Lecomte

J'y étais à l'Olympia, vraiment SUPER, a little bit of " BONHEUR" !!! ( I was there at the Olympia really SUPER, a little bit of "HAPPINESS"!) ~ Dominique Mariez~

Le magicien de l'Olympia, à la nuit tombé, et venu, il à repeint nos cœur aux couleurs de l'arc en ciel, il à chanté de sa voix divine sur une musique enchanteresse et sur un magnifique sourire s'en est allé, en laissant derrière lui un voile d’étoiles scintillantes dans nos yeux. De lui, il nous reste l’euphorie d’heures merveilleuses, des souvenirs plein la tête Roger thank you for the magnificent bouquet of flowers God bless you (The Wizard of Olympia, the night fell, and came there in our heart painted in the colors of the rainbow, he sang in his divine voice of an enchanting music and a gorgeous smile 'is gone, leaving behind a veil of shining stars in our eyes. From him, we still have the euphoria of wonderful hours of happy memories Roger thank you for the magnificent bouquet of flowers God bless you) ~ Marie Jose Scornet

Bientôt 40 ans que je suis fou de Supertramp et tout particulièrement des chansons composées par Roger. Comment ? Je ne suis pas le seul ? on est des millions ?
Je m'en moque, j'ai tellement d'émotion à chaque fois, tant de larmes coulent pendant les concerts.
J'ai fait découvrir et aimer ce groupe et cet homme à tant de personnes qui n'aimait pas ce style de musique. Hier encore, ma nouvelle femme rencontrée après mon divorce me remerciait de lui avoir fait connaître autre chose que les chansons commerciales de Supertramp.
Ecouter les chansons de Roger c'est tomber sous la magie immédiatement. Mes 2 enfants, ceux de mon amie adorent.
Hier, à l'Olympia, on fêtait notre 1er anniversaire de PACS (= presque mariage). MERCI ~ Gérard PINTO

Nearly 40 years, I'm crazy about Supertramp and especially the songs composed by Roger. How? I'm not the only one? it is millions?
I do not care, I have so much emotion each time, so many tears flow during concerts.
I did discover and love this group and this man so many people who did not like this style of music. Yesterday, my new wife met after my divorce thanked me for letting him know anything other than the commercial songs of Supertramp.
Listen to songs Roger is to fall under the magic immediately. My two children, they love my girlfriend.
Yesterday, at the Olympia, we celebrated our first anniversary of PACS (= almost marriage). THANK YOU) ~ Gérard PINTO

My best friends Anita and Luis traveled from Brazil to see the concert tonight. It's a dream come true! A shout out to them! ROGER we LOVE YOU! ~ Adriane

Both concerts and the sound check have completely busted me; with a very small preference for the second show, not because of the quality of the concerts because Roger is exceptional every time, but because of the great new song, the real surprise And also; perhaps, also because he seemed still more fit, also its jokes with band and Aaron were still better. Apparently, he keeps abreast of the news of "the marriage for all" in France, because he asked Aaron to marry him after their nine years together:] n Aaron declined, he is already married hehe :) More seriously, the public seemed to had participated still more, finally this is my feeling, because I loved both concerts...and if it was not about the cost and time I would have be "eating " again and again Roger Hodgson..

Before the concert, we shared with friends and were talking about concerts legendary singers came to sing in Paris...and we said Roger was lucky to keep in his 63 years this timbre (colour) of voice that does not weaken, doesn't tremble and carries us always.. ~ Anita

Thank you Roger for those two wonderful concerts ... Two fantastic performances, with a very good audience during both evenings (even though I find that the audience of the 18 was still in better shape)... and of course thank to members of the Fan club for this superb General Assembly and very good soundcheck that I could shared with you all! ~ Seb

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceThank you Roger for who you are and what you give ... And these two Olympias, you surpassed everything you could give to your french fans... In Paris you really managed to make me forget the serious things which have happened just before Brussels' show (..It was not won in advance) And especial thanks for "The more I look"...and "The Garden"...You are very loved in France..but I'm sure you could feel it...
~ Mila



Thank you so much Roger for “Dreamer”, it does change us when we leave your show, to give us that happiness... Just to be you, thank you so much to exist. I love you so much ! ~ Camille

Roger thank you for the best concert I have attended since 2000! Unforgettable evening! ~ Christian Bell

Thank you very much and with all my heart for this beautiful soundcheck, Roger and Linda, but also Nicolas. Nicolas thank you to have managed to get our tickets for the first row but also for the placement. I have no regrets of my concerts' evening, of those special and magical moments spent with you all. it is with great joy that I will renew an enchanting adventure with you all friends of Fan Club
~ Marie Jo

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceWhat concerts! Frankly, I attended to the concert in October 2012 that left me, despite its quality, an aftertaste of unfinished ... now it's done. A remarkable voice, the band at their top, the songs I have never heard, it is amazing to discover a song live as Death And A Zoo. What a power ! By attending the concert of 19 May I was pleasantly surprised to be just placed in front of Roger, at the keyboard. Again thanks you fan club for that. ~ Nicolas

This May 19, 2013 will forever remain etched in my memory. It was my first concert of Roger Hodgson! Despite a terrible placement in the hall, I got into magic and I still keep my eyes and ears fulfilled by it. Roger and his group is real happiness! What a talent! : super: ~ Gildas

Everything was fantastic: the voice, the sound, lighting ... Maybe the best Roger's concert I have attended. Except maybe ... this one?? ~ Patrice

Totally agree with the comments above! Everything was there: Ambience, set list, placement, and the band! Aaron is always so good, even better year after year, the musicians sound great (good improvisation of the pianist on "child of vision" a little disconcerting). We really found the "sound" of 1983 with Roger much less shy and very close to the audience, contrary to the period of Supertramp. Super :) ~ Marc

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceProbably the best Roger's concert I have ever attended . Clearly, the same level as Sceaux 1983. It was like 30 years ago. Voice, and what a voice! Frankly, one piece in particular brought me big emotion, so much the interpretation was beautiful (and stirred some memories buried in me): Hide in you shell. And chills throughout the concert. We must salute the performance of musicians, their complicity is so obvious to see and good humor that reigns on stage. Here is the recipe for a successful concert, which will mark the minds of the audience of last night. I would add that, in addition, with all our friends present yesterday evening, it could only be beautiful. And more, Roger had added the right ingredients! ~ Christian

What a concert! As said well CBell, even though when have seen him multiple times, we are still amazed by the vocal and instrumental performance of Roger and of this merry band (Aaron is close to perfection) ....only, time flies so quickly and whenever "it's raining again" sounds, we'd like to extend this moment of pure happiness. But we must preserve Roger ..... to relive those moments all together again! ;) ~ Thierry

Really great concert, great day, great placement, great company, great sound, Roger's voice and songs take an another dimension with the band. Marine was delighted, placed in the middle, in front of the star. she was fascinated by Aaron and his ability to change the instruments and to play them! for her first concert, a very big achievement and the kiss of Linda, leaving the sound check! ~ Cécilia

Amazing concert of Roger, beautiful ambience. Hide in your shell and Death and a zoo were superb
~ Alice

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceWhat a sublime concert. It will stay imprint long time in my memory. I confirm, 'Death and a Zoo' and 'Hide in your shell' , two moments always magical. Nice surprises with the return of 'In Jeopardy' and especially 'If everyone was listening', Roger must have had a thought for his legendary concert in 1975 ,where he performed this song almost identically ! I just wish him to play 'Lord is it Mine' and 'Only because of you' whom I love very much. And 'Even in the Quietest Moments'. I've never heard this song during the five concerts of Roger I've attended. Well, the absolute reference for me remain the concert at the Olympia in 2000, less precise, of course, but so magical ... I would like to say that it is Roger who has inspired me to learn guitar, with its beautiful melodies. There is not a day without I hum one of his songs. I hope to have the opportunity to say it him one day and also have my guitar dedicated by him.. So, thank you Roger again for giving us so much happiness. I hope to see you soon! ~ Fullo

Not having seen him since the Olympia in October 2012, tonight with his band, I was living this explosion of joy, it was the delight for the eyes and ears, what a concert! Yes I share your feeling, maybe it has been the best concert ever! Roger and his band in perfect harmony carried us with ease and power of title after title and what a titles ! ~ Sylvie

For my part, I'm still on my little cloud. WAOUHHHH, It makes you feel good... ~ Cathy

Magnificent concert that astonished my friends who saw Roger for 1st time, especially with this fantastic set-list. Can't wait 2014 And answer of Céclilia to Yannick. The first time it's often like that! I will always keep great memory of Carcassonne although Aaron was not as good as now. But the resonance Roger's voice in this medieval site, it was extraordinary. The concert of Saturday night with the group was definitely tremendous. Seeing what he gave, no wonder he was exhausted. I had the impression that the pleasure was on both sides, both on stage and in the hall. ~ Yannick

Olympia 2013 . Super General Assembly where I met all my friends from french Fan club, old and new friends with whom I shared the moment of lunch covered by laughter, exchanges of joy. Nicolas thank you to be present for us. I experienced a sound check enchanting, two magical evenings, two set-lists of dream, I will remember those shows for longtime. The evening of 18th : great ambience on stage, I really enjoyed seeing all five in perfect harmony, their beautiful and actual complicity reflected on the whole hall, crazy atmosphere, and Roger which had always cares for his fans, a smile with little wink, he is never stingy with rewards. Great show, great setlist, fantastic sound, and his jokes. I really loved, it is the first time I see them like that, I would say it is my most beautiful concert. The evening of the 19th was just also great, but the atmosphere was warmer in the hall than on stage, the fatigue has certainly had its effect on the band and this is understandable, I found the ambiance slightly less good than on Saturday night, but when we had lived the evening of 18th, it is difficult to make better. I keep an inexhaustible memory of the show of19th because Roger offered me the bouquet of stage. The weekend of the Parisian shows was magical, Roger and you band; Linda, Nicolas, all my friends, everything I lived with you, what I share with you my make the heart glad, it was needed. See you soon for the new Hodgson's adventure. ~ Marie JO

Me too, I enjoyed the whole MEMORABLE day with you. Glad to have met the new members (Ccat, Marco, Yannick and his wife, Seb) and see again the "old" members. Very nice sharing, beautiful Soundcheck with "Babaji", "Every trick in the book" from the album "Rites of Passage", the part of the piano of "School" p ... It was awesome! Then came the concert:
Exceptionally, the best which I have attended to, with reference to "Sister Moonshine", "Soapbox Opera", "Hide in your shell", "Lady", "Death and a Zoo", finally all. You really feel that they are in osmoses. With the band it really ""does, with all the arrangements! TRULY EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you to Linda, Nicolas, Christian for everything: Sound check with my sister who loved it and our seats in front of MISTER ROGER! It was very strong last Saturday! ~ Christian Bell

Just to confirm that two concerts were sublime, a radical change of the ambience and style with the band. This gives pep to Roger's songs, even they remain sublime, it brings this "more". A big thank you to Florence, Mila and Blandine for a great weekend, I have to mention the new members wonderful members I met .... Also a big thank you to Christian, to Nicolas for everything they do for the FC, Linda, and I must mention the most beautiful of the whole universe, my Roger, for all moments of pure indescribable happiness like at the end of Brussels show when he came to shake my hand ...Thank you so much, I love you! ~ Camille

Magnificent concert; I felt something stronger yesterday. Great gift from Roger: a l on stage: unreleased song "The Garden" from "Open the Door." Come back of the song "Lovers in the Wind" , he didn't sing "Lady"; "Lord is it mine" and "Two of Us" were added A major effort to change the setlist compared to the night before. A dedication to my daughter for her birthday "Lord is it mine" ....... Need I say more?
~ Nicolas

Roger Hodgson - Olympia, Paris, FranceSuperb concert actually. I still have chills. "School" always so magical. ~ Didfeld

Actually The Garden was a very emotional moment .. I love this deep song ... What a surprise! ~ Mila

What a Fabulous time this concert! It was the first time I saw Roger in concert, what a happiness! (I have dreamed to see him since 10 years, at least :))
~ Misia


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