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OC Fair, Pacific Amphitheatre ~ Costa Mesa, CA ~ August 11, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CA

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CA  

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAJust returned home from the Costa Mesa show. Incredible as usual. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Roger and his entire staff for the memory of a lifetime. Roger co- dedicated Hide in Your Shell to my mother Vickie who lost her battle to cancer 14 years ago and never had a chance to see Roger or the Tramp live. Thank you all so much. If there is any way to get a copy of the video, I would appreciate it. Bless you all. ~Dale Lendrum




Thank you Roger for the wonderful concert at the Pacific Amphitheater. My husband and I had a terrific time ,I always wanted to see Super tramp but never got the chance ,but after tonight my Dream has finally come true. ~Karen Saldanha

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAWe were able to say hello briefly after the concert tonight in Costa Mesa (OC Fair). What I wanted to convey was our real gratitude to you for both your music, and your willingness to continue bringing us fantastic live performances. Your music means so much to so many people. You have the most phenomenal ability to touch large numbers in such a positive way. I can't imagine a more rewarding or noble contribution in life; I am envious. I was thrilled to see that you have kept a very clear perspective about that... you understand it and you are motivated by all the right things. I think that's a rarity, and so, simply, ... thank you. Please come back to Southern CA (OC) - the show is just fantastic and we'll definitely be there. Safe travels. ~Warren & Elycia

Can't believe how totally awesome the concert was tonight at the Orange County Fair. It was far beyond my expectations.Loved Supertramp but didn't know Roger was the one who wrote all the great Supertramp hits until tonight. he blew me away with every song. An incredible talent and such a presence on stage. Thank you for making this night one to remember. ~Ann Marie Collins

Your show was so great , brought my daughter 13 years old to hear my favorite band , you sound amazing ~Tracey Mathews

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CADo you hear that whisper on the wind....... At first it's barely audible, like the chimes you hear in the distance.... but then it becomes louder, more familiar and suddenly your heart jumps for it recognizes the notes it's feeling... The whisper of Roger's music through your soul. Once again, the performance at Costa Mesa brings you back to the beginning, reminds you of the important things in life. Friends, family, loving those who are quickly becoming your family all with Roger's music as the soundtrack. Go, travel to experience this feeling for yourself. Thank you Roger for sharing your gifts with us..... Much, much love to you all. ~Lisa Doxrude

Great show last night in Costa Mesa ........ talk about bringing back some memories !!!!! ~Al

Saw you in Costa Mesa last night. What an amazing show. Thank you so much for your wonderful words and music. ~Marti Coakley

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAThank you for last night - and for the prior taste we had at Newport. You have a fine band now and I hope you saw and felt last nite that the world is more than ready! Trust you will come again and when you do - well Rosie was a nice taste, but I go way back so Surely some of the first album? Try Again... still my favorite stuff. An album of such delicacy and truth. Yes, I am a Supertramp veteran of many shows. Crime of the Century and Crisis in Santa Monica, Breakfast in Dortmund, etc etc. And the music such a huge part of this life. Breakfast in America had just come out - was in London and picked up the cassette just before boarding a truck to travel to Kathmandu. Scary trip, the world was out of control back then too...but the songs kept it sane - so it was breakfast in Fethiye, Ceru, Kandahar and the Hindu Kush.... Child of Vision in Kathmandu. I was also strangely there when you taped 'In Jeopardy' for Solid Gold. Love that song. Hope you will bring back 'Sleeping With the Enemy' too. So thank you Roger - for old times and new! For your bravery and passion in this life. Yes, we love you! Oh - and can't wait for more new stuff - loved the "Zoo" song - I hope you felt it too - it got huge applause last night really strong performance!!! Peace and Thank you!!!! ~Marc

That was such a good time last night. You are gifted, Thanks for sharing your gifts and what a wonderful band. Magical... I hope you play closer to my home, near Grass Valley. Namaste, ~Susan Snowmountain

Awesome, awesome show last night!! I'’ve waited years and years to experience the magic, and I was NOT disappointed. Thank you SO much for sharing yourself with us in SoCal and the world for so long. Your words are timeless. ~Kevin

The band was stellar, thank you for making my evening, look up at the perseids meteor shower tonight and many blessings to you all!! Xoxo ~Ange'l

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAI saw you in Costa Mesa last night and you were great! But tonight at Snoqualmie - WOW! What a show! The energy from you and your band and the crowd was amazing! I've seen you many times in the last two years and I am never disappointed. It was also a pleasure to finally meet you in person! Thank you! - A memory I will cherish. Your music, philosophies, and spiritual journey continue to inspire me.. Thank you for sharing your gift and your heart. ~Patrick


Fantastic concert last evening in the heart of Orange County. Nothing but great music, great memories, great sets and all of a sudden I was in high school again. Thank you. ~James Daily

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAJust saw Roger and company again in Costa Mesa, CA Sunday evening. Roger continues his compassionate crusade note after note with a power and energy that can only come from God to lighten an often dark world. Thank you Roger for your inspiration. You are a Gift from God to all of us!! And those you've chosen to work for you are amazing as well from the band to the staff. All of your fans feel they know you personally, and of course, through your amazing music, they do. ~Perry Cox

Thank you so much for the wonderful show at OC Fair! My husband and I attend all your shows in So California for many reasons. Our friend "Paul" passed away 13 years ago and he was your greatest fan in the 1970's. So as we go to your shows we know that his presents it there with us and it makes us feel wonderful.. Thank you for providing us a everlasting memory of our friend Paul. We still have tapes that he made off the LP's which tool hours to complete. LOL ~Liz Hardy

August 11th in Costa Mesa at the Pacific Amphitheater - Roger you are magnificent! The experience of hearing you live has enriched my soul. You performed so many wonderful songs - and your band is incredibly talented. Your devotional songs resonate with my heart. Haribol  ~ Charlotte

You were fabulous at the OC fair in Costa Mesa. I brought my family and my 2 year old was fascinated. I am a songwriter and producer and I have been a fan of your music forever. So glad I got to see you and hear you live. Hope we can work together one day.. ~Fernando Perdomo - Reseda California (via Miami Florida)

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAI was there!! The show was awesome, above and beyond amazing - you could feel the magic and uplifting vibes in the air, looking all around at all of the faces it was instantly realized how Roger's music touches so many hearts and souls and brings a lot of families together...there were several generations singing along word for word, it made the experience so sublime and unifying! Even with such a large crowd, Roger spoke to us as close friends - he deeply appreciates his fans and genuinely immerses himself fully in the music, it was a very powerful performance with standing ovations!! As soon as I got home I booked a flight for his East Coast leg of the tour in October and counting down every single minute! ~Sophie Ashbury

I saw your OC Fair show. Really fun and memorable. I want to wish you all the best on your North American jog. I hope you really KNOW that you can play So Cal- Read (Santa Monica) now at a drop of a hat and we'll all be there for you. No excuses for your management Not to book you at Home. Right? Right!!! Love for the Top! ~Tony

Thank you very much for the invitation to the soundcheck in Costa Mesa! Petra, the friendgirl of Andrea, and I very, very happy. Very good friends we have met there, with tears had to leave them again. But in our hearts we will be always together! Since our journey last year to Orillia we have found many really good friends, and you and your music brought us together! Thank you! I hope that we, Andrea and I, will see you personally in Bochum, our last show for 2013! Many heartly greeting! Peter, actually in San Simeon, on the road to SF! ~Hans Peter

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAI saw you for the first time in probably 37 years. In 1976 a friend called me and said he won tickets from WNEW for Supertramp. I said, "What's a Supertramp"? and he said "I have no idea". We sat 8th row and for most of the show we sat with mouths agape, in awe. It was one of the greatest concert experiences of my life (and this is coming from a veteran of hundreds of shows in his old lifetime). Last Sunday at the Pacific was emotional and epic for me. Not only did it transport me back to 1976, but all of the meaning that your songs have given me over the years were reaffirmed. My past flashed before me and every moment that your songs were a part of trotted by. It's been a week since, and your music continues to chase the demons in my closet and brings me comfort that I know was meant to connect with me. Without getting too swarmy, I don't know how to say how important to me it was to see you again. Sincerely, ~Curtis

I love Roger H and his band. in the last three years i have been driving alone from LA to Pechanga and last weekend to Costa Mesa to hear him. His music is extraordinary and the band is excellent. I had breast cancer and his music help me in my journey. Thanks Roger I want to see you in LA soon ~Marisol

Thanks for coming to OC/LA, Roger. You were great!  ~ Tim Lawlor

I was there! Fantastic show!!!! Thank you so much!!! xoxo  ~ Ninon Aprea

Wow - I'm super charged from the show, it was fantastic and Roger please keep coming back to California. Your concert was the best of the year and it's hard to describe unless you were there but your shows are the ultimate concert experience.  ~ Brad Davis

Awesome show!! It was AMAZING! Thank you!!!!!! Came all the way from Oregon to see you too!
~ Kelly Knight

Thank you for coming to Socal again. Saw you last year in Newport, and tonight in Costa Mesa. Just phenomenal concerts. Your music means so much to so many. Please come back again soon. 
~ Warren Belkin

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAWOW! What a show. So moving, so perfect! Logical Song was fantastic. The dedication he did with Hide in Your Shell was so incredible - that he cares that much for his fans and is so connected to what his music really means to us in our lives is just unheard of in this day. Roger Hodgson really is an amazing artist - the sincerity of his show, his connection to the audience. You can really feel how he is there to give... and speaking of which - Give a Little Bit at the end had me so elated. It was a perfect night! Please please come back again   ~ Ann Berg

We has an amazing time! Thank you for making tonight so special. You sing and play from the heart.
~ Shanyn Maddox

A fantastic time was had by my daughter and I. I just love your music so much and love all the concerts I have seen you at in the past four years. Till we see you again!  ~  Kelly Russell

My 2 and a half year old loved it!!  ~ Fernando Perdomo

wonderful!!! So well composed, performed and shared  ~ Love Quite

Roger, Ten people in my family came to see you tonight, and everyone loved the show. You were brilliant! It was beautiful! Thank you!  ~  Anna Sookhoor

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAI enjoy the show Mr Hodgson and more did my 74 year old Mother who is visiting from El Salvador. Priceless. Thanks for the music. It was beyond imagination. I started listening to you when I was in the 7th grade back in 79'. Beautiful   ~ Manuel A. Vasquez-Bolaños

Great show, I feel like I waited a lifetime to see this. Thanks Roger, you and your band were fantastic. I especially enjoyed "Hide In Your Shell", "Lord Is it Mine" and "Fools Overture". Your band represented you well, great job all, please come back soon!!  ~ Eddie Bydalek

I am so glad you are touring more in the U.S. Roger, I hope you come to Colorado. I am on the West coast to catch your shows and tonight's show was AMAZING!!! I hope you make a dvd out of some of these concerts. PS - I love your orchestra shows too.  ~ Mark Duncan

I was taken back to a soulful retreat into timeless melodies that played a big part of my wonder years growing up in NY; you are a legend who touched many lives throughout the years, timeless. Cheer's to Aaron Macdonald, so talented, magical show in Costa Mesa, CA! We will see you again soon! Hugs
~ Linda Lee Lindgren

You were just as great last night as when I saw you with Supertramp on the Breakfast in America tour almost 35 years ago at the LA FORUM. Thanks so much for all the great songs, and an awesome show in Costa Mesa...Kudos to all the guys in your awesome band too... ~ Dan Rosman

What a joy to hear your music live last night. Like so many, I grew up with your music all around me. I couldn't have asked for anything more, except maybe another hour or so of music. Your setlist was amazing, and really touched all the bases of your career. And compliments to your terrific band and crew. First class all the way. Thank you!  ~ Jon Trask

Great time, excellent concert. Was worth the 2-3 hour drive from Tehachapi! Agree with all the others who describe this as simply amazing!  ~ Mark C Fleener

Roger thanks for the soulful eclectic dramatic concert that brought back so many beautiful memories of seeing the band on the east coast (philly and trenton) in the late 70's. Hope you've had the happy life you've brought to so many of us.  ~ Linda Gannon

SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ~ Sonia Pagotto

Not only an awesome show but the song-play list incredible  ~ James Raiche

Roger, such an amazing show! Never thought I would hear songs like Sister Moonshine, School & Fool's Overture live again. But you and the band were right on! Then to hear Death & a Zoo perfect topping on the cake! I was lucky to meet you many years ago and you were one of the most gracious, kindest & "Buddhist" celebrities I have ever met. You showed that with such class and grace last night. Your appreciation of your fans and the audience showed in every note you played! For fans that are either going to the upcoming show or thinking about it, DON'T MISS OUT! Just enjoy the fantastic music. Peace!  ~ C.W. West

Magical, simply magical.  ~ Julie Wysocki

Been there, done it, Great, fantastic, marvelous, excellent, awesome, man not enough words to express the experience of being at one of Roger's shows.  ~ Jesse McDonald

Best concert of the year for the Pacific Amphitheatre. His show was unbelievable, so many people yet Roger makes you feel like you are at home with him. ~ Doug Dubbin

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAYou were just as great last night as when I saw you with Supertramp on the Breakfast in America tour almost 35 years ago at the LA FORUM. Thanks so much for all the great songs, and an awesome show in Costa Mesa...Kudos to all the guys in your awesome band too...  ~  Dan Rosman




Thanks for the great show Roger. Awesome set list and you and the band were in fine form. Hide in you shell was the highlight of the evening.  ~ Malcolm Craycroft

Language cannot construct what that show meant to me. I am forever changed by what you and your music mean to me roger. Thank you is an understatement, and the magic you filled me with last night, among the inspiration you have provided my whole life. I am walking gratitude. Words couldn't do justice. I am so deeply touched. That was the best concert I have ever been to. Piano magic.
~ Kayleigh Ray

was fantastic, when I was moving to Texas for a job didn’t know if I could ever come back being born and raised in orange county and I listened to the long way home, as I did when my career turned again and had an opportunity to come home. really helped me and it was surreal to come to the concert and hear you live with my love and just a perfect moment I wont forget combined with the rewarding feeling of having come all the way home after such a long way. thank you.  ~ Benjamin Kyle Johnson

Thanks for an awesome show. Your humble heart and stories give me hope to dream, put it out to the universe, and wait for the results to transform.  ~  Chrysteen Bandy

Awesome show. Please come back so Southern California again soon!   ~ Philip Duncan

What a magical night! 2 hours flew by in no time at all, and I didn't want the show to end! It was a magical night, that I want to do again and again, as soon as possible!  ~ Julie Wysocki

What a wonderful show! It seemed to go by way too fast. Roger's vocals and playing were stellar! Hope to see him again sometime soon. Best always.  ~ Anthony Krajchir

What a great show. By chance a friend gave me the tickets because he is on vacation. What a treat. Roger is very humble and gracious and the music is timeless. Me and my wife loved the show. Really glad we went.  ~ Joseph Paul Croce

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAI still feel extremely blessed to have been enchanted and endeared by your 8-11-13 performance at the Pacific Amphitheatre. My ticket was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, Patrick, who runs the video over at The Hangar. Patrick and I have been listening and enjoying your music since the 80s. We truly appreciate your beautiful gifts and how you and your band share them with the world. Thank you for giving so much of your heart and your soul through your music and your charity. Love and Appreciation, Always.  ~ Debbie Vinatieri-Alarcon

Most Excellent show. "Hide in your Shell" brought me to tears. It's my all time favorite song. I had my tickets for weeks. I couldn't wait for the show and I loved every minute of it. Come back soon Roger.
~ Paula Yeakel

What a great night! I hope you come back soon!  ~ Lori Phillips

Come back again and again. Great Show Roger, what an awesome set. ~ Jesse McDonald

Yes come back please that was an awesome show the best I've seen at the Pacific Amphitheatre and one of the best concerts I've gone to this year.  ~ Doug Dubbin

Hi! i was at the show last night!!! WOOP-WOOP!! Thanks, Roger!! Wonderful, wonderful show. Waiting for the DVD!! HURRY!!! Michael Jisher~ It was a woop and a hoot! I too hope we get more cds and dvds from these fantastic shows Roger you've been doing on your Breakfast in America World Tours. Please come back to the Pacific Amphitheatre again.  ~ Kevin Frautschy

Just loved the whole show. I saw Supertramp in April 1978 (9?) - and had front row seats in the San Diego Arena. You and the boys were an hour and a half late to start. The reason.. Your wife gave birth to your son that night! The evening was dedicated to you and your family. You all played your hearts out and you looked very happy. Last night you were as gracious as you were that night! Thank you for so many years of wonderful and memorable music. Can't wait to hear you again SOON!  ~ Lori Shapiro

My daughter flew in from Portland, OR and I came in from South Dakota to see you perform last night. Thanks for a great event!  ~  Tony Camargo

Roger's performances are magical and this one at the Pacific Amphitheatre I will put this down as the best outdoor concert of the season. I just keep saying WOW! What a show! All the songs were fantastic and I had tears when he did a dedication with Hide in Your Shell It is just was so incredible that he cares that much for his fans. His songs are just as relevant today as when he wrote them. Roger Hodgson really is an amazing artist who makes everyone in the audience feel connected. It is so amazing how much he gives in his concerts. A Roger Hodgson concert is a wonderful experience you'll never forget.
~ Brad Davis 

I brought a friend to the show. He had never heard the music of Roger and Supertramp, but he was blown over by this awesome music. We had a great evening at Costa Mesa. I just missed "A soapbox opera" but I loved all the other songs on the setlist... it was great... Thank you so much...
~ Lars Frederiksen ... and Denmark...

Such A GREAT show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!  ~ Deborah Frances Stranahan

The show in Costa Mesa was most awesome.  ~ Glenn Buckley

I can’t get your voice out of my head after last nights show in Orange County. And that’s a good thing, LOL. Question..is there a term for a Roger Hodgson fan? Hodgehead? Cause after Costa Mesa I would qualify.  ~ Jamie Marsh

great show  ~ Peter Castillo

I had the best seat in the house, and I'm still smiling two day later.  ~ Sue Cupell

Hodgsheads Unite! Great dedication to my mother and another lady who is a cancer survivor. Roger is the best.  ~ Dale Lendrum

I am honored to have been at one of the best concerts ever! Awesome show by all the band. Please come back to So Cal soon!  ~ Kirk Evans

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAMy husband & I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are visiting our family in Orange County and were thrilled at the opportunity to attend your concert at the Orange County Fair! Mike & I saw Supertramp in Boulder, Colorado -- back in 1978/79. To date, it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. Our daughters grew up listening to Supertramp and are now in their mid-twenties. It was a joy to be able to treat them to your show this past weekend -- and to see them sing along with your songs and to share in such happiness. You and your band gave an incredibly entertaining performance! Thank you so very much for all the years of sharing your amazing musical talents with the world. On behalf of my family - Mike, Breanna, Rachel & Rachel's husband, Chad, and myself - we happily compliment you & the band -- and we send our best wishes for your continued success and enjoyment! God's blessings upon you & your loved ones. Have you considered playing in Hawaii? Hawaii island welcomes you with open arms! Roger & band, as we say in Hawaii, "Mahalo nui loa;" thank you from our hearts. With warmest aloha. PS: We really liked "Death & the Zoo." ~Jolene Armstrong & ohana

Saw you 30 years ago in Karlsrue, Germany. You were good then. Tonight, you were fantastic! Thank You.  ~ Patrick Huggins

This was an excellent show!! Roger, thank you for coming to SoCal, and please come back soon. Saw you last year in Newport and you were phenomenal, and tonight was fantastic.  ~ Warren Belkin

I was there last night, and it was amazing! Thank you Roger! See you again soon!  ~ Anthony Krajchir

~ Deborah Frances Stranahan

Awesome show at Pac-Amp! This is the 3rd show I have seen Roger and band in the last couple years (Taste of Newport, Agua Caliente) and was the best of the three!!! Already looking forward to the next time!  ~ Terry Meehan

We LOVED the show!! You and your band were awesome! It brought back so many memories of the first time I listened to the Crime of the Century album in 1974. My dad bought the album home from work...he managed KFIG radio in Fresno. I said "Supertramp?? What's Supertramp??" He told me it's a great band that they were starting to play on the radio, so I put the album on the turntable, put on headphones and instantly fell in love with SUPERTRAMP!! I saw you in concert in Fresno almost 40 years ago, and it was such a treat to see you perform this past weekend in O.C.! We drove 5 hours to see your show! Please come back to CA!!! You would sell out the arenas in Fresno, and the Santa Barbara Bowl would be another great outdoor venue!! I'd come to BOTH concerts!!!
~  Keely Jones Sanchez

Supertramp was my all-time favorite!!! I must say I was overwhelmed Saturday night. Roger Hodgson did not disappoint. I would attend each and every show in So Cal, if possible. The last time I saw Supertramp was during their last tour...in the OC. I believe that was about 30'ish years ago. Thank you for playing at the OC Fair...it was a great night, and my favorite concert!!!   ~ Kelly Stuart Segelke

I had the best time.. Please come back Soon!  ~ Paula Yeakel

I missed seeing Supertramp during the 70's or 80's. Sunday night's show has filled that void. I look forward to the next chance I get to see Roger perform. I really enjoyed the show. Thank you Roger and the band.  ~ Bill H-Face

Great show! I danced a lot! I too missed seeing Supertramp in concert in the 70's or 80's because I was a kid, but feel like I finally got my chance! Roger Hodgson, you still sound like you did in the 70's and your band is the genuine article. Love your music and admire your talent and your kind heart.
~  Margie Peterson

Costa Mesa was just a few days ago but the memories will go on forever!  ~ Mark C Fleener

Roger Hodgson was terrific! The entire group was super! Want to see him perform again, hoping he will be around locally again....This was an amazing concert, just love his music.   ~ sunspots

It was a great show. He played all the classiscs for 2 hours, The band was terrific. I will see him again in a second  ~ MERA

What a personable guy and a great entertainer! He did not disappoint and can still rock!  ~ Rasconie

The Music still holds up after all these years and it was so great seeing so many men singing every word to every song and totally into it! That was my favorite!!!!

The Supertramp lead singer and songwriter has not lost his stuff. It's amazing how a guy who started out in 1969 is still the same dreamer and legend. His songs take me back to the 70's when life was amazing and fresh and emotions were raw. The old standbys that we all remember were performed, along with some numbers I had not heard before. The crowd was especially appreciative of the performance and it was clear Roger felt at home and happy to be in So Cal, where he has lived for a while. The sax performer (Canadian!) was incredible; he must have played 6 different instruments and seemed to be having the time of his life. All in all, I'm so glad I was able to see the performance.  ~ 70sGal22

This was an amazing show. Terrific musicians. Great timing. Great talent. Roger is so humble and sings like he's 25! I would happily see them again. It was also nice to see two local OC guys in stage. A 10!
~ Dj2x

Only got to see one concert this summer and I am sure glad it was this one. It was Outstanding. Band is so tight and their sound is so different and refreshing. Roger Hodgson still "Got It" Rock On! ~ skremer

Many memories were brought back. I took my kids and they loved it too!!! Can't wait until I can see him again!  ~ fmlyluv

I saw Supertramp many year's ago. I was not disappointed, the sound and Roger's voice was amazing. Brought back some good memories for me and a special time in my life. I would definitely see the show again. thanks, Cheryl  ~  SBCher

Fantastic performance - I was concerned about the band not being original members but they were great. Roger is in true form, voice strong (how does he hit those high notes) and never took a break - amazing.
~ spthatsme

Awesome performance by an awesome singer/songwriter and his awesome band. Couldn't have enjoyed it more. Thanks Roger!  ~ Anonymous

Great music in a small venue that has excellent acoustics. It just can't get any better! It's always great to be reminded that sometimes you need "to take the long way home."  ~ KikD

Good performance. Lots of keyboard and wind/brass instruments played well; vocals were exactly like listening to a Supertramp song. A concert that was worth the time and effort at a bargain basement price (thanks Pacific Amp.). Most of time everyone in section 6 was sitting, which is preferred way to listen and watch the concert.  ~ cal2009

Great show! Played most of the Tramp stuff I wanted to hear and some solo stuff that was interesting to hear. Sound was good and his band was tight. If you missed Supertramp, this is the next best thing.
~ dizkid2002

Roger seemed to have a good time. The audience was having a good time. I was having a good time. Music sounded great, Roger was in great voice. Excellent combination of old and new, with some of the Supertramp staples. Roger seems like a really good person; genuine, sincere, caring. Glad I had a chance to catch one of his shows.  ~ dougil

Roger Hodgson was amazing and exceeded my expectations. I know I was in for a great show but it was excellent. Roger played all of my favorite songs, had an incredible band, and played non-stop for 1.5 hours. I also loved the Pacific Amphitheater. It was small, outdoors, and intimate. I would recommend this show to everyone!  ~ ATrueMusicLover99

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CAWOW! So pleasantly surprised with Roger's show with what we thought was a fantastic set list. So happy to hear some of our old faves live again and with such passion as well. Loved the way he interacted with the audience, from birthday wishes to stories of people who were affected by the songs and what they meant to them. Just AWESOME and we cannot wait for his next show!!!  ~ mitsdog

I was really impressed at what a great show Roger Hodgson put on. The music was true to the albums and his voice is still intact. The song selection made everyone sing and dance.  ~ wooooo2

Wonderful performer who engages the audience. Roger is a true professional who sounds as good or better today than ever. Amazing. If you're a Roger fan, do yourself a favor and see him if he comes to your town. It would even be worth a road trip. I was very impressed.  ~ Barnetto

I loved him in Supertramp, love him even more as a solo artist. I saw him last year at Pachanga and he was just as good then he was great in Pacific Amphitheatre too. I love his music and he is true artist of our times. Bravo !!!  ~ AlexBid

It is amazing how clear and familiar Roger's voice is still. This was one of the best concerts I've seen at the Orange County Fair, and I've seen a lot. I'm going to recommend to all my friends that grew up with me on Supertramp music to seek out Roger's concerts. ~ summitch

Roger always puts on a wonderful show. He has knack for connecting with his audience! ~ skipmo

On the last night of the 2013 OC FAIR Concert Series, a true blast from the past occurred at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa California. After not playing a single show in the U.S. in over ten years, Roger Hodgson stepped up to the microphone & seemed totally amazed that the crowd was quite large. He said he wasn't sure anyone would come. With a band of four other very talented musicians, they proceeded to play Supertramp songs that sounded exactly like you were listening to a record back in the day. The collection of songs from at least three of the groups records from the late 60's to the mid 80's were a true journey back to high school for me. I had no idea how many instruments it took to play those great songs. The gentleman opposite of Hodgson, a supremely talented musician, played at least nine, maybe more. He was the alto voice to Hodgson's soprano. The Breakfast in America tunes were the most popular, garnering standing ovations after each. The night went quickly with very heartfelt comments from Hodgson practically after each song. He stated repeatedly that he hoped to come back to Orange Co. soon. We couldn't agree more! What a special event. We feel fortunate to have been there. The Encore was Give a Little Bit. Mr. Hodgson gave a lot more!  ~ CRPJR22

What a wonderful show from start to finish. The band did an outstanding job on supplying Roger with the Supertramp background sound. Roger on vocals, keyboards, and guitar commanded the audience.
~ BubbaGottaGo

It was great to see Roger back home and with great musicians. They did a great job duplicating this timeless music. It took me back many years to which I reminisced back when I was a young man. It was a fun time and will not forget this experience.  ~  WyGoSlw

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CARoger Hodgson is my favorite all time musician. His music is so beautiful and powerful that it takes me to a deep emotional level of appreciation that is matched by only one other musician. His heart felt harmonizing brings me to tears. He also demonstrates a genuine love for his fans. Do not miss Roger Hodgson .He is one of a kind. It is a shame I can see him only once a year  ~  classicrockluvr

The Roger Hodgson show last Sunday night at the Pacific Amphitheater was incredible. First of all the sound was amazing and Roger Hodgson is beyond talented. Saw Supertramp in 1980 and this show was everything that one was in their heyday. He is a very personable guy and talks to the crowd in between songs. Rock on Roger! I would see him again in a second.  ~  Terace

What an absolutely outstanding show from Roger Hodgson and band. I've seen quite a few concerts at the Orange County Fair's Pacific Amphitheater, but most have been disappointing, lackluster "greatest hits" sets from artists resigned to play at a county fair venue. Mr. Hodgson was certainly the exception. By his overall manner and enthusiasm, he seemed delighted to be playing at this venue, and the audience reciprocated with several spontaneous standing ovations throughout the night. The band was recording the show for a DVD, so the drums were screened off to help balance the sound, which in turn resulted in one of the best outdoor concert mixes I've heard in a long, long time. Incredibly clear sound, with all the instruments clearly defined. This was certainly one of the most pleasant concert experiences I've had at the Orange County Fairgrounds, and one of the best shows I've seen in the past few years. ~ scooter59

Wonderful evening. Roger Hodgson is so good and his saxophonist (along with other instrument) was fabulous. It was quite a treat. Music and songs from memory lane overwhelmed me with emotions bringing me back to my teens. The songs have not aged and the new ones he played were amazing, their instrumentation and show was superb.  ~ Anonymous

Best concert ever been to at the Amphitheatre! Bring him back soon!  ~ Anonymous

Excellent and well paced show. Saw him last year at Newport Wine Festival and it was great to see such a large crowd in a larger venue at Pacific Amphitheater. Played all the best songs from his hits with Supertramp and set up his more recent offerings well.  ~ Anonymous

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CARoger Hodgson never fails to put on a wonderful show. His love for music and the songs he wrote and performed shined throughout, and he appears to love performing them. As usual, he included the main crowd pleasers such as "Dreamer", "Hide In Your Shell", "Lord Is It Mine" and "Logical Song" along with a few lesser well known pieces like "The Fools Overture". He performed with a fine backup band for about 2 hours, playing about 15 songs. That may not sound like a lot, but most of the songs are 5 minutes or longer. He is truly one of the greatest singer-songwriters of the last 50 years, along with Brian Wilson. He is a perfectionist, and it shows. He was the original creator of Supertramp, a unique band with touches of pop and rock style, along with an almost classical beauty of melody. Sheer joy and rapture!
~ tony41

3rd time seeing Roger Hodgson in the past 2 years and definitely the best of the 3 shows. Magnificent musicianship, unique set list (cutting edge and mainstream hits), and engaging intros. Can't wait to sing along with Roger and band again soon!!!  ~ TJM1

Loved it! He played all the songs I knew. It was a great show! Roger came across as a genuine good man.  ~ Anonymous

Roger Hodgson puts on an amazing show full of hits and solo gems. He interacts well with the crowd and genuinely enjoys performing. Favorite moment: "Fools Overture" from "Even in the Quietest Moments" album. Absolutely awesome piece live!  ~  RM13

While I have never seen Roger before in concert, I have seen the other half of the group still touring (occasionally) as Supertramp. While that show was really good, this one was ... simply amazing! I have read many reviews in which I seriously doubted all of the hype - however it lived up to the reviews and then some. The music, the voice, the heart ... dead on. One reviewer wrote they couldn't wait until they could see him again, and I agree. A must see for any Supertramp fan - or even a fan of great music who is unfamiliar with their work.  ~ Visionary65

I didn't expect he could be allow to play all the Supertramp songs he did, I was hoping just to hear his new songs after Supertramp! Was the best concert surprise in my life!  ~ Anonymous

I went by myself, and had such a good time. The band was talented and Roger was full of energy. Great time!  ~ Anonymous

The show was great. Roger and band had the us on our feet as they performed the hits that made Supertramp famous, along with his newer songs. I recommend his show to everyone and look forward to his return to Southern California.  ~ Anonymous

Amazing concert, Roger gave us our money's worth. Still going strong after all these years, great back up band. The guy playing all the wind instruments were particularly good. ~ krames!

I never saw Supertramp in the 70's when the album Crime of The Century was, and still is, one of my "desert island" albums. Friends who saw them praised them for their sound, musicianship and awesome atmosphere. I am happy, and more than a little surprised, to say that all those elements were there Sunday night. On top of that, the overall musical prowess and tightness of the ensemble was amazing. And the sound ... wonderful. I could pick out each instrument clearly and separately, It is hard to pick out one exceptional song, they all were, and they satisfied all by ranging from the simplistic (It''s Raining Again) to progressive ("Fools Overture"). Even my daughter, who was born in 1983 just after their heyday and was surprised at the number of songs she recognised and agreed that this was special. It was particularly special for me. Thanks Roger, keep sharing the magic. ~ Ronplan

Fabulous time! Second time I have seen him this year and both times were magical. If you are looking for an uplifting, feel good evening I can't suggest Roger more. He clearly loves what he does and loves his audience!  ~  Jakiedawg

Supertramp Paris has been one of my top 10 albums since I was thirteen years old. Seeing Roger perform these songs that have been such a huge part of my life...I’m misting up as I write this..Enough said. Can’t WAIT to see him again. I took the freeway home. It was the shortest way.  ~ JamesinLA

I have seen Roger live 4 times over the last few years. He puts on a Fantastic show & Never disappoints. He has become my favorite artist to see of late & I have A Lot of artists I like. I will not miss him when he is in Southern California. He is a Fantastic songwriter so there are endless hits. He is an awesome performer on the guitar & keyboards & his voice is as good as ever. He comes across as a very nice, warm, genuine, amicable man. His performance is always top notch and he communicates & connects well with his audience. I Love the man & I Love the Music. He is ALWAYS a Must See! His Band is also Very Good. They are talented musicians & very tight. There are a lot of songs he has done that I have not heard live yet. I am hoping that I will get to hear more as I see him more. He has done so many great songs even after his Supertramp days. I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would be disappointed in seeing him perform. They were recording this, so hopefully there will be a NEW DVD in the not too distant future.  ~ BWat1

It was a great concert with great songs. The songs are timeless from a great songwriter. Hope to see him again in concert. Brought back some great memories. ~ bqmaster

It is hard to describe perfection. Roger's voice is still incredible. Great band backing him up. At several points during the show, I would close my eyes and it felt like I was listening to the records. That's how good they were/are. It is kind of like when you get the rare occasion to spend a little time with a close friend or family member. You savor every moment, and you can't quite say how good it makes you feel because it is indescribable.  ~ tksndengnr

I saw Supertramp in their heyday (both on the "Breakfast in America" tour and the "Famous Last Words" tour) and thirty some odd years later, I was excited to see him again with a full band (caught him at The Grammy Museum last year, which was amazing, but it was just him and his multi-talented colleague on sax and clarinet). I was not disappointed in the least, and in fact was pleasantly surprised. Roger dove right in, and performed a great setlist of Supertramp and solo songs. Roger certainly tailored his setlist to the long-time fans -- while the 'Tramp's hits were all there, he pulled some great gems from the catalog. He even went as far back as "Indelibly Stamped" (their second LP) with the obscure "Rosie Had Everything Planned". The solo selections he picked were also great. The band was in top form, particularly the keyboard player and the "all things wind" guy. The latter not only played sax and clarinet, but also flute, piccolo, recorder, keys and sang some parts.) Wow is all I can say about this minstrel. While Roger may be calling this the "Breakfast in America" tour (again), he served up a mighty fine and rich banquet.  ~ Ocram

Roger was amazing & his band was amazing. It was a magical evening :)  ~ sclady57



A magical evening of music. Don't miss a chance to see Roger Hodgson whenever he plays!  ~ Juliedrvr

This 60 yr old something still belted out songs just the same as I remembered back in HS. Same signature voice. Glad I got to see the face behind all this great music after all these years. Roger was endearing and welcoming while speaking to us. He made the crowd laugh at times with his humor, or captured us with stories of a place in his life leading up to his reason for writing the next song he was about to perform. We all love a story, he surely gave us that and in turn helped us understand the upcoming song. Surely made me enjoy the piece more, knowing where it came from. Could never have got this from the radio playing it. The band and their performance held their own, didn't need theatrics, props or amazing light shows. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time. SO much talent in this band, each one of them. Every band member was a perfect fit, kudos for whoever put this group together. My husband and I enjoyed this concert so much!!! Loved hearing songs I knew from HS yrs and equally ones that I had never heard. Those songs maybe never hit the radio, for why, i don't know. Since leaving the concert, I have have listened to the music I missed out on, such beautiful songs  ~ kiki724



Timeless music by a great artist. A memorable concert!   ~ Anonymous

Roger was extremely personal, telling stories behind the songs and sharing his thoughts with the audience. He was very humble for someone who is so talented and gifted. A very intimate and excellent show. The band was right on. I never had the opportunity to see Supertramp so I'm glad I didn't miss this show.
~  macbry

Pacific amphitheater is a wonderful location with excellent sound quality and it is a small venue to see concerts. Roger Hodgson and his band sounded great. Especially the multi-talented sax/flute/harmonica and played other instruments, he was outstanding. I don't remember his name but he has been playing with Roger Hodgson for 9 years and they are truly in-synch with each other. It was a fun night and I would recommend this concert to anyone who is a Supertramp fan. Favorite moment: Songs from his album "Breakfast in America"  ~ CBinRedondoBeach

Roger Hodgson ~ Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheater ~ Costa Mesa, CARoger was in rare form playing all the hits from his Supertramp days. The band was just awesome. Concert sounded just like the records down to last details. I would advise anyone who has a chance to see this band with Roger, DO NOT PASS UP THE OPPORTUNITY!! 
~ gesjam




Roger is very passionate about his music. He likes to introduce many of his songs with a little heart felt message that makes his shows more intimate. What a great classic rock show. This is not a heavy metal show, but a show that show cases percussion with a voice that has gotten better through the years.
~ aerohead1234


Amazing show, probably the best vocalist from my era. Can still hit the high notes.  ~  JRaiche




I can't believe I have been listening to Roger since 1977! I couldn't wait to see him again. Still is simply amazing.  ~ Guston!


Roger was great. Everything sounded great.  ~ rrighty


The show was fantastic! besides the music, it was very well engineered: you could hear almost every word, the video camera lingered on musicians long enough to appreciate what they were doing, etc. Plus the ushers are really friendly.   ~ Anonymous

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