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Naperville Exchange Club Ribfest ~ Naperville, IL ~ July 5, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Naperville Ribfest ~ Naperville, IL

Roger Hodgson ~ Naperville Ribfest ~ Naperville, IL


Hi, Roger! Just wanted to thank you and the band for coming out to Naperville, IL, this summer. It was such a fantastic evening seeing you share your beautiful music and heartfelt messages with the audience. You were so engaging with us and I'll never forget your message on love. You were right, love is one of the hardest emotions to hold on to, but it's one of the most valuable. Your music has brought love and joy back into my heart. I've been going through tough times recently, and "Hide In You Shell" always helps to pull me out and get me "back and on the road. Your music speaks directly to me, Roger. I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful gift with the rest of the world and inspiring us to strive for love and happiness in our lives! Hope you come back to Naperville soon, Roger!
~ Jack from Naperville, IL


Great job to Roger, his band, and the sound and light crew. The music was crisp and clear .... Awesome job !!!! Please come back next year !!!  ~ Robert Rogan

I saw Roger for the first time at Potawatomi a month or so ago and fell in love. Saw him at Rib fest tonight. He and his music just make me smile. Love love love it. Can watch him perform for hours. Come back to Chicago area soon Roger.  ~ Robyn Milstead-Rogers

Roger, Saw you at Naperville IL rib fest never thought I would get to see you perform.I have been a fan since high SCHOOL" now I am 57. You&Your music have been there for me,in good times& bad, in sickness &health,my marriage to the same lady 35 years,my 2 children. One is a graduate from Illinois state university ( daughter ) one a student at DePaul university theater school ( son ) who also works for Performance Lighting. But the ultimate proud dad moment was knowing he did the stage lighting for you & your show in naperville. So here is a large heart felt THANK YOU , for you being you.Not always LOGICAL,Always TAKING THE LONG WAY HOME,So I can have a little time to remain a DREAMER. ~ Matt Suchocki

Wow, what an awesome night seeing you in Naperville, I was fortunate to be up front on the railing, never dreamed I'd actually get to see you perform. You are certainly a genuine, kind and gentle man, just as wonderful as your music, I enjoyed the evening so very much. Happy to share it with one of my youngest sons, my oldest is over in the Perpetual War currently and we got to connect with him for a moment while there...he was tickled and has always been a big fan too. Simply a very moving night for me, as is with so many others, your music means so much to me and always will. I love your band, your interaction all evening was awesome, you all admire each other so much, it's written all over your faces...I also have to say I have another musical hero now, I so dig Aaron's talents, he's off the charts fantastic...you all are wonderful, thank you so much for being you and coming to the Midwest, a fan since 1978 during my first overseas assignment, USAF retired. ~ Don Wilson

We saw your show in Naperville on July 5th, 2014. It was awesome!! You and your band sounded fantastic. We stood near the stage for the whole show and loved every minute of it. We wish you could have played longer, as we could have stayed there easily another 2 hours just listening and singing along. I saw Supertramp more than 25 years ago at the Rosemont Horizon. I enjoyed that show, but I must say I enjoyed this so much more. You sound even better now! Eye of the Storm has always been one of my favorite albums. I am now sharing it with my children. We can't thank you enough for performing in our city and we hope you will come back! ~ Gina D.

Amazing performance tonight! One of the best shows that I have seen this year! ~ Todd Nowachek

Roger you are so charming. Your kind words to the audience at the Naperville Rib Fest left me feeling so blessed to be able to hear you yet again live. You seem like such a genuine person and I enjoy your music so very much. I hope to see you again and again. ~ Lynn

AWESOME show roger!!! Thank you..we were stage right...the sound was amazing...like I was listening to my Klipsch LaScala's all over again back in the 70's!!  ~ Rob Oresteen

Thank you for the wonderful show tonite at Ribfest Roger! My husband was over the moon to see you and now I am a fan too! Ps: you seem like such a very kind soul!  ~ Mary Ellen Seguin

What a great showmanship of musical and vocal talent tonight!  ~ Kris Sandra Stern Wheatley

Just left the festival and once again Roger's performance was the BEST! Truly enjoy his concerts! My third. :)   ~ Nancy Francescon

I hope you liked my drawing! I had so much fun, way more than I've ever had at any other concert. roger was simply spot on and amazing!  ~ Samantha Burriito

Awesome concert. Drove from Cincinnati to see him.  ~ Deborah Fields

Very Good Show Roger. The sound was very clear and loud.I was there.  ~ Jim Leeper

What an amazing show - you guys were 1st class all the way. Growing up with your music I never thought I'd have the privilege of being in the 1st row right here in our town. Thanks for doing this event - we'd all love you and your band back soon!  ~ Paul R. Coyner

Thank you Roger, great show in naperville  ~ Ed Padera

Roger Hodgson you were wonderful tonite!! Your voice sounds so amazing -- felt like 30 yrs ago . . you Rocked It tonite!! Thank you so much! x0x0x  ~ Julie Ferguson Dubsky

What a fantastic night in Naperville, thanks for all those great songs!  ~ Stephen J Hay

I haven't seen Roger since his Supertramp days, man what an awesome show! Thanks Roger. I hope you get back to this area again.  ~ Tim Doc Wolf

The show was brilliant like always . I can't express how much I enjoy seeing his show . ~ Michelle

Fantastic show in Naperville Saturday. Thank you much for coming. I was eager to attend for weeks.
~ Ray Prack

The best concert. Thank you!  ~ Deborah Fields

Superb! Sang and loved every minute! Your band's faces tell how they love helping you share this beautiful music with the world. The best concert experience ever! Thank you Roger! ~ Gregory Heine

My wife and I and a couple friends really enjoyed seeing Roger, for the 2nd time, first time was in Chicago at Ravinia- so many great songs both solo and Supertramp- thank you!!
~Timothy Eric Bensen

Great Show last night in Naperville! Thank you for the many years I have enjoyed your music.
~ Nick Gianaris

Thank you Roger (and the band!) for a spectacular performance in naperville as well as a lifetime of fantastic music and memories... hope to see you again soon  ~ Stu Deo

Awesome sound in Naperville. You are excellent inside and out !!! PEACE   ~ Laura Blaney Pawlak

Excellent performance in Naperville! The rain cleared just in time for Roger and his fabulous band to give us an incredible show! Thanks!  ~ Tim Walsh

Great show last night...felt like a time traveler saw you in Memphis in 1977 you haven't lost a thing Roger Hodgson  ~ Russ Fine

It was my first time watching Rodger in concert, his performance last night in Naperville was AWESOME! I cried, laughed, danced, sang along, and had one of best times of my life. Thank you for your beautiful music Rodger!  ~ Giselle Nita-Tracy

It was awesome performance  ~ Annette Marie Noga

I traveled about 250 miles for the show, and it was well worth it. Thanks again, Roger and band!
~ Chip Mundy

Thanks for playing in Naperville. Please come back to area. ~ Judy Jensen Heffron

We went to the show at Rib Fest, you are so good! I loved Supertramp as a teenager! I can see your life if shaped by love, and I appreciate the message you give to others, love one another, and peace to all. May you live a long healthy life Roger, and keep the music close to your heart!  ~ Sandra Ragan

Great performance at Naperville Ribfest - Presented by Exchange Club. Love how you chat in between songs... YOU are awesome!! thanks for a great evening... ~ Sandi Foden Fitzsimmons

Rodger, thank you so much for coming Naperville! My son and I had such a wonderful time. I went to school just down the street from where you performed tonight, some 35 years ago. Your music was a big part of my life back then and it still is just as much today. YOU are the reason I play the 12 string. Keep up the good work, and please come back again! ~ Tom Camerota

Dear Rodger, I just saw you in Naperville, and you were awesome. Along with fantastic music, you are a grrrreat human being. I have a very rare disease, and am printing a book which will be out in two months. It is about my life and is called " Genesis: Born with Tay Sachs." Music has had a healing effect on my life and has been a important part of my healing process. Those with my rare disease are progressively getting worse. I am getting better. I thank God for the many blessings in my life. Music uplifts my soul. Thank you so much for composing such beautiful songs! Only the BEST!  ~ Cary

Dear Roger, Thank you and the band for an unforgettable evening at the Naperville Ribfest! The internet was a-buzz last night with pictures and comments from all our friends of what a great time we all had and how wonderful you still sound! It was so beautiful seeing three generations singing and sharing the passion of your music. Please come back to the Midwest soon! Peace and Love,
~ Joanne and Keith

I told my wife, that I have waited 30 years to see you perform live. I was not disappointed. I have owned an Audio Video store for more than 36 years. Your music has been played tens of thousands of times and always puts a smile on a customers face, and inevitably will bring back some great memories - The concert last nite in Naperville was remarkable. The band is first rate. Please Come Back Again
~ Bobby

Dear Roger, I had the honor and pleasure of seeing you and your fine band perform @ Ribfest in Naperville, IL, last night. Oh, it was beautiful, magical! (A mystical half-moon shone above your stage as you played.) I'd never seen you in concert before (nor been to delightful Ribfest). Your voice was in fine form. You and your sharp band played spiritedly, with great gusto and flawlessly. Made me feel wistful for the great 1970s, when pop music was so fresh, rich, vital, musical, dynamic and diverse. Felt like I was transported back to a better time in music, witnessing Supertramp. Liked how there was NO electric guitar in your set (nothing against them, though). Truly wonderful evening! Hope you return to our region in the near future. Thank you and best wishes! ~ Nick

Roger, Saw you last night in Naperville. Met you this morning with my daughter, Hannah & Wife, Monica at the motel. Thanks for the great show and for the kind words to us when you were obviously busy. God bless and we'll see you in November. ~ Dave from Toledo

Roger, I have been a fan for years of your music and how you live your life. I saw you in Naperville a few nights ago - the musicality was exceptional and so rare to hear these days. Thank you! You are such a kind, loving soul. I admire that you walked away to raise your family, treated your ex-musical partner with fairness, and turned the other cheek when your songs (your babies) were being taken and used, as well as your image/voice to advertise his show. That must have been an extremely trying time, but you lead by example. We "don't have to win, and there's no need to fight." Your lyrics have such beautiful meaning. What a great gift back to God every time you sing, "Lord is it Mine." Thank you for spreading such an important message with your life example, lyrics, and kindness. ~ Linda Pacha

Hi Roger, It was a pleasure to finally to you preform. I've been listening to Supertramp when I was in the 7th grade. I'm 50 years old now, and honestly I'd never thought I'd get a chance to see you. A lot of your songs bring back, happy memories and sad memories as well. My mom passed away in October 2012, and I'm still mourning mom my passing. I have a story to tell you. Everyday on my way to the hospital , this song "Give A Little Bit" was playing. I hoped and prayed, she's be alive when I arrived, and luckily she was. I got the chance, that most people would want, to say everything I needed to say. I thanked her, I told her I loved her and that she was a terrific mom and my best friend and so on. I was very lucky that I got a little bit everyday . She passed away 2 weeks later at home with the care of myself and hospice. I just wanted to say thank you very much, for putting my thoughts into words that touched my life all though out my life! ~ Kathleen

Photo (L) by Howard Heckers, (R) by Linda Tyler

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