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Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, France ~ June 30, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, France

Dear Roger, I would like to thank you for the wonderful time you gave us in Nantes, on the evening of June 30th. I've never dreamed of ever hearing the voice of Supertramp and all of these songs I've discovered and that I love !

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, FranceWe went together with a friend. We both knew and liked Supertramp before and discovered, together, all the discography and of course some of your solo albums. I can only say we were, during these two wonderful hours, transported of joy. We smiled, clapped, stood and sang along the others, and in connexion with you and your band. Let me tell you that you didn't loose any of your talent, especially at the keyboard, nor of your young voice — and let me thank also all the members of your band we've heard that evening, for they all played perfectly along with you, and each had his own moment, solo, and we really appreciated it.

In overall it was a real feeling of joy, connexion, and happiness that you gave us that night. We loved hearing some of the most and less known songs of Supertramp but also from your solo album ! It gave us tears to the eyes, we loved each and every song, and were happily surprised by "Death and Zoo", from which we didn't knew. We're going to buy that album to discover more songs. In the end we stood, ovationed, sang and even danced to "Its Raining Again", and you really made us forget all our worries tonight, and we really appreciated your talent and sincerity. You and your musical work, your band and also the sound and light technicians deserved every clap that evening.

And it did effectively rain that night!

So, thousands of thanks for this magical moment you gave us. The best of our lives. We'll probably go and see you in another show. Thank you, Roger Hodgson, for all that fantastic music you gave us. ~ Sélabelle & a friend

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, FranceMerci Roger pour ce fantastique concert
( Thank you Roger for this fantastic concert )
~ Arnaud Blanc

Merci Mr Hudson pour ce fabuleux Concert hier soir ,vous et vos musiciens m avez transporté dans un moment de bonheur intense J espère qu un CD sortira pour que l on puisse revivre ce moment éternellement Encore MERCI

( Mr Hudson thank you for this fabulous concert last night, you and your musicians have m transported in an intense moment of happiness that I hope to release a CD that you can relive that moment forever Still THANKS ) ~ Alain Fougeray

Merci beaucoup pour cette soirée. ( Thank you very much for this evening. ) ~ Michel Clouet

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, FranceMerci Roger et aux musiciens. La soirée était fantastique. Que de souvenir! La dernière fois était au parc de sceaux à Paris en 1983 en juin aussi. Vraiment super et encore merci à toi. Sincèrement.

( Thank you Roger and musicians. The evening was fantastic. What memories! The last time was in seals park in Paris in 1983 as in June. Really great and thank you to you. Sincerely. ) ~ Vincent Vrignaud

Voila ce matin je je trouvais pas mes mots voila Eureka MR HODGSON vous etes un GENIE du Bonheur

( This is what I am I not find my words veiled Eureka MR HODGSON you are a GENIE Happiness ) ~ Alain Fougeray


Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, FranceThank you for this beautiful evening in Nantes, great set list and incredible audience ~ Florence Canon

Thanks for the awesome evening ! ~ Nia Vlys ToBel

@RogerHodgson thank you for this beautiful moment in Nantes last night.you are definitely the best! With all my love, ~ Aline  


Merveilleux moment passé ensemble à Nantes avec Roger and histoire band. Merci de m'avoir donné du bonheur pendant plus de deux heures. Merci. ...

( Wonderful time spent together in nantes with Roger and history band. .Thank you for giving me happiness for more than two hours Thank you... ) ~ Pascal Le Grand Frere

MERCI Roger. Generaly I don't have problems to find the words, this time yes. Hard to explain this indescribable special ambiance which brings you the light in the heart.. Surrounded by beautiful people, I can just say Wow. What an evening it was ! And Thank you for your touching words. You gave more then you could. ~ Mila Musiclover Denot

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, France2 000 personnes debout à plusieurs reprises ! ...Magnifique show dans un bel écrin . Merci MIster HODGSON et belle occasion de revoir Alan Simon juste après . GOOD LUCK ROGER FOR OLYMPIA this evening ! ~ Philippe Fagnot

Vue 2 fois en concert et toujours aussi magique !
( Viewed 2 times in concert and just as magical! )
~ Isabelle Marcheteau

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, FranceMagnifique soirée ! Merci. ( Beautiful evening! Thank you. ) ~ Marie-Lise De Koninck

C'étais génial ! ( It was awesome! )
~ James Jimmy McGill

Que du bonheur hier soir à Nantes avec Roger
( That happiness last night in Nantes with Roger )
~ Guy Tregaro

Merci Roger d'être venu a Nantes nous donner ce concert exceptionnel. Un homme au Grand Coeur, très proche de son public, et nous t'avons rendu l'appareil par nos multiples et longues ovations, voire interminables. C'est vrai que, comme tu nous l'a dit hier sur scène, nous sommes parfois un peu "crazy" les Français ;) Merci encore, tu nous as comblés avec Fools Overture, et Death and a Zoo. .....Reviens vite nous voir à Nantes

( Roger thank you for coming in Nantes give us this exceptional concert. A man at the Big Heart, very close to his audience, and we have made you the instrument by our multiple and long ovations, even endless. It is true that, as you told us yesterday on stage, sometimes we're a little "crazy" the French ;) Thank you again, you have blessed us with Fools Overture, and Death and a Zoo. ..... Come back soon to see us in Nantes ) ~ Arnaud Blanc

Nantes, génial retrouver les amis du Fan Club, dans une ambiance bonne enfant, du beau temps un peu trop chaud, un merveilleux concert, comme seul Roger sait en donner et toujours avec des surprises des nouveautés, de nouveaux arrangements, c'est que du bonheur. Nous avons eu la réflexion de dire que le public de l'ouest français et très réactif et chaleureux dans les concerts de Roger . une belle set list, avec, pour ma part deux chansons qui me tiennent à cœur.superbe soirée.

( Nantes, find great friends of the Fan Club, in an atmosphere good child, good weather too hot, a wonderful concert, as the only known Roger for giving and always surprises with new products, new arrangements is that happiness. We were thinking that the public of the West French and very responsive and warm in Roger concerts. a beautiful set list with, for one two songs that are close to my heart. superb evening) ~ Marie Jose Scornet

Roger Hodgson ~ Cité des Congrès ~ Nantes, FranceMAGNIFIQUE, superbe concert comme dab. Roger fut grandiose, et que dire de Aaron tant sa classe est immense. Une ambiance très chaleureuse qui nous a permis de nous évader pendant plus de deux heures. En résumé un grand moment de bonheur.

( MAGNIFICENT, superb concert as dab. Roger was great, and what about Aaron as his class is immense. A very warm atmosphere that allowed us to escape for more than two hours. In summary a great moment of happiness. ) ~ Thierry Bruyat

J'étais à son MAGNIFIQUE show hier à la Cité à Nantes avec sa BAND . Plusieurs Standing Ovations ! Ce soir il sera à l'Olympia à PARIS .

( I was in his MAGNIFICENT show yesterday in the city in Nantes with his BAND. Several standing ovations! Tonight he will be at the Olympia in PARIS. ) ~ Philippe Fagnot

Photo # 1 by Aaron Macdonald
Photos # 2, 6, 7 & 8 by Roger Hodgson
Photos # 3, 4 & 5 by Howard Heckers
Photo #  9 by Eleonora Ele Eme

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