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Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, Canada ~ October 17 & 18, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, Canada

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, Canada

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaGreat concert last night(oct 17th mtl) my soul was brought somewhere special and my heart was touched!! Happy trails on your journey!!  ~  Giovanni Delfino

When I was 14 you played Montreal at Jarry Park and I could not afford a ticket, so I listened from the park and LOVED it. By the time you toured here again I was a single parent and just didn't spoil myself with any concerts. Last night I FINALLY saw you at Place des Arts, and WOW WOW WOW, it was worth the wait!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR PUTTING ON SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW!!!  ~  Pam Comeau


Un grand merci à Roger Hodgson et son band pour le formidable spectacle d'hier à Montreal. Un véritable artiste et des musiciens talentueux et généreux ont ravi tous les spectateurs.(A big thank you to Roger Hodgson and his band for the great show yesterday in Montreal. A true artist and talented and generous musicians delighted the spectators.) ~Luc

I was at your show october 17, 2013. excellent show. i had one the tickets. i was hoping to win the tickets for october 18 2013. because it is my boyfriends birthday. ~  Yolanda Vajnagi

Thanks again for a great show … Montreal is your 2nd home and you are always welcome to come back, we just love to hear you sing. Merci beaucoup. ~  Pierre Bourbonnais

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaLast night a friend and I saw you in Montreal. I was scare to death to drive up to Montreal from Vt. What a concert my friend and are still can't get over how you great you and your band sounded!! Better than your albums that we have listened to over the years. We were fortunate enough to meet you after the concert. You were very gracious and kind to us because we were just regular people living a dream. Thank you so much. May you be blessed with many wonderful moments in nature that you appreciate and are inspired by, as are we. God Bless, Martha and Candy (the two regular people) ~  Martha

After a show like the one last night in Montreal. Roger Hodgson for prime minister. ~  Mike Montreals

Love affair with Roger Hodgson will NEVER die. We love you, Thank you so much for two great nights. ~  Connie

I left the concert tonight at Place des Arts singing out loud It's Raining Again, it brought a smile to me and the people around me. As I walked through the streets home, I heard another couple behind me half a block away sing Take the Long Way Home, then another singing Dreamer. What magic, what joy you have brought to us here in Montréal. Thank you so much. Love from all of your fans.
~  Jennifer Thomas

Merci pour cette Belle Soirée mon beau Roger ! Moi & mon Chum avons adoré !!! (Thank you for this beautiful evening my brother Roger! Me & My Boyfriend loved!)  ~ Marie-Josée Couture

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaWas at your show in Montreal last Saturday and brought my 23 year old son. It was wonderful to watch his reactions and his appreciation of your music. He told me after he was blown away and wishes he had grown up in the 70s. I have seen you 5 times now and was so happy to hear Death and a Zoo as well as Across the Universe. A first for me live for both. Well done and incredible show. I look forward to Casino Rama Nov.2nd and have one small special request which I will leave a couple days before. Safe travels and much success to you and your family and mates. ~ Steve

Tonight (18 October 2013) was my first live exposure to Roger Hodgson and I couldn't thank you and the entire band for the phenomenal performance! You played everything I wanted to hear, and even some that I really thought you wouldn't! "It's Raining Again" is my favourite Supertramp song and, after your interview with Terry DiMonte on CHOM a few weeks back, that was one I didn't expect and I've hardly ever been happier in my life than when you started playing it! Hearing some of your original material, to which I had no prior exposure, has really gotten me interested in hearing more! I thank you all for one of the most memorable nights of my life! ~ Shawn Aumond

Just got back from the concert tonight and it was great as always. This comment is to not only thank Roger for a fantastic concert but to thank the staff at Place Des Art!!!!! I had purchased tickets for our 25th anniversary 7 months ago for Roger's concert, front row center VIP, access to sound check, etc. My wife has not missed a Roger Hodgson concert since we move to Montreal 9 years ago. She is going blind and although we go to concerts she can never see the stage so tonight was supposed to allow her to finally see Roger as well listen to his great music. She was so pumped for the concert! Thing is I screwed up! I got the dates wrong, since I bought tickets to the second concert I assumed it would be second... it wasn't. The tickets were for the concert last night! My wife was heart broken, not only no front row tickets, no concert.. it was sold out. To the rescue was the staff at Place des Art.. after hearing the story, they got us tickets (balcony) then during intermission, they got us seats close enough for my wife to finally see Roger Hodgson sing his music! After we got home, she babbled to my daughters for over an hour about the concert and I went in the other room and .. cried. I am so grateful to the staff and to Roger for making this night special for my wife (especially after I screwed up!)! As her world goes dark, music and especially Roger brings light into it for her! Roger, thank you for your gift to the world. I am a fan forever, we will be at your next concert.. Front row center! ~  Shawn Romkey

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaYou remember me?? You played Breakfast in America for my son last night!! You search for us but you didn't saw! We were up on Balcony!! Specials thanks from me but specially from my son. By the way, his name is Valier!! You made his night and mine too...I saw his eyes when you played the song and I saw little tears! He's an emotional man; like his father!! I'm sure he made so good dreams last night! He say's that he will remember his evening for long long time, for his life! Thank you thousand time Roger. You are a great man with a great heart. Valier said that he want to write you a letter so you will receive some good words from him soon :) Specially thanks to your band too, you guys are amazing!! So Roger, thanks again and have a good times on your tour. You made a difference in people's life so long long life to you, your music and your words. Take care, love you Marc p.s. I hope my english is not so bad!??! :) ~ Marc Franche

A love affair that has been going on for forty years was alive last night at Place des Arts. Sensational from start to finish. Please come back to Montréal in 2014  ~ Claudio Delmonte

Thank you Roger for another beautiful evening. So much fun, and as always an excellent show. I just can't get enough of your live performances, and can't wait until you're back in Montreal. ~ Lesley

Awesome concert ! This was my first to see Roger and my husband last saw Supertramp when he was 14...!He surprised me and what a spectacular concert ! Will definitely see you again. The Band was awesome ! Thanks for great memories… ~ Anthony & Beverly Sangollo

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaMan, you re an angel. You almost makes me cry on "hide in your shell" (thx to jenny who requested the song...). The depth of your songs bring us in heaven. You seem to fly in the clouds. I was brought back 30 years ago and that was really really good feelings, trust me. I'll be in the first seats next time for your next world tour in Montreal. We love you. ~ Guy

It's Saturday morning and we are having breakfast listening to all our Supertramp albums (yes albums). We pulled an all nighter Thursday night to see you in Montreal and still made it to work Friday sleepless. We are in our 50's and have been addicted to your music since the 70's when I saw the first concert Supertramp ever performed in the United States. Tickets were $3.00! I still remember it like it was yesterday. Thank you for this addiction. We are now searching for tickets to your New Bedford show on Sunday. Another all nighter! Totally worth it. Thank you so much! Peace. ~ Jody & Mike

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for transporting me back in time to when I was young and innocent(lol)! Your show last night at Place des Arts was truly fantastic! What an amazing band you put together for the tour..outstanding! The song selection and the flow of the concert was fantastic! I hope to see you back in Montreal soon,and if I can be so bold as to make a song suggestion, please add Had A Dream(sleeping with the enemy) into your lineup..I would love to see you perform it "Live"! It's a brilliant piece of music. Enjoy the rest of your tour and don't forget..you can always come back home to Montreal & CHOM 977! ~ Ronny Mack

Was at the concert on Thursday night in Montreal, Fantastic, next year it would be great to hear Babaji. ~Audrey McGee

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaI was at your concert last night at La place des Arts in Montréal. I want to say thank you and it is not enough compare to what you did for me. The man of my life bought the tickets many months ago and it was the best decision ever. At some point of my life and for some reasons I decided I did not needed to listen to my old music hits anymore. My youth was behind me, my children were listening to actual music and I thought I had to keep connection with them and music is a very strong connection. And yesterday I reconnected with something. With a part of myself. All vibrations emanating from you are speaking to all who wants to understand despite language barriers Except for now I realize so many thing with your words again and once more I get back on track at some point where I was about to lose myself again. You don't know it but it is the second time in my life that you arrive, speak to me and make me movin' on at the right moment. I also realize that what you have to say, was, is still and will always be actual. No one can count how many of us you kept on their tracks but there are thousand of us, I am convinced. I believe in angels as a kid I could not identify them. But as a grown up I am sure you are one. You are too shinny not to be one. And you say such beautiful things that we understand you even if we don't know the words ! If this is not being a human angel than I do not exist either. Yesterday you mentioned coming back to Montréal in two years. Please do it. My grown up kids need to keep connexion with me now. They have to know where I come from. PLease don’t say such things if you do not think them seriously 'cause you gave me hope ! Please keep on signing we need it The would need your songs and your music. You bring peace, light, joy, love and hope on earth. Thank you for all your generosity Love from a  French-Cajun-Canadian xoxox  ~ Nathalie

Thank you for the outstanding performance last night in Montreal. I hope you got my "fan" letter from you dated 1984! I gave it to a stage hand at intermission. I kept it for 30 years, thought it would be fun to share with you!! Please keep doing what you do for a long long time  ~ Lisa

Sorry for my English it is not perfect. My husband and I loved your show last night at the Place des Arts in Montreal . It was the first time I went to one of your shows. It was wonderful ! You and your team made a beautiful and a good group . The sound was perfect, the choice of songs too. Your music takes me , I know your songs but I did not know you before you have seen on TV in a show of Star Academy with Julie Snyder. For your simple and friendly personality , you have seduced me right away. It was at that moment that I really liked you . I told my husband that it would be great to meet you at one of your shows. So if we could see your face smile or make expressions , it would be the height of our joy. Again thank you , dear Roger , you gave us a wonderful evening . And ' as we say in Quebec , Hat, Roger ! :-) Xxxxx  ~ Carole Cote

I can't even begin to tell you how truly incredible your show was last night. I was so blown away with your talent and that of your band mates. Your music is really inspiring and leaves your audience with such feelings of joy and happiness. No one will ever be able to create such beautiful melodies. And your your vocal abilities still impressive at your present age. Just remarkable what range you have. Thank you for coming Montreal and sharing your music with us. And please come back soon!  ~John Jutras

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaWas at your show in Mtl Oct 18, spoke with Bryan after the show, he said that if you played shows in Mtl only, it would be alright with him. He said he really likes the ambiance and the vibe that Mtl has to offer.Roger please come back next year, 2 years is too far away. You were great. Peace to you and your whole entourage. ~ Gino Grimaldi

Was at your show in Montreal last Saturday and brought my 23 year old son. It was wonderful to watch his reactions and his appreciation of your music. He told me after he was blown away and wishes he had grown up in the 70s. I have seen you 5 times now and was so happy to hear Death and a Zoo as well as Across the Universe. A first for me live for both. Well done and incredible show. I look forward to Casino Rama Nov.2nd and have one small special request which I will leave a couple days before. Safe travels and much success to you and your family and mates. ~ Steve

Merci infiniment Mr. Hodgson,revivre sa jeunesse en musique avec son fils de 17 ans est une expérience extraordinaire. A la prochaine je l'espere. (Thank you very much Mr. Hodgson, reliving his youth in music with his 17 year old son is an extraordinary experience. The next time I hope.) ~ christian gariepy

Your concert in Montreal on the 18th was the best sweet 16 birthday gift I could ever have. Thank you so much for such wonderful music. ~ Emily Rodriguez

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaTwo years ago, I was there, to see the last two nights of the tour. It was amazing, unforgettable! Me and my family traveled around America (from south to north, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to Montreal, Canada) and was the most incredible night ever! We met Roger after the second night (the last show of tour), and we'll never forget this moments! For those who be able to be there, ENJOY the ride!  ~  Rafael Machado

Fantastic show!  ~ Ken Hwang

Merci beaucoup, it was a dream come true tonight.  ~ Cat Laroche

I was there tonight and enjoyed the show very much ! Your efforts to speak french were very appreciated ! ~ Pauline Rodrigue

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaThanks for a great night of amazing music and great memories we loved every minute of you and your Band tonight Diane & Carl  ~ Diane Breaker

I was there with my wife, and as expected... WE LOVED IT!!!!! Thanks again Roger! ~ Grant Seymour

AMAZING evening, thank you Mr Hodgson
~ Meryem Benslimane

What a treat it was to see Roger perform in the acoustically perfect Place-des-Arts!!! Awesome show!!!
Thank you Roger!  ~ Jeff Vigneault

Amazing show, amazing crowd !!  ~ Geneviève Cardin

I'll never forget tonight, best performance I've ever seen,wow.  ~ Marisa Arcaro

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaSuper Bon Show !!! Une Légende Très Bien Accompagnée ! Great Team !!! Merci ! (Super Good Show! Accompanied by a Legend Very Good! Great Team! Thank you!)
~  Marie-Josée Couture

Je l'adore (love it)  ~ Mona Trepanier

AMAZING SHOW!!!  ~ Carlos Castorani

Très bon spectacle comme toujours (great show as always)  ~ Pauline Millette

Always an amazing show. My all-time favourite performer.  ~  Lesley Pavitt

THANK YOU so much to Roger, the band and management !!!   ~  Lyne St-Louis

I'm a fan of Supertramp since I'm a teenager and all my life when I'm feeling down, my medicine to feel better is to listen Supertramp songs. Tonight, at 46 years old, I realised my dream to see the show of Roger. This is the best show I saw in my life and the spirit of the evening was incredible! Merci Beaucoup!  ~ Martine Brodeur

It was a great show tonight as always. The crowd was amazing too. I have never seen so many standing ovations at a concert before. I've seen you at Woodstock en Beauce, Festival d'été de Québec, Montgolfières St-Jean sur Richelieu, Place des Arts......etc. Its always a special show with so many amazing songs. Its rare that an artist has so many great songs. It was great meeting & talking with you after the Quebec city show too a few years ago. Thanks for another wonderful evening. 
~  Dean Kalaidjian

Saw the show on Thursday in Montreal. Thank you for a wonderful evening.  ~ Antonio Izzo

Thank you so much, Mr. Hodgson! The concert was unforgettable and emotional. You are amazing!
~  Jade Hibiki Shaymin

It was magic ! Id like to see a first album : supertramp , tour! Such à good album! The meaning is one of your great song too! You should do it in concert!  ~  Anthony Goulet

Vraiment très bon spectacle !!! J'aimerais avoir le nom des musiciens qui étaient avec lui hier soir!! (Really good show! I would like the names of musicians who were with him last night!)
~  Lison Lessard

Roger Hodgson ~ Place des Arts ~ Montreal, QC, CanadaQuelle spectacle! merci pour mes vinyle Roger! (What show! thank you for my vinyl Roger!) 
~  Francis Lauzon

Thank you Roger for such a wonderful show! Because you new to choose the right values , family that has to be always number one, you spread now such magic, peace And love around you! Many blessings for you and your family  ~ Ana Horvat

Great show in Montreal Mr. Hodgson.. love you more...and more  ~  Leonidas Aubin

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