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Casino New Brunswick ~ Moncton, NB, Canada ~ October 30, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Casino New Brunswick  ~ Moncton, NB, Canada

Roger Hodgson ~ Casino New Brunswick  ~ Moncton, NB, Canada

Wow...Thanks for the great concert in Moncton, you are an awesome musician !!! Thanks for bringing your concert to Moncton..incredible....!!!! ~ Claudette Melanson

Photo by Tomoko Sasaki CraigThank you Roger for sharing your gift of music with the world. Last night's concert in Moncton was wonderful. I had the best seat in the house as I was sitting at stage level directly in front of you. The feelings you emanate on stage are simply beautiful and full of love for your audience. Hence the driving force behind your success. One particular song touched my heart very deeply. I had never heard it before...Death and a Zoo...this magical song transported me to a beautiful place. I hope you come back to Moncton and please keep singing your beautiful songs...the world needs them...especially now.  ~ Charline Savoie

I have been a huge fan of your music for decades. Last night at Casino New Brunswick was the first time I was able to catch one of your live shows since you've been solo and all I can say is I'm sorry I was not able to attend all your concerts. I was mesmerized and it brought back so many memories of the 70s for me. Your voice has not changed and I get goosebumps when you hit those high notes. It was the first time I heard "Death and a Zoo", not sure why/how I had not heard this one before. I was totally blown away, being an animal lover and rescuer (special needs miniature horses), vegetarian, and as much as an activist as my schedule permits. I have to say this is THE best concert I've been to in a very very long time and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I sure hope you will be back year after year in Moncton NB, I will not miss any of your future concerts in this city. I'm still singing your songs! ~ Susan Amos

My wife and I were at your concert last night at the casino New Brunswick. your concert was awesome and it brought back a lot of memories. Your voice is still amazing ! I have been battling cancer over the last three years and your music helped me get through that period I am in remission, thank you hope to see in Moncton next year! ~ Joce Cote

My girlfriend Paula and I were thoroughly pleased and happy with an absolutely wonderful two hour performance Roger (and his amazing band) performed. His heartfelt intros of some of the most loved Supertamp classics & solo efforts were a wonderful treat to listen to. The band was tight and top notch and we both left totally entertained wondering when we can see him again. Thanks for a wonderful evening of music (and we both bought t-shirts, DVD's and CD's to remember too). Well Done !! Good luck on the rest of your tour !! ~ Gary Walsh

My wife and I really enjoyed your Show in Moncton last night. It was my fourth time seeing you in concert and we a are looking forward to the next time. I was pleasantly surprised to hear you play "Rosie Had Everything Planned" from the "Indelibly Stamped" album. I always thought that 'Travelled" would make a great concert opener. But then again, with you, anything is a great opener. ~ BRIAN

So good to see you Roger. A lifelong inspiration and instant pick me up whenever. Come back "sooner better than later". Pawl from Noo Yawk (My hands were in the air). ~ Paul T

Photo by Tomoko Sasaki CraigJust wanted to thank you and your band for a wonderful show in Moncton on Wednesday night. I have been wanting to see you perform since I was a pre-teen and finally had the chance and I was definitely not disappointed. Your voice and talent is stellar and so is your band, but more than the music I was impressed with how classy, humble and gracious you are as a person. How very refreshing, especially in this day and age of 'rock stars'. I loved every minute of it. Thank you  ~ Andrea Legacy

I just wanted to say thank you - from the bottom of our hearts - for an amazing show in Moncton It's been a tough year for my husband and I, and your show was a treat we gave ourselves - we needed the break. The show was fabulous, but mostly what shines through is your sense of hope and optimism that is so contagious. It lightened our load for a moment in time. And together my husband and I reconnected in the music we both love so much - in a way we haven't in some time. Your show was a great gift to us. The lovers from row 5 centre right - thank you - for Giving Us A Little Bit 
~ Vicky Baker

I saw Roger in 1979 July 24 in Montreal. I brought my 21 year old son and lover of Rogers music. First of all thank you Mr Hodgson, Thank you to your band. Thank to Shakti and Linda. We were in a photo shop with Roger after the show , we both were walking on air. Then I bumped into Roger the next day at the airport I was flying out to work and Roger remembered me. I still have to pinch MYSELF. Thank you all again , excellent show , true gentleman . Looking forward to Rogers Next return to Moncton. ~ Mike and Keegan Maxwell

Great show tonight! Loved it so much, come back soon!  ~ Beth Smith-Peterson

Sometimes when your expectations are too high, you end up disappointed because reality can't live up to the hype you create within yourself. This was clearly not the case tonight. Roger and his band far exceeded our expectations. His band, was sensational as they re-created the authentic Supertramp studio sound, before our very eyes and ears. Roger is still hitting all the high notes with apparent ease. If anything, I came away a bigger fan, if that's possible.  ~ Stephen Ferdinand

Great show !!! Thanks!!!!  ~ Don Arseneau

Amazing show, thank you and hope you see you soon. Also very nice meeting you! ~ Drew Barron

If he comes next year, I will see him again. Thanks Roger!  ~ Raymond Gallant

Will be going again… ~ Lucille Landry LeBlanc

Photo by Tomoko Sasaki CraigThank you so much. You are a knight in my book! A treasure to hold and cherish forever. When you play it is as if you see your daughter or young son right there in front of you and we are children happily signing with you and your special family. That magical bond of love is the only this that is real in this universe. The rest are simply memories. We all feel your light shine as you soar through octaves and crescendos of beautiful stringed arrangements and harmonies. P.S you share the same birthday as my Son Dylan, March 21. You Rock Mr. Sunshine.  ~ Jeff Reid

What an incredible show. Genuine superstar in my book  ~ Denis Arsenault

Truly amazing night, saw Roger in 2010 when he was the first act at the Casino New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick and he put on such a fantastic show. I still cannot get over the voice, and that he can still hit those notes so effortlessly. Hope you make it back because I wouldn't miss it. LOVE you and your music.  ~ Stella Miles

Thank You Roger Hodgson...what a show, love it the first time you were in Moncton and this time was ever better. Brought back a lot of good memories from the 70's. Hope to see you next year
~ Geoff Wardrop

Thank you Mr. Hodgson for this memorable evening. I was thrilled to be in the same room as this incredible touching voice of yours. I grew up with your music, so, what a walk on memory lane for me it has been.

Just wanted to hear more great music. Thank you for the great show. The first concert I ever attended was Supertramp during your Breakfast in America tour. The concert last night brought back so many memories. Thank you!  ~ Barbara Sophie Lacasse

Photo by Tomoko Sasaki CraigI was always a fan but am now a Super fan after seeing you live last night in Moncton, you are not only a gifted musician and song composer but you are a gentleman and a joy to listen too as you not only shared your music but your stories of your journey! A class act not to be missed if you have the opportunity! Thank you Roger and your amazing band! ~ Wendy Daley Robinson




We were at the show in Moncton, loved it, we came over from P.E.I. to see it, the next time around take a spin over to the Island. You're more than welcome any time.  ~ Carlie Morrison

Awesome show. Will definitely go again next time!!!!!!!  ~ Derek Friars

We just got back to Nova Scotia from Moncton. (fyi...we were in the blue pickup that left this morn when you guys did, lol...I'm sure you noticed us...reality check, prob not,..s'ok! lol... I sooo wanted to knock on your window but we didn't want to bother you). All I can say is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! What an amazing concert!! We LOVE YOU!! I've been a fan my whole life, as was my father and now my son. Thank you for such a wonderful, fabulous, fantastic evening that I will never forget! I only wished one thing however...I super wanted to hear Had a Dream. Maybe next time? You have the voice of an angel, only to be matched by your grace and charm, your band was incredible and your base player was just adorable with a grin from ear to ear the whole show. What a delicious treat! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ~ Sheri xoxoxo

Loved the show in Moncton! Thanks for the trip down memory lane  ~ Muriel Frenette Morrison

Phenomenal concert in Moncton last night!! You can't miss him - awesome! ~ Becky Murphy

I saw Roger and and is crew in Moncton Wednesday night. I was blessed to be able to get close to the stage and seen him from a few feet away. I love this singer and I will have my ticket in advance like I have for this one next time he's around. God bless this man! Peace  ~ Aldeo Noel

Thank YOU Roger for your awesome performance in Moncton NB on Oct 30th. You have a wonderful group of musicians in your band and I'm still on a high from the music which really soothes the soul. Would love to hear you with an orchestra some day. Good luck in Mexico, stay safe and enjoy some warm weather. Sending you a big Atlantic Canadian (((HUG)))....  ~ Sue LeBlanc Amos

Photo by Tomoko Sasaki CraigThanks so much Roger Hodgson. for all the memories. We really enjoyed your show Oct 30 @ Casino NB.. Hope & pray that you come back again real soon.. ~ Tanya Morton Durelle

Roger, you were absolutely magnificent! It was such a joy to be in the audience last night. See you next year!  ~ Joan Pollack Fortin

Great show can't wait to see you again  
~ Pam Henderson

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