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Potawatomi Casino ~ Milwaukee, WI ~ April 30, May 1, 2 & 3, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Potawatomi Casino ~ Milwaukee, WI

Roger Hodgson ~ Potawatomi Casino ~ Milwaukee, WI


Dear Roger: I was lucky enough to have gotten a moment with you several years back after the Taste of Summer show in Waukesha WI and had thanked you for your words and music through Supertramp having helped me cope as a troubled youth. You gently shook my hand, smiled and said "you turned out all right" and signed my ticket with the same words adding my name. While at last nights show you brought up the meaning and story behind "Hide in your shell" and talked about how people have thanked you for being able to relate to it's story. You made it seem that much more personal to me as this is the song I was refering to those years ago. I am so glad I was able to experience your words and music in all of it's glory with band and orchestra. It is always an uplifting experience. Thank you for having the courage and skill to write what so many of us feel and only dream. ~ Scott

Roger Hodgson ~ Potawatomi Casino ~ Milwaukee, WIRoger - Attended your concert in Milwaukee last night with 2 friends almost exactly 35 years to the day that we saw you with Supertramp. We all agreed that we have never felt more connected to a artist as we did last night. Thank you so much for sharing your stories behind some of our favorite songs. You added a deeper meaning to the music that already had so much meaning for us. Thank you, your band and the orchestra for a wonderful evening. Thank you for the beautiful music! A forever grateful fan!
~ Dave

Dear roger went to the first two shows in Milwaukee fantastic and still two to go ,the more I hear death or the zoo the more im really digging it love hearing the stories behind the music very insightful your music touches everyones heart and soul and that is such a great gift my wife Cheryl and I are celebrating our 25 anniversary and its diner and a show a added bonus to our celebration if by any chance could I get a dedication I know you been changing the songs around but if you play only because of you or the two of us could I possible get it dedicated to my wife Cheryl I also hear you might be playing summerfest this year I hope it warms up by then ~ Alan

I'm so thrilled to get to see the Friday night show.... The performance was splendid as expected . Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear your musical magic !!! I can't wait to see you on July 5th in Naperville ~ Robert Rogan

Speaking on behalf of my fellow fans in Milwaukee, we loved having you come once again. You are always welcome and will always have a huge following here. Saw the Friday night show and loved every minute. The night went by too fast. Come back soon!! ~ Mary West

Rogers music moves me and takes me back to the wonderful days . His music is so pure , so inspiring , and it always touches my soul . I relate to many of his songs lyrics . Come back again to Milwaukee and the northern lights theatre , an amazing venue. I enjoyed the show this past week as I did the one 2 years ago . And will always remember seeing supertramp at alpine valley , and the rosemont theatre. God Bless you . ~ Kenny Schroeder

Best show I have seen in years; Loved the music and the intimate setting with Roger telling stories about his songs and life. My wife had never heard his music much before and is now a true believer!
~ Andy Ackerman

Roger thank you for a wonderful time on Friday ! It was so much fun and personal thanks again !!!!
~ Edward A Dowd

What a great pleasure to hear the true songbird again... Thank you so much for tonight's performance... A rollercoaster of emotions...
~ Larry Cousins

One of the greatest Roger Hodgson shows I have ever seen Great setlist The room was filled with Love, Smiles, Joy, Peace and Happiness. The song of the night Fools Overture with the incredible orchestra This show should be filmed for DVD release. ~ Michael David Slowik

I was there on Friday! What a great concert! Thanks. I started listening to Roger's songs in the late 70s. This concert brought great memories! Thanks, Roger! ~ Diego Palmieri

Omg, Roger killed it tonite!! What a talent. Great show!!!! ~ Joel Pyle

My husband and myself attended 2 night of the Milwaukee shows and they were both absolutely fantastic. We did this as an early 26th anniversary. Thank you for wonderful memories you helped us make. You are the best! ~ Lori Sanchez

Roger Hodgson ~ Potawatomi Casino ~ Milwaukee, WII have seen hundreds of shows in the last 30 plus years, but that show last night ranks as an all time favorite. That was great music and great memories but the presence on stage was unbelievable-thank you for a night I will not forget ~ Joe Welch

Roger was awesome Friday night. Having seen him now 6 times, he always puts on a wonderful show.
~ David McCauley

Few dared to move as we were all entranced, a truly magical performance! ~ Judith Contresceri

Just got home from my first concert in years...He sounds great and his band was remarkable. Played fool's overture with an orchestra. Sweet sounds. Tonight we finally saw him - 37 years after we first heard them on a record in Lacrosse Wisconsin at a party. We said then we have to see these guy in person. If I had a bucket list I could cross that off. Please record Awakenings and yes make this an annual event!!! ~ Rich Warns

Words cannot describe how much myself, my wife and friends enjoyed the show last night! From start to finish it was fantastic! Old memories relived, new memories made! Thank you! Please come back to Milwaukee soon!! ~ Ed Piontek

Was there last night!!! What a fantastic show. Roger and his band are great!! The orchestra makes it an even better treat! Words just cannot describe! ~ Bruce Wikywak Filipiak

Was there last night. Roger and his band with orchestra is an absolute beautiful experience. I think we were all in awe throughout the entire performance. ~ Judith Contresceri

Thank you for an awesome performance! Truly enjoyed seeing you with orchestra tonight!
~ Joe Manning

What a wonderful show! Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to our world, Roger!
~ Rita Bardell

Good to hear this song again last night. One of many outstanding tracks including Along Came Mary...Roger's performance was stunning. I know you called us crazy Roger but it doesn't feel crazy from this side of the stage... ~ Marie Coyne

Best B-day ever May 1st seeing Roger again. Last time was at Alpine Valley for Breakfast in America tour. He sounds just as good as all my vinyl records we still spin! ~ Paul Owen

Roger (and band) thank you so much for your outstanding performance opening night. My only regret is not having my best friends there celebrating the music we enjoyed in our youth.You haven't lost a thing voice wise and your band is amazing. ~ Mark Mellberg

The show was high energy and all the sounds were there. Death and the Zoo was out of control. Best song of the night Child of Vision and of course Hide in Your Shell. Hearing the orchestra and band together was absolutely a treat. Great fun as always. ~ Michael David Slowik

I walked in it was surreal! Roger wowed each of us! What a terrific show and venue!
~ Judith Contresceri

Roger thanks so much-last night was so special. We here in Milwaukee really love your intimate concerts and stories. ~ Tom Petta

In a word....Wow. Fantastic show. Cannot pick a favorite song performance. Each and every one was done to perfection. The orchestra was huge in a couple of songs. Fools Overture, the final selection, prior to the encore songs was a fantastic number displaying the talent of everyone on stage. You could feel the energy. Fun to imagine the same crowd well over thirty years ago, albeit a little less gray. Our youthful enthusiasm came through the most in the finale sing along....Give A Little Bit. Well done Roger Hodgson, Well Done. ~ Greg Jack

We had the pleasure of being at the concert Friday evening Roger and the band was everything and more than expected. 2 hours of fabulous music. We are so appreciative that you chose Milwaukee. So blessed in this life. Hope to se you again - Jean Shipley THIS Mary loves the poise, the compassion, the care that he exudes for the human condition , what we all go through! "Awakening", the new song he wrote, speaks to his "knowing" and where he is in life. Wonderful. ~ Mary Mollerskov


It was a truly amazing experience tonight! Thank you!   ~ Dee Feld Hoffman



Great show Thursday!!  ~ Diane Lyons



The maestro...peace and love to you and your band, Roger. Jane (the girl from NY with the "far out") sign who admires what you give back to us all! Thank you so much!  ~ Jane Larson Murphy


The show was EPIC Friday night, THANKS ROGER!!! ~ William Timmler

Thank you, it was great show  ~ Carl Lehner

Roger, I am truly hoping you do come back to Milwaukee annually. Thursday's show was super!
~ Jeff Zimmermann

Was at friday and saturday show...what an awesome show..if he comes anywhere near you with this show..it is a must see  ~ Scott Distad

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. This guy is a fantastic musician and entertainer. Brilliant or did I already say that... Oh what the heck brilliant.  ~ Dave Cotton

Awesome concert. Thank you so much  ~ Shirley Humphrey

Great show. Blew me away. So happy I was there. Thanks!  ~ Justin Nagl

The Bard still does a great jog...Bloody Marvelous!  ~ Roger Anderson

I was there!!! I am originally from Brazil and It was a pleasure to travel all the way from Florida (yes, I am living there now, ) to be present at Roger's show for the first time. I really had a great time, he and his orchestra were amazing. I could not expect anything better than that . ~ Blima Efraim

Roger Hodgson ~ Potawatomi Casino ~ Milwaukee, WIMy wife and I made the trek from Iowa to see Saturday nights show. Thanks to Mr. Hodgson, The BAND, orchestra and to the Potawatomi Northern Lights Theater for the venue!!! We enjoyed great music, great talent and witnessed something very special that night :) PS-this is the only concert I have been to where I didn't leave saying, "I wish they would of played this song or that." Roger covered them ALL and some! Thanks again and until next time? The boats put out to sea :) ~Tim & Penny Kriz

Roger and Gang, Another AMAZING concert in Milwaukee!!! Crime of the Century was my very first album purchase. It came out at a time of growth and self doubt (my teens). Your music is timely and timeless and takes me right back, but it also pertains to the present. I will always come to see you when you're here. Please always make us a stop on your future journeys and thanks for the wonderful, universal writing, beautiful music and FUN performances! We love you here!  ~ Kat Grinker

I was at your Wednesday & Friday show. You dedicated Sister Moonshine to me. Best moment ever! Thank you so much. You were amazing. I can't wait to see you again. ~ Kat Roselyn Smolej-Hill

Photos # 2, 3, 4 & 5 by Linda Tyler

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