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Palais Theatre ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ March 28, 2013

Palais Theatre - Melbourne, Australia Palais Theatre - Melbourne, Australia
Thank you Roger and your wonderful boys on stage for taking me back to my teenage years. You wrote so many wonderful songs, and tonight I felt privileged to be in the audience. I grew up listening to my records and "Breakfast in America" was one of my favorites! Now my children listen to you. They can sing many of the songs you wrote, so the lyrics just don't stop with me. You have touched many with your harmonic sound. I thank you for being part of my memories. You present as the artist I can only aspire to be!   ~Allison OToole

Thank you so much for coming to Melbourne's beautiful Palais theatre, and your interviews with Richard Stubbs and Denis Walter, particularly Richard. I play your music to my friends with my Yamaha DGX-640, maybe I should get a Korg Triton Pro-X...My best songs are Take the Long Way Home, Fools Overture, my piano has improved tremendously since following your songs. I truly loved your concert, and you brought every song to the table. ~Derek Lightbody

Last night I saw you at the Palais and was totally blown away.I have waited to see you live since 1970 when I first started listening to Supertramp. Your music has been with me through my teen years, the birth of my children and for many of my life events. Each song holds different memories. Seeing you live I was thrilled by the passion that you bring to life in each of those songs. I had tears running down my face at one point with such sheer delight. Thank you so much for your music past, present and future. God Bless  ~ Nicole Parker

Palais Theatre - Melbourne, Australia
We waited 27 years since Supertramp cancelled, missed the show 2 years ago and finally saw Roger and band last night WOW! close your eyes and you were listening to the album in your living room. Just one of the best original music men around today. Awesome show, enjoyed every song. A really nice, friendly atmosphere permeated the show, Thanks Roger for the beautiful music,  keep playing forever, You will never run out of fans! Love you and your music.
~ Steve and Donna Van Asten

That was a fabulous fantastic concert at the the Palais... You sang beautifully and your band were brilliant Especially Aaron, what a talented humorous guy. I took my parents as I have many amazing memories of listening to you whilst skiing ... Thanks so much come back boys you are welcome anytime! Enjoy the rest of the tour Cheers, Kate Bazz and elizabeth

Was at the show in Melbourne , March 28th , with my 18 yr old daughter. It was our first concert experience together and it will be one to cherish for the ages. I could have closed my eyes and been transported back to the 70's , such was the quality of performance. Thank you Roger and crew for such a great show , your music has trancended the generations and your warmth and gentle nature just made the evening truly memorable. Look forward to seeing you down under in time to come. ~Tim O'Brien  

Roger, You still have it after all these years, Thank you for coming to Melbourne, Fantastic & Enjoyable Night, Amazing Band you have Roger, Keep up the Great Work. As for the other concerts, and concert goers, you will not be disappointed. ~ Kim Kruse

we went to your concert last night absolutely blown away thanks for the experience ~ Andrew P Matthews

Wow, what can I say, last night at the Palias in St Kilda was totally brilliant. Roger, I have a lot of respect for you and your band. You are really special. I rate this concert as one of the best. Cheers to you! ~ Debby Cheeseman

A really fabulous concert. I would never have thought 23 years ago when I first discovered your magical lyrics & haunting tunes that I would see you live in my hometown. See you next time, enjoy the tour ~ Sarah Mayor Cox

Es war ein tolles Konzert. Eine super Stimme. It was great. ~Gudrun Diedric

A wonderful Human Being A magical night in Melbourne listening and paying respect to a unified group of musicians whose leader is the ultimate composer of our times. Roger Hodgson is unique in modern music. A wonderful Human Being. ~ Barny Rubble

Great night. Great living those wonderfully written and arranged songs. Thank you and come back to Melbourne soon. ~ John Russell

To hear your songs live is a privilege. Thank you for the joy it brings. ~ Malcolm Duncan

Just got home from the concert in Melbourne. Excellent from start to finish. You and your Band are amazing. Keep up the good work A+ ~ Adam Scott

Thank you Roger and your band for an amazing show which my wife and I enjoyed immensely and we hope that you will will return to Melbourne again soon. ~ Ian Penfold

"wow , wow , wow , wow , wow , wow" Brilliant is the best way to describe your concert on Thursday night. So many great songs bringing back so many great memories in some of the best seats in the house second row right in front of Aaron. I have never been so close to the front at a concert before and awesome it was to be so close , making eye contact with you is highlight I will never forget , thank you so very , very much for a night out I will never forget ~ Leah McCombe

Way to to go Roger and Band. Hope to see you in the next few months at one of your venues.....possibly Kitchener. The last show I attended was AWESOME!!!!!! xoxo Love you Kev. ~ Janet Adamson

Amazing concert in Melbourne tonight, Roger! Thank you for the memories and see you soon again. So lovely to meet you backstage after the show. Hope you like my present! Have a great Australian tour! Warm regards ~ Serge Thomann

A really fabulous concert. I would never have thought 23 years ago when I first discovered your magical lyrics & haunting tunes that I would see you live in my hometown. See you next time, enjoy the tour

I must commence by saying I am an absolute Supertramp fanatic, I have every album except "Paris".My summary of how good it was is I had an overwhelming urge to run up to Roger and hug him from about the fourth song. The miscellaneous but mainly wind instrument player Erin was incredible and is the only professional musician I have ever seen play his head at a concert. I love Roger, I buy his albums because I believe he should be payed for sharing and would not use the recording for profit.. By way of finishing up I would like to say if you read this Roger I would like to meet you and write a song with you?

Played just about all of his songbook, a night I will remember for a long time.

After falling in love with Supertramp in the 70's and 80's, I was devastated when proposed tours never happened and then they broke up! I have waited my whole life to enjoy their music live and finally, Roger Hodgson performs all the best hits and amazingly sounds exactly like the recordings I love so well. I can die happy now! Favourite moment: Listening to Roger speak - what a delightful gentleman filled with love, light and great humility.

It was a great concert, Roger is cool, and the band was really talented and did a good job of reviving the Supertramp feel.

What a great concert. The warmth of Roger and his songs made it seem like you were being re-united with old friends. This was made all the more pleasurable by the quality and performance of the musicians who supported him on stage. One thing of particular note and importance to me was the quality of the mic placement, the glassing of the drums and the person in charge of the mixing desk, it was near perfect and apart from one or two instances meant it was possible to hear everyone and everything, (two nights earlier I saw two exceptional international bands who were almost crucified by poor mic and instrument placement and a mixing desk that must have been left unattended). Hopefully we don't have to wait another three years for Roger and his band to return. Favourite moment: I just enjoyed the whole concert, I don't think there was a bad moment.

Played all the classics and has not lost his touch. Will definitely go again if he tours in the future

Palais Theatre - Melbourne, AustraliaLegendary Voice of Supertramp indeed. Being a long time Supertramp fan I was a bit anxious about what I would get at this concert. But two songs in and my anxiety had evaporated completely, replaced by elation at the content and quality of the performance. I knew and loved about 70% of the songs and was surprised at how much I liked the stuff I hadn't heard before. I will now travel around and find some Hodgson stuff post supertramp to add to my music collection.

A real gig the sound was brilliant and the band were awesome,  Roger's voice is timeless it has not changed a bit, and the Palais is by far my fav venue it is the best place for a gig like this.

Roger Hodgson was simply amazing. His voice was better than ever. His band was great. They played as many Supertramp songs that could fit into 2 and half hours. It brought back so many memories of our younger years.The sound was perfect. Playing at a smaller venue like The Palais Theatre felt like he was playing for a group of friends. As a Music Guru once said; 'Do yourself a favour' Go and see him.

This concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! Roger Hodgson and his musicians were utter magic and the crowd matched the quality of the performance with their enthusiasm and applause. A fantastic concert all around, with Roger performing many of the older Supertramp hits. This return to nostalgia made all the difference with regard to enjoyment for the audience. I can't wait until the next time he tours Australia. I plan to be one of the first in line for tickets. Highly recommended ... go and see ... you will not be disappointed.

Roger Hodgson set a new benchmark with a concert I could only rate as being 6 Stars. Although I have to only put 5 Stars on this, 6 would be more like it. He played all his Supertramp hits as well as half a dozen of his solo songs spanning from his 3 solo albums. His spirituality and loving attitude towards his audience surpassed anything I had witnessed before, I loved the set design with the trees in the background and most of all, his music

A fantastic night - not to be missed. Will be first to get tickets when Roger comes back to Melbourne next time. Favourite moment: Every moment was unforgettable

We missed Roger last time he was in Australia, and vowed not to miss him again. We have been waiting since the seventies to see Supertramp, but in the end we are pleased that we got to see Roger on his own with his new band. This man is pure genius. He opened his concert with long way home and I instantly had tears streaming down my face. His voice, his passion I think is so much stronger now than back in the day of Supertramp. This concert was 2 hours of sheer delight.

Reflection by Christine Carbone ~
Palais Theatre - Melbourne, Australia

Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. Good advice when giving full attention to a Roger Hodgson song. The Melbourne audience at the St. Kilda Palais Theatre breathed in the salty, sea air to savour the full essence of Roger’s concert with his band. A wonderful musical performance produced a flow of contagious energy amongst the full capacity crowd. Perhaps that was due to the thoughts and discussions the beautifully crafted songs prompted or perhaps due to the songs helping us know ourselves better and taking us to the space between our thoughts. In any case, many of the audience members came back to enhance their memory of Roger’s 2010 concert. The others came to see what all the fuss is about. Sensing the mood, Roger invited us to hug the person sitting next to us, even if we didn’t know each other.

A Soapbox Opera and Sister Moonshine were some of the favourites we were treated to in the first set. To the delight of all, Roger performed C’est le Bon, its sultry, soothing melody melting into the waves crashing the shore outside the theatre venue. With the second set about to roll, a female fan gifted Roger a mascot which he hung up on the stage props for all to see before launching into Child of Vision. A male audience member yelled out "on ya Roger”, a strine version of "Good on you”. The celestial sounds of Dreamer drew claps & screams. Not only a great song, Dreamer could serve as a daily affirmation of choosing joy over life’s adversities. An encore rendition of Give a Little Bit became anthemic as everyone stood up with intention to apply its message.

The announcement last year of a 2013 Roger Hodgson tour to Australia drew superlative reactions from many. Serge Thomann, a native of Alsace, France, was very excited to have the chance to see Roger perform. "I have always loved Supertramp and went to Paris to see them in 1979 at the Palais de la Villette. I have never forgotten that night, one of my first concerts as I was from a French country town. I am looking forward to meeting Mr Hodgson and welcome him to the City of Port Phillip as I am the Deputy Mayor of the City”.

Roger doesn’t do it alone. His troupe includes Aaron Macdonald (saxophone, harmonica, keyboards, backing vocals), Kevin Adamson (keyboards, backing vocals), David J. Carpenter (bass, backing vocals), Brian Head (drums, percussion) and Howard Heckers (doing a fantastic job engineering the sound). The managers, Linda and Shakti, evoke gratitude for their efforts. Also, Jan and Peter helping with the merchandise so that those who formed queues could purchase their souvenir T-shirts or a copy of the Classics live CD. Letting us know Aaron is a connoisseur of language, I bet he’ll be saying "G’day mate!” before leaving the country. As we wish them all well with their next adventures in Brisbane, Byron Bay Bluesfest, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, there are no goodbyes. "No coming, no going, no after, no before,” Thich Nhat Hanh.

Photos by Howard Heckers

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