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Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, Spain ~ June 5, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, Spain

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, Spain

Concert Photos by Roberto Fierro Photography

Brilliant in Madrid!!  ~ Dave Robinson

Genial Roger... He disfrutado con tus canciones. Gracias...(Great Roger ... I enjoyed your songs. Thank you ...) ~ Pilar Herrero Villamor

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainUn gran cantante, una gran voz, un excelente artista, uno de los mejores entre los mejores de los cantantes. (A great singer, a great voice, a great artist, one of the best of the best singers.) 
~ Michael Gerson Malaga Chimpen

Great concert and the incredible public ¡¡¡¡ 
~ Juan Pérez Márquez

Fue un concierto extraordinario. Espero q el próximo sea pronto. (It was an extraordinary concert. I hope the next one will be soon.)
~ Luis Alberto Mobellán Girón

Concierto inolvidable, me ha hecho sentir algo que no puedo explicar .pero a quién le gusté roger sabe de lo que estoy hablando (Unforgettable concert, it made me feel something I can not explain who .but roger liked me know what I'm talking about) ~ Pepe Palacios

Mr. Aaron McDonald is the best musician with sax I know besides being a great man band congratulations to all the components of your group are magnificent. ~ Luis Manuel Peña Meson

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainEstos conciertos van más allá de una simple audición. Es un sentimiento. (These concerts are beyond simple hearing. It's a feeling.)  ~ Luis Miguel Zarco Montoya

Eres grande Roger Hodgson (You are great Roger Hodgson) ~ David Garcia

Gracias Roger, yo estuve en tu concierto. Y fue maravilloso, no lo olvidaré nunca,Oe-oe oe oe,oe oe Oe-oe oe,oee (Thanks Roger, I was at your concert. And it was wonderful, I will never forget, Oe-oe oe oe oe oe oe oe-oe oee) ~ Luis Manuel Peña Meson

Great night, great concert. What a band... spectacular, and Roger have the voice brilliant, not pass the time for him!!!  ~ Sergio Sebastian Vila

Wonderful, amazing, awesome! Roger and his band touched our hearts with their music and huge talent. Thank you so much and we hope you to come back to Madrid pretty soon.  ~ Javier Blanco

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainRoger you are the best ever and ever.hundred years may pass your music will remain for ever!
~ Maria Jesus Ramon

Roger! Yesterday's concert was great! Thanks for your music. Come back soon. ~ José Ramón Padilla

Fantastic concert, I was all the way in the front, what an experience, thank you Roger!! <3 ~ Patty Best

Another great and memorable night to remember and record at the lives of those we were there!
~ Cándido Pérez Márquez


El jueves tuve la oportunidad de verle en madrid, que pasada de concierto. disfrutamos un montón.(Thursday I had the opportunity to see him in Madrid, that last concert. enjoyed a lot).
~ Laura Garralón Hidalgo

I was there!!!!!!!!!!! Great show, congrats guys, you are all amazing!  ~ Rivqah Calvo

I was there too!!!! spectacular performance. 64 years old and a perfect voice. We spent a very good time at the concert in La Riviera.  ~ Francisco Alejandro Iglesias Ramos

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainIt was one of the Best Músic moments of my life!! 
~ Luis Manzano Porteros

A superb show! Roger and band gave us the best of themselves and the audience couldn't stop dancing, clapping and singing along. Even still remains in my ears Oe Oe Oe!! . Thank Roger for another astonishing show! Oe Oe Oe Roger Roger Oe Oe Oe....!  ~ Ana Lopez

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Roger Hodgson's concert chronicle in Madrid
Review by Marina, Photos by Marina & Carlos Vega Moreno
Translated by: Marina RodrÃguez Belmonte

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, Spain

And my personal experience. Today I want to tell you about Roger Hodgson's concert in Madrid last Thursday 5th June, ex founder member (and songwriter of most of the songs) of the GREAT progressive and symphonic rock band that was Supertramp. There are concerts in one's life that are a milestone because of how special they turn out to be. Well then, this concert is among the bests I have attended in my whole life, and there are quite a few, bearing in mind that almost all the money I've been saving these past years has been spent in concerts.

We arrived at La Riviera hall's gate a little past 5 pm. There were less people in queue than what we expected, less than ten. But they sure were lucky. The moment we start speaking, they tell us they had seen Roger's car getting in through the gate, and he hadn't hesitated in greeting and signing EVERYTHING they had: CDs, t-shirts, vinyls (yes, many took their vinyls with) or booklets from CDs and of course, they took pictures with him, in which Roger seemed lovely, always smiling. That was just a taste from what was waiting for me!

The opening was at 7:30 pm. Until then, of course, we did one of the worthiest things when going to a concert: speaking with those present in the queue. There was a bit of everything: a guy our age who came from Soria; a girl also our age who came from farther away (may I be excused for not remembering the place); two old men (they weren't actually old, though, we were just too young in comparison with the average age from those presents) who came from Huelva; a man around 40, from Madrid, who already knew people there because of other concerts and because, according to what he told us, every time he sees someone wearing some group's t-shirt, he stops them and starts to talk to them; a Galician man who wouldn't stop rambling about Carlos Núñez (he even told Roger Hodgson about Carlos Núñez. A real ombudsman)!

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainThe atmosphere was great right away. We started exchanging opinions, tastes, we also discussed piracy. We received some of the typical comments, like "what are such young people doing in a Supertramp concert?" (if you're fans of the music I'm going to talk about in this section, you'll experience this situation more times than you can count)!

One of the waiting's funniest parts was when a woman appeared to sell us t-shirts, obviously non official. All of them bought one (10 euros). And while the old men were trying theirs over the shoulders of one another to measure the size, the woman selling the t-shirts looks at me and says: "I also have them for girls, you want one?" To which I said yes, and then she, who was, let's say big, takes the t-shirt out of her bra and gives it to me. I'm wearing it on the photo. Anyway, a pretty pleasant evening. It's funny how you're able to connect more, in a broad sense, not only musically, with people you meet on a queue, than with people you usually meet under different circumstances. I carry good memories from all of them, and a Facebook friendship with many of them that will help us stay in touch in case we run into each other in more concerts.

The gates opened. At 7:30 pm, British punctuality. The security staff was meticulous: they took bottles and food away, checked our handbags and asked us to show our ID cards while we looked at them face to face. Then we got in. First row. I regret not getting there earlier in order to be more centered. Then I change my mind: I'm right behind the keyboard Roger's going to play.

After an hour and a half of waiting, Roger appears and the audience roars: applauses, shouts, excitement. Roger stares at us pleased, gleaming. He starts strong: Take the Long Way Home. And that, my friends, that was striking: such strength, such quality, such musicians, and SUCH AUDIENCE.

So very zealous, they start singing with Roger. They knew every song by heart, and so good, it seemed as if he'd taken a chorus with him. The same happened with all the songs that came later.


Roger, moved after playing the first song and feeling that huge reception, tells us (I'm sorry if I don't remember the exact words):

"It's been many years since the last time I came to Madrid. It's great to be back here. There's something special about Spanish public. You're passionate, you have a big heart." The audience goes mad. And so every time he speaks. And there were many times he did so, always with an English pretty clear to understand.

The concert goes on with School, In Jeopardy, Lovers in the Wind and the audience continues doing the same: they sing, they jump, they acclaim the musicians. Roger was smiling for all he was worth. His voice is still as beautiful as in the CDs, it sounds the same.

It wasn't my intention to upload them all, but they're just too amazing.


This video is more recent from a couple of years ago- with the same musicians as in this concert.  Did you hear that sax!?

My eyes well up, really. Help.




He looked at the audience a lot while he was playing. And the best thing: he looked at specific people in specific moments. As he was playing the piano, he looked several times at me, more than I can remember. He looked and smiled at me, and I would blush and hide my face. Never in my life have I felt such mutual understanding with a musician, it was incredible. At one time or another, Roger mentioned the economic crisis in our country. He probably said it before what I'm telling now, but it was more or less this:

"I know it's a very difficult time for you, and that lots of you have made an effort to be here. That's why I want you to forget all of your problems and enjoy the concert during these hours."

Then come Easy Does It and Sister Moonshine connected. Beautiful, the audience was whistling with him.


And after that the super legendary Breakfast in America. I don't remember if it was at this exact moment when Roger said something like: "As you know, I've composed all these songs. All of them, their lyrics are very important to me, and they tell many things about my life. I hope you're enjoying them."

This one rings a bell, doesn't it?

You can picture how the audience went here. Parabara, parabarabarabaraba.

Here comes Lady!
"I love embarrassing you" and takes his tongue out. I wonder why he'd say that!


And after it, The Logical Song. And that day it had a special meaning, because just that day, the song had its 35th birthday. Although they didn't mention this datum, it was one of the most exciting moments of the night.

Such lyrics, such sax, such everything, oh please.
What a classic.



After The Logical Song, a surprise: Roger tells us that he can't speak Spanish, and it hurts him not knowing it, buuuuuut his partner does. At that extremely funny moment, the saxophonist looks at Roger like saying "please don't do this to me; I only know a few words." But there he goes; he asked us in Spanish:"If you were animals and had to choose, would you prefer spending your life in a zoo or dying?" It was clear which song was coming next: Death and a Zoo.

After the song, Roger made the saxophonist talk in Spanish again. I don't remember what he asked us, but it was very funny seeing Roger and the rest of the musicians looking at each other with an I-have-no-idea-what-they-are-talking-about face. Then come following If Everyone Was Listening, Child of Vision and Love is a Thousand Times. We're getting closer to the end of the concert. Silence. Roger looks at me at that moment, and right after says: "This song is for all the dreamers." My heart got excited, the audience starts chanting: Dreamer! Beautiful. He asks us to sing along with him as his eyes light up. Can you stop thinking about how adorable and charming Roger is? Because I can't.


And the end arrives. But it's not any old end. It's a tremendous end, one of those that make history. As it had to be, FOOL'S OVERTURE ARRIVES! We hear W. Churchill's voice and the show begins. The floor thunders. The set of lights goes so amazingly good with an unbeatable sound. Hearing that song live is one of the things you must do before you die. And the saxophonist made an impression with this song like never before. By the way, the musicians Roger brought with were wicked. I can say without exaggerating, that I still get goose bumps when I see the video.


The song ends and the ovations are spectacular. From "Rooooger, Rooooger" to our typical Spanish "ooeeee oeeee oeeeee, oeeee oeeee." Every time we'd scream that, one of the musicians would record us with the phone while smiling, perplexed but why pretend, isn't it great that we have a so very ours and expressive way of cheering in concerts and in any other celebration?


Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainPeople would scream their lungs out, and I lost my voice, and my hands were red from all the applauding. Seeing such a warm reception, Roger makes a promise: he'll do everything he can to come next year, despite the trouble. And the truth is that although Spain hasn't been lacking his concerts this last decade, he's only came two times to the capital in the last 30 years, this time included.

Just then, all the musicians leave the stage. But neither wanted them to leave nor wouldn't we have let them. The usual procedure: we asked for another song (in Spanish, of course) and they all come back to do the encore. AND WHAT AN ENCORE.

They couldn't leave without playing Give a Little Bit, and they didn't. It was the second of the three songs that brought the spectacular close, starting with Two of Us and finishing with It's Raining Again.

One of the night's awesome moments was with Give a Little Bit. I thought my heart was going to burst through my chest when he started playing it.it.

Then it was it, then they left the stage to not come back, surrounded by applauses and cheering, and we all felt how we were left orphans of an experience we never wanted to end.


But I wasn't ready to leave without further ado. It had been too amazing and it had to be concluded. I ask one of the enclosure's security guards if he knows where Roger's going to come out from. He says: "I think they've got it all settled to leave immediately."  

But oh my friends, do NEVER believe this. No musician leaves immediately, correct me if I'm wrong. We asked a few more guards just in case. Very nice and simultaneously, each of them gave us a different answer. My boyfriend and I divided, he went to one gate and I to the other. Finally it was quite clear from which one would he come out, and there we stood waiting. Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainAt first we were more than 50. At the end of the night, we were less than 30. We stood waiting for two hours, which passed flying as we chatted, laughed, discussed with the rest of the attendees, but mainly focused in every little movement, like hunters in the shadows.

Finally, the time arrives. A pair of guards fence in a path between the gate and the place where the car that would take Roger would park. We all got closer little by little, like cats searching for a fish bone in a container. First his musicians get out and into a van. 15 minutes later Roger Hodgson comes out! With his endearing and cheerful trademark smile, he says: "Oh, you've been waiting for a long time."

And then he looked at me and said: "Eh, you were the one in the first row."

Those words nearly anaesthetized me. He remembered me! Do you know how exciting that is?  


Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainRight after that, I handle him the folded ticket where you could see "Supertramp" written, and fastened with an elastic band to a little notebook I carried in my handbag so he had a hard surface when he signed. I handle him my pen and he gives it back to me: "I have a better one." He says as he takes a marker out. Then he signs and gives me my ticket back. And I see it's got a heart drawn! that tiny piece of paper had now an inestimable value for me. Although it wasn't the only ticket he signed with a heart, it really thrilled me. While he was signing one of the guys we met, I told myself I had to make the most of it and ask him a photo. And, incidentally, tell him something else. So the moment he finished, I asked for the photo. And he, so very kind and gentlemanly, not only didn't refuse, but placed himself by my side, with his hand over my shoulder as I put mine on his waist.  


I don't even remember what crossed my mind at the moment. I only remember saying something like:  "Thank you for everything, it's been amazing."

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, SpainIt was the only thing I could come up with. But it went out extremely wrong. I can't take that out of my head: I pronounced the word "amazing" accentuating the "z" like we would in Spanish. It's not that I didn't know its proper pronunciation, it just came out like this.

Yes, my friends, the last thing I said to Roger Hodgson was "ameicinâ." Oh well, I always have to put my foot in it, it's my trademark. At least now it amuses me.

After taking care of each and every one of those present with total dedication and a charming smile, despite the hour, the tiredness and the long trip that was waiting for him -since he was performing the next day in the Kursaal from San Sebastian-, he got into the car and left. But we said goodbye to the car applauding and whistling, while he waved at us through the window. In short, we said goodbye to him as he deserved: returning him all the affection he had given us. It was exciting.

Before this ends: I don't know if I made myself clear enough about how charming and humble this man is. He conveys tranquility, sweetness and serenity. I'd like to leave a phrase he said in a recent interview:

Roger Hodgson ~ Sala La Riviera ~ Madrid, Spain"At concerts, my heart speaks directly to the public's heart, and I see people laughing, crying, hugging each other; nowadays people have a lot of problems, and I give them a two hours break and breathe new hope into them."

Here ends this (maybe too extensive) chronicle from one of the days I'm going to remember more fondly. This is my little tribute to Roger and my way of saying thank you for such a special night.

There's only left to say that if you have the chance to seeing this genius in a live concert, don't miss it. It's truly worth the trouble. And, of course, if you don't know Supertramp, or you know them but haven't listened to them in depth, do it, because they will surprise you. Don't cast them into oblivion; let yourself get soaked up with one of the best bands from this past century now that you can still attend one of their concerts. And also take a look at Roger's recordings alone. Some of the post-Supertramp themes he played are really good, and I personally concede I hadn't listened to them. I'll see you in the next post. I'll stay like floating on a cloud meanwhile. ;)

* I, and mainly @C4r105V3G4, took all the photos. You can see more here: https://picasaweb.google.com/100486562577896599917/SupertrampRogerHodgson#

Link to the original chronicle in Spanish: http://www.masveinticuatromusica.blogspot.com.es/2014/06/cronica-del-concierto-de-roger-hodgson.html  


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