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Eventgelände Stausee ~ Losheim am See, Germany ~ July 12, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Eventgelande Stausee ~ Losheim am See, Germany

Roger Hodgson - Eventgelande Stausee ~ Losheim am See, Germany  

I haven't seen you in Barcelona and London but this time in Losheim am See. Ain't that a beautiful place with the water, the landscape and all those trees? Your concert has been just as great as always with a great band. This concert was the tenth I saw. It touched my heart once again. Hope to see you back soon.  ~  Christian Trumpa

Roger Hodgson - Eventgelande Stausee ~ Losheim am See, Germany"Losheim am See "was WONDERFUL ! We really saw 5 guys who love what they do. Thanks for a wonderful evening!  ~  Martina Schleier

It was a great concert They've served up the right music to make that evening unforgettable for me Thanks to Roger and Band!  ~  Jürgen Geib

what a great Show, Thx. for stopping by in Losheim Roger & Team   ~ Ingrid Liebhold

Roger and his band continue the tour in Holland, again on bospop in weert. Good to see you again today, I know for sure that you have time enough this year because we give you 90 minutes, so take the long way home and give Holland the logical words again..  ~ Peter Kunnen

It was a great Show. There was a difference to the Sound of Supertramp Long time ago. Never thought it could happen, but it was BETTER! Very good selection of Songs!  ~  Daniel Weisgerber 


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