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Le Forum ~ Liège, Belgium ~ June 24, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, Belgium

Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, Belgium


Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, BelgiumSuch a great show! Thank you!  ~ Martine Meurens Rodrigues

This was purely wonderful ! Thanks a lot Mister Hodgson. Hope to see you again in Belgium one of these days... ~ Alain Lardinois

We love you Roger! See you next time x  ~ Roniek Van Bree

Wonderful show, Roger. Thanks a lot for your kindness and your disponibility. Always a great pleasure to meet you. Already waiting for the next time ;). Thanks a lot to Linda too. All the best for you two. ~ Philippe Dradin

Always welcome in Belgium, Giant!!! ~ Michel Mulkens


Thank you Roger and the band. It was a great show. And thank you for the kindness of all of you after the show. ~ Luc Bosman

Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, BelgiumSuperbe soirée! Merci Roger! (Wonderful evening! Thank you Roger!) :) ~ Pascale Mahieux

Thank you Roger for this great show yesterday
 ~ Daniel Maes


Un grand merci Roger et à vos musiciens pour ce merveilleux concert;Revenez nous vite (A big thank you Roger and your musicians for a wonderful concert, Come back soon) ~ Sybille Geller

It was marvelous yesterday. Top ~ Arjaan Hage

Ciao Roger, me and my daughter Elena came from Italy to see you. What a magic night.....
~ andrea & elena

Hello Roger, I visited your concert in Liege this week. It was a verry good concert in that lovely old theatre in Liege. I am 56 and a fan since the beginning of Supertramp. I like your solo albums as well. You sang some songs from the album 'open door'. I loved it. My favorite song is 'Desert Love' from 'Hai Hai' maybe next time you will sing this as well. The lyrics, the melody. Thanks for this great concert and like you said in the beginning of your show, I kicked my problems outside that evening and my heart was filled with joy ~ Mart

Great Man...great show! A wonderful gift for my husband and me...and also for the rest of the audience! Thank you! ~ Valérie Duvivier

Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, BelgiumRoger always so sweet and lovely taking care of his fans. Love when these things happen. Only Roger can do that. Only he has the sensitivity to do it. You're the one and only. You're a special soul. Thanks for all.
~ Ana Lopez

Thank you for the show, you are amazing! See you soon ;)  ~ Isabelle Wanten-leroy

Thank you for jour show yesterday in Liège. You are a great musicien. Thank you for thé emotions you give with great generosity. ~ Pascale Pluymen


Last night's concert in Liège was pure magic. I'm still up in the clouds - thank you!!!! Elizabeth

Hi Roger ! I was at your show in Liège : fabulous live music with lots of feelings. It was a very special day for me : it was my birthday and I was lucky to meet you at the end of the show. You were so friendly to dedicace my poster and it was also a wonderful gift when you gave me 3 kisses on the cheeks, off the cuff.
Thank you again for this amazing evening, full of strong emotion ! You gave me a lot of memories and happiness. Pascaline, from Brussels

It was amaizing with an incredible sphere ! You definitely still got it ! :) I've only one thing to say : thank you ! I was waiting for that moment for many years, even if I was, at 33, one of your youngest fan in the audience ^^ (I listen to your music and love it since I'm 3 !) ~ Jérémie Peyskens

Thanks for the great evening you gave us! ~ Rijnie Trip


Second time in 2 years, and again, it was amazing!!! Thank you for this lovely evening!   ~ Michaël Deryckere

My night at the concerts for Roger was the best by far that I have ever been to .Roger music makes me sing & dance & always puts a smile on my face Love you Roger ~ Linda Lee

Merci pour ce super concert, c'etait juste magnifique (Thank you for this great show, it was just beautiful) ~ Pascale Balts

Magic Roger Hodgson ~ Carine Huberty

Hi Roger ! I was yesterday at your show in Liège. I am a huge fan of you, and I had the chance to meet you at the end of the show. We took in picture and I know someone from your team had it in her camera. Is it possible to receive it ? I am a blond girl in a wheelchair. Thank you again for this incredible night, your concert was truly amazing, you gave me a lot of joy and hapiness.  Nath <3

Pure Magic - thank you!! ~ Beth Pro

Hello Linda and Roger, We would like to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave us last night!
My son and I are "happy" by the dedicace of "hide in you shell". It's a souvenir for the rest of our life
We hope to see you soon .....may be in Germany ... Kisses from us ~ Pierre-Henri and Carole


Je vous ai vu hier (24 juin) au Forum de Liège (Belgium) : quel plaisir !!! Vous ne changez pas, vos chansons sont intemporelles, votre groupe est génial. Une soirée nostalgique... que de hits !!! Bonne tournée ~ Jean-Marc DELMELLE

Hi Roger. You give always much more than just a little bit. Thx for being in my ears since 1978.
~ Jean-François Sauvenier

Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, BelgiumI was there with Susanne Hanssen. I have seen a lot of concerts from Roger but this was one of Rogers best concerts I've seen. He played some unexpected song so it was not a "run of the mill" concert. It seemed that they were enjoying themselves on stage and that translated in some funny moments on stage. But the highlight was that I could spend some time with my brother Howard Heckers. He showed us everything backstage and in the tour bus. A joyful experience! Can't wait to see you all at the next show.
~ Rob Heckers

It was absolutely amazing! My father and I totally loved the show! Thank you sooooo much! 
~ Jennifer Velghe

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert in Liege. Great show! ~ Heidi Stegehuis-Ihle

Hi Roger and Linda, I want to thank you for the dedicace during the concert In Liège. It's mean a lot for me. I've seen two incredible show "Olympia" and "Liège". This two concerts make me happy and good souvenirs for the rest of my life. Hope to see you again soon as possible; Love, Cédric Janssens

C'était génial, superbe soirée, merci Mr Roger Hodgson et merci aux musiciens :) (It was great, great evening, thank you Mr Roger Hodgson and thank you to the musicians) ~ Carine Jb

Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, BelgiumI love the freedom the band shares with others to come up on stage to enjoy the love and light they are creating in such a free and open atmosphere. Beautiful!
~ Amy Day

I loved this moment in Liege, incredible and funny :)
~ Florence Canon


La chance ;) ... Roger à chanter "Along came Marie" ça fait très longtemps que j'attend le jour de pourvoir l'entendre une nouvelle fois mais je n'ai pas à me plaindre, parce que Roger à chanter pour moi "say goodbye" à Paris Franchement j'admire cette femme, je n'aurais jamais pu danser sur scène à coté de Roger ;) LOL je lui dit bravo, et merci à Roger de l'avoir invité à partager l'art de la dance à ses coté sur scène..
(Luck ;) ... Roger singing "Along Came Mary" it's been a long time since I expected the day to fill hear again but I did not complain, because Roger to sing for me "say goodbye" to Paris Frankly I admire this woman, I would never have danced on stage next to Roger;) LOL I told him congratulations and thank you to Roger for the invitation to share the art of dance to its next stage ..)  ~ Marie Jose Scornet


Liège was for me one of the best concerts I have attended to. Extremely moving, brilliant and fun at the same time. Thank you Roger from the bottom of my heart for my friends Rudy and Patricia, they are very true and courageous. They were moved to tears (as well as I was, I wasn't sure you will play for them). Rudy told me afterwards: : " I have been always secretly dreaming about hearing Babaji live. it is my favorite song, and listen to it with Roger's dedication, it was incredible, I had tears. I'm so happy". ,
I think God helped your choice Roger. I enjoyed so much their eyes of wonder, seeing singing them.
And what a powerful and stunning interpretation! Brilliant, so deep, singing through your heart. Thank you again. The second surprise was the dedication of Along came Mary (with Mary back) for our friend Cedric. Thank to him, few years ago, I could put the name to a song which has resonated in my head and soul Roger Hodgson ~ Le Forum ~ Liege, Belgiumsince years. And thank you also playing for Carole and his son "Hide in your shell." That evening the pearl after pearl had fallen down from the sky: Wonderful the Meaning, The more I look, which caresses my soul every time I'm listening to it, Only because of you with Lord is it mine; Death and a Zoo and many others, And Awakening; but what a velvet performance; the most tender and deepest ever. Surrounded by my best friend Flo and friends from Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium, what a hapiness. I think I'm not alone who can tell, that evening I managed to forget all my pains and to be Happy. And decided I will keep it Roger Merci (I forgot the Dancing girl was fun and Great, what an excellent idea!).  ~ Mila

Photos by Rob Heckers, photo #8 by Linda Tyler


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