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Kursaal  ~  Oostende, Belgium  ~  August 31, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ Oostende, Belgium

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ Oostende, Belgium

You gave my 13-year old daughter Manon your plectrum at the Ostend show! I told you that she started playing guitar after getting known with your songs couple years ago. I wanna thank you for that from my heart! Have a nice life and enjoy each day of it,  ~ Vincent

It was a perfect show yesterday in Ostend !!! Thanks to the band and Roger. ~ Guido

Roger Hodgson ~ Kursaal ~ Oostende, BelgiumThis Saturday, August 31 at Oostende, I attended with my son Gabriel (7 years) to your concert. We are very happy to have met you and your musicians. Like I said, I thank you for your work and your musical heritage that continues to influence younger generations. Gabriel was impressed by your musical performance, your sweetness and the sweetness of David. It was a great moment of cultural transmission and emotional transmission for a father and his young son. Thank you for everything and see you soon.
~ Patrick and Gabriel DEPAUW

Thank you very much for the wonderful concerts in Germany ... your music is unforgettable deep emotion ..... it's always there in my heart .... I look forward to the next year .... to see you and hear your music ...... many thanks also to your music family ...god bless you. An affectionate hug. love is the way ~  Bianka

August 31 I attended the concert in Oostende in Belgium and was completely blown away. What a concert, what a voice, what tremendous musicians. One can see and feel the music is coming straight from your hearts. ~ John Bijnens

The concert of yesterday in Oostende was the most beautiful i've heard, thank you very much for "Love is a thousand times" and "The awakening" (you MUST record it ! ) and "Two of us" ! Hope to see and hear you again next year  ~ Vincent from Brussels, Belgium

Thanks for the great concert yesterday in Oostende. We enjoyed it very much..For me husband it was the last time because i is diagnosed for pancreas cancer. So we did our best to enjoy even more and it was a great success, thank you.  ~  Ann & Michel

The concert of yesterday in Oostende was the most beautiful i've heard, thank you very much for "Love is a thousand times" and "The awakening" (you MUST record it ! ) and "Two of us" ! Hope to see and hear you again next year Vincent from Brussels, Belgium PS @ the Webmaster : just to tell that i wanted to thank Roger on his facebook page, but i cannot leave a message, so please let him know that I am more than grateful to him for the dedication of "Love is a thousand times" yesterday in Ostend.
~ Vincent

Thank you all for a great night yesterday in Oostende. Pure nostalgia, Fan since '74. Maybe 'till next year!! Grtz. ~ Maesje

Just had to say what a fantastic concert it was in Oostende last night. We loved it and meeting you afterwards for just a few moments meant the world to me. We have enjoyed the real privilege of attending 4 of your concerts this year, in Paris, London, Birmingham and now Oostende. Each one has been so special and uplifting. I have been a fan since I first heard 'Dreamer' when I was in my teens. I am now 53 and still loving your music. A special mention must go to the band and all the crew too. What a wonderful team you have! Hope to see you again someday. Love, thanks and blessings to you all.
~  Helen x

Yesterday in Ostend you brought us an amazing concert. Back to periods in our live we almost forgot. I went to sleep with your last song in my head, and wake up with the same, never had this experience before! Please join us in Belgium soon!  ~  Jan

Thank you so much for yesterday in Oostende, it was simply just amazing ! I'm 17 and I discovered you and Supertramp thanks to my father. It's actually my birthday present from him to come to this awesome concert. I was really impressed to see all those instruments making those incredible songs. It's also because of you that I want to play piano, so thank you soo much,  ~  Marine

I like what Roger say about Belgium, "you have the best of Holland and the best of France," Jacques Brel said that in a little more "hard" way, the Walloons are "rough" French, and the Flemish "soft" Germans... ;) Roger is more "diplomate" ;)))) And I love both, Roger and Jacquot :D PS @ Roger : your flemish was "great", the one from Aaron a little bit more "understandable", but never mind, we all understand your songs ! :D Thank you, Linda for describing the atmosphere of last two this year's European show in Belgium and France. Roger deserves the love of his fans. To you and Shakti belongs a big thank you for all your hidden effort that allows us to enjoy Roger's shows to the fullest. May God protect and bless you all on your continuing pilgrimage of love. ~ maria

Oh Lord! I am definitely still dreaming and feeling the Bochum Concert. Yesterday in Oostende the audience needed a long time to get up and sing within... But finally we made it with our flags and and balloons Roger, Linda, David and the rest of the band… You really made me unbelievably happy these days! Olaf and me are so sad that this has been our last concert this year. We´re asking you to really take care of yourselves, mind your health and have some awesome concerts coming up! With all our love. ~ Miriam and Olaf

We were in Oostende to see your show on the 31st of August.! It was grand! We saw you at the Proms some years ago too. Never change ! You are a great artist and so is your band. And apparently my daughter is born on the same day as you are 21st of March. Thanks for your wonderful music ! Hope to see you again ~ Martine & Paul

After your concert in Vienna - we were sitting very close to the danube - we visited Oostend with your complete concert! Whauh!!! Thanks for the unforgotten evening, of course your music left all the problems behind us, and we came stronger outside for walking in the music clouds. Compliments for your warm and personal words during the concerts! Also compliments for your band and it was nice to see your carpets again on the floor. is there a history for you? Greetings and thanks again for your power and love with music! PS We became by your wonderful tour manager your autograph at our tickets in Vienna, of which we we are very proud as memory!  ~  Monique and Henk

It was great!!!! Thanks Roger Hodgson and Band for This best concert… We seen more than 10 But this was THE best You where in THE mood!!! Next Time in Holland??  ~  Heidi Koehler

Pour notre fête à mon chum (47 ans) pis moi (46 ans), nous sommes allé voir le show de Roger Hodgson à Oostende!!!! Super , extra show!!! Merci pour votre générosité Monsieur Hodgson!! Magnifique!!!!!! (For our party at my boyfriend (47 years old) pis me (46), we went to see the show Roger Hodgson in Oostende!! Super, extra show! Thank you for your generosity Mr. Hodgson! Magnificent!!)  ~ Emma Kamp L

Roger you were great but the band members were also super. Thanks for the great evening.
~ Franky Van Wemmel

Incredible show! I'm from a complete other generation, but really wanted to see Roger in my hometown!!! This is the music that my father played all the time, so it is in my heart & soul!
~ Michaël Deryckere

A lot of happiness, as usual. A fantastic show with a great artist and a great band ! The sound was incredible. Thank you Linda, again  ~ Christian Klédor

Have seen many brilliant shows of Roger since 2000 in several countries...but this was the best!
~ Bernadette van der Wereld

Great performer,man,voice,band. thanks Roger for a night to remember gig !!! from Belgium to you 12 points. all the best for the rest of your tour and till next year.  ~  Naert Wanty

Thanks for a great night,xx  ~ Tania Lagrou

That was great ! And your band is incredible see u next Time !  ~  Boris Lelaure

I enjoyed the show from the very beginning till the very end ! Roger invited us to be with him for a couple of hours and forget all the rest ! So, I did...... His music, lyrics and stories made me have a beautiful end of the day and a quiet night sleep !  ~  Mieke Vandriessche

Thanks Roger and band for a wonderful evening!  ~ Els Maes

Hi, I have always been a fan of SuperTramp and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the solo album "Open the door". So I attended the concert yesterday in Oostende. I don't know what I expected, but I certainly didn't expect what I got : a marvellous, dazzling show. It was above all expectations : what an artist and what marvellous musicians in the band. Thank you very very much. And for your next concert in Belgium : I'll be back  ~ John Bijnens

twas a unforgettable night yesterday, thanks Roger  ~ Thea Boogaard-Stam

Thank you all for a great night yesterday in Oostende. Pure nostalgia, Fan since '74. Maybe 'till next year!!. Grtz. joyful  ~ Johan Maesen

It was great!   ~  Arie Den Toom

It was a great evening! Thanks Roger & Band  ~  Pa Trick Fab Er

We got an amazing time with you. Thanks Roger and the band  ~  Fabian Mouton

What a wonderful evening. Roger & Band, thank you very much!!!  ~ Miriam Grosfeld

Grandmaster & band .. what a show they brought..  ~ Saille Ingrid


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