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Jazz Open Stuttgart ~ Stuttgart, Germany ~ July 6, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany  

Was such an amazing evening with you in Stuttgart yesterday! Enjoyed every second with your songs, best companions for my whole life. ~Marlene Bitzer

Thank you, Roger, again! Thanks for your music, for you songs - Thanks for an amazing show, for two hours full of joy. I love music, be it classical or rock - last night's experience was a highlight I won't forget. When you'll be back in Stuttgart again, I'll be there too. So we can once more share a little bit of love, life and time. ~Jutta

Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyExcellent performance in Stuttgart, dear Roger. I never heard "Even in the Quietest Moments" so soulful from you like last Saturday. I believe this could be a song for my quietest moment in life, if you allow. I often take photos in cemeteries. I love the silence, the light which shines through the old trees, the vividly squirrels and all the other animals that live there, the angels on the graves, the breath of eternity at these special places. "Even in the Quietest Moments" could be a song for my last farewell. But back to life and to your concert. I like the nice guys around you. Your longtime musical companion and trusted friend Aaron MacDonald and his cool saxophone play. Is there any instrument on earth he could not play? I loved how your Keyboarder Kevin Adamson played the passage on the grand piano on Saturday evening. Your Bass player David J Carpenter and your Drummer Bryan Head made your sound rich and true. I was amazed Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germanyund looked with wide eyes on Bernd Ruf. It was fascinating to see how he led the whole orchestra with his superelastic arms. All musicians created a wonderful atmosphere and a great evening. I hope and it would be delightful for me to see you in the future once again. I wish you all safe travels on your journey through life and cross the countries. Warm regards from the South of Germany   ~Gabriele H.-H.

Danke , es war einfach himmlisch... ~ Stella Bogado

Thanks to you! You gave back a piece of my live to me! It was great! Enjoy Munich.  ~ Kathrin Ludwig

sensationell und nach wie vor ein absolutes Musikerlebnis!!
(sensational and continues to be an absolute musical experience!)  ~ Tom Ankins

Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyHave seen him live and was one of the best concerts I had been to.  ~ Gabrielle Hodge

veja que lindo (how beautiful) ~ Antonio Sergio Safira

Meravigliosa e toccante poesia (Wonderful and touching poetry)  ~ Marconi Barreto Lorenza Minoia

Roger you're the best!it was a great concert, thank you ;   ~ Sabine Koch

Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyGreat song, and excellent concert !!!
 ~ Raoul Schuhmacher

Thank you so much for an absolutely gorgeous evening!  ~ Christina Wehrberger

Ich war dabei....j'y ètait...... avec Judith Armbrust ......Fantastique... ( I was there ...... with Judith Armbrust ...... Fantastic)   ~ Florent Oudot

What an amazing evening in Stuttgart! Love your Songs, Roger!  ~ Marlene Bitzer

Danke !!  ~ Susanne Meixner

Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyIt was awesome! Thank you Roger also for playing School!  ~ Thomas Tittmar

It was amazing ... Thank you for this great music !
~ Conny Schmidt

It has been a wonderful evening filled with great music and great orchestra, thanks a lot  ~ Ute Höller

Es war ein unbeschreiblich schöner Abend super Klangerlebnis... (It was a great sound experience indescribably beautiful evening …)  ~  Natascha Wolf

Roger Hodgson - Jazz Open Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyIt was really amazing - please come back.... 
~ Annette Neuburger

Thank you, Roger, the band and the great orchestra for the beautiful evening with so many very good friends in Stuttgart! We have had so much fun, very good music at a special impressively place!
D A N K E!   ~ Hans Peter Schwartz



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