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Amphitheater Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, Germany ~ September 3, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, Germany

Wow... Roger, it was a truly special evening! It was my second show and my dad's fourth. He saw you with Supertramp back in the 70-ies and three years ago in the Alte Oper. Now twice in Hanau.. He was surprised when Tristan came on stage to play School with you, what a talented boy he is! So many great songs, such a great show :) "Had a dream" was a true highlight and we hope that you come back to Hanau or Frankfurt soon. I hope your great journey is going on for a long time :) God bless, Johannes x  ~ Johannes Napp

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyHappy Birthday, Tristan.  ~ Cläre Jung

Live here in Hanau, Tristan did a perfect Job! Happy Birthday!   ~ Klaus Genßler

Tristan alles Gute und Gesundheit für Dich. Ich freue mich für Dich, das Du mit Roger Musik machen konntest. Und möge Deine Mission viele Anhänger finden. (Tristan good luck and health to you. I'm happy for you that you could make music with Roger. And may your mission To find many supporters. !)  ~ SUSI

Thanks for a wonderful evening. And thanks for bringing this young boy on stage letting him play the Piano part of School. It was wonderful.  ~ Christoph Krug

He truly inspired me last night. Singing Happy birthday for you was a little gift, So Happy birthday, Tristan!  ~ Johannes Napp

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyTristan was very happy, when he came home last night. Not only playing with Roger, which was a great Event for him. 2000 people sang him a happy birthday!. A very special evening for the whole family. Thank you so much, Roger and Linda! 
~ Thomas Schulz

A wonderful evening in Hanau. Thank you Roger !  ~ Rolf Scheffel


Thank you - for playing "Lady", "Babaji" and especially "Child of vision" ... ~ Frank Schwing

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyDear Roger! It was a wonderful evening full of my favorite music. Thank you very much...you really touched my heart...please go on composing so wonderful songs...all the best for you
~ Patrick Buehler

It was so great to see and hear Roger and his band again after his 2012 concerts! ~ Markus Funk


Roger plays an electric guitar - cool :) :) :) 
~ Ute Broiler

It was fantastic! Had a dream, unbelievable.....so happy!  ~ Klaus Genßler

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyThank you, Roger, for this wonderful, wonderful evening! It was my first time I see you, and I had the luck to be in the first row. That were the most amazing two hours in my life... :) And what a surprise as you played "Had a dream", one of my absolutely favourite songs! Whit this song, and all the others, you made me to the most lucky person in the world. Now I'm back home in Switzerland, and I'm still happy, thinking the whole time about this great evening. Please come back soon, I will be there again when you play near - or better IN Switzerland! A big THANK YOU again and a big kiss from a very lucky fan ;) ~ Manuela Zogg-Hinterhauser


Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyHad a lot of fun with you guys!  ~ Charly Monroe

It was sooo nice !!!!  ~ Gabi Ungethüm

It was absolutely fantastic ...   ~ Sonja Steitz

You made my day. :) Thank you not only for an excellent concert but also for connecting so well with the audience.  ~ Jaqu Eline

It was an amazing show!!!<3...going back to my teenage years....for a few wonderful moments...sentimental and funny memories <3 ~ Kirsten Öff

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyDas Konzert, sowie das Ambiente im Amphietheater Hanau war einfach fantastisch, Klasse. Schön den Roger mal Live zu sehen. 35 Jahre drauf gewartet......(The concert, as well as the atmosphere in the amphitheatre Hanau was simply fantastic, class. Beautiful the Roger live times to see. Waited for 35 years on it... ;)  ~ Coffee Wonni

It was a wonderful eve !!! thank you Mr. Hodgson and Band !  ~ Christina Kalweit-Stärz

It was yesterday in Hanau my first live-concert of you and surely not the last. It was fantastic music. Wonderful voice, fantastic band. I love also that you are such a friendly person. Stay like you are. Good luck for your next concerts. ~ Robin Klöppel

It was great  ~ Ute Schröder

Great music, great evening. Thank you! 
~ Tanya Meyke

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyDas war großartig!! Jeder Zeit wieder :o))) (That was great! Each time again:o))) ~ Axel Zesny

Es war fantastisch, mitreißend, bewegend. Vielen Dank für diese Musik, man muss es einfach immer wieder hören! It was fantastic, moving, moving. Thank you for this music, you have to hear it back!   ~ Marieluise Eckert-Miketta

It was a great night!!! He' s still singing with the same fantastic voice as from the beginning <3 And thanks again for my special autograph ;-* the green bag, love it  ~ Gela Bewe

What a great concert I enjoyed it :)  ~ Brigitte Demmer

Thanks Roger. I was at the concert in Hanau with my husband to see you for the first time. What a fantastic moment. Thanks for the great music. Love,  ~ Michele & Jurgen

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyGreat show, Roger. I didn't know about your accident Iwas reading in Wiki after the show. Half of my life I didn't understand why you suddenly stopped after a such successful solo album. Now I know and i am touched. And you bring the old feeling in your life performances. You got a fan back, happy if I am able to see you next time. Love your music, love your show. God bless you! 
~ Andre Golds



Roger, thaaaaank you for this wonderful performance at Hanau Open Air, hug, When you started your world performances last year in April at Alte Oper Frankfurt, I was with you and Aaron in the concert, wow, how wonderfulit was just the 2 of you. Now at Hanau withe the band it was again great und I joined your text and lyrics and the new song you didn't performed before. I also remember the Supertramp performance at Frankfurt a very long time ago with was also great. Over so many years, you even improved your typical sound on the Hammon Orgal, just great, I even find no more words for your outstanding performance. Please give my greetings also to Aaron, a great musisian. For you Roger, keep well and healthy, good luck for your life now after this very long tour all over the world which I followed.  ~ Anna-laura Schult

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyYesterday I was at the Amphitheather in Hanau together with friends. Thank you very much for wonderful evening. I went asleep with Rain Again and woke up this morning with Breakfast in America in my mind. And touched a very young colleague with my story from your timeless songs that he immediately went to youtube to watch and listen to them...Thank you !  ~ Renate

Hi Roger, had a dream yesterday in Hanau was really my dream to come through. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. You are getting better every time and i saw you for 8 times. Your band is outstanding as well and Aaron....... Please come back soon, I`ll be there. ~ Sabine

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyHi, Roger

This is your last show in Europe Roger. And to be honest, I'm a little moved. I received so much this year. I'm so thankful for it.

Can't imagine, one second, to be "cut off" out of your music and this incredibly beautiful experience full of energy, good vibes, emotion, hope, "heart's" connections.

Can't imagine to be separated, maybe definitely, from my friends, from over the world. From all those new experiences of sharing, laughing, loving. To be "cut off" out of this nice expectation what songs will you play in the evening. Can't imagine to be separate of your so special welcome, everywhere we came, and can't imagine to be "cut off" out of those enriching journeys, filled by culture. To be separated from my best friends, I met thank to you, which are the part of my family, as well as you became for us now, what makes the end of shows more difficult every year. And this year it is in the biggest uncertainty.

I didn't know your music when I was very young, we were "cut off" out it, and in this crazy world, the same "fantomes" seems to come back. You music is my oxygen. I need it for breath, for fly above the walls of this world, of people and myself.

I'm sure, this evening many people need will need your music also. I'm sure, you will make them happy as everytime but, please Roger, play them, if you feel good with, "Had a dream again." I saw the video, you are really excellent <3. I'm sure they will be on the night cloud. Wish to live this ultime experience, but will be connected by heart.

I forgot the most important ! Thank you Roger, Linda, Shakti, Howard, Kevin, Brian, David, Aaron and Wim to work so hard to make that us "dreams become true". Thank also those, who are behind your amazing website and to all friends, who helps you on tour.. Love to all and really hope to see you one day again
Take care, Roger, not only your music is a jewel. I pray for you everyday Love and blessings  ~ Mila

Roger Hodgson ~ Amphitheatre Schloss Philippsruhe ~ Hanau, GermanyHi Roger, 35years ago my brother played the Song School on piano( He heared it on Radio only one time before. He died by an accident in 1979. I never unsderstand why God tear him away. I stayed on your Concert (03.09.2014) in Hanau. And after you present the young piano playing man who is an cancer survivor, i was shure that all things make sence. You and your music makes me feel good. I which you will come back to Hanau again. Thanks a lot for the great concert. Sorry about my bad english, i passed to much lessons in school:-) ~ Michael

Photos # 1, 7 & 13 by Howard Heckers
Photo  # 2 by Linda Tyler

Photos # 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 & 11 by Sven-Sebastian Sajak
Photo # 6 & Collage by Sylvia Novell


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