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Glenthof ~ Imst, Austria ~ May 9, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Imst Glenthof Austria Roger Hodgson - Imst Glenthof Austria

Roger Hodgson - Imst Glenthof AustriaRock on Roger! Saw you in Austria last night! It is honestly great to see a musician with such spirit, class, authenticity and charisma once again...keep coming back please! ~martoi



It was a fantastique concert in Imst Tirol Austria. Thank you very much for this special evening and more than two hours forgetting any problems. ~Gebhard


I'm still dreaming of the amazing evening in Imst, Tirol. It was a fantastic concert with a beautiful atmosphere and audience. Thank you for these unforgettable moments.
Thanks although To Aaron, Howard and your team. And special thanks to Linda! Hope to see you soon somewhere in Europe. I wish you all a successful and healthy Tour. Many greetings front men Rosenheim. ~Heike

Roger Hodgson - Imst Glenthof Austriadein Konzert in Imst war wunderbar! Die, schon recht lange zurückliegende Jugend, manifestiert sich wunderbar, bei deiner unvergleichlich spirituellen Musik. Mein großes Kompliment auch an deinen Freund und Bühenkollegen. Auch er ein Vollblutmusiker.

(Your concert in Imst was wonderful! Which, quite long-ago youth, manifested wonderful, incomparable with your spiritual music. My compliments also to your friend and Bühenkollegen. He also a musician.)
~ Christoph Wachter



Roger Hodgson - Imst Glenthof AustriaImst was another wonderful night added to so many wonderful, magical nights in my life. I've been to so many concerts and each one is different. Imst was one of the more intimate venues. It was a very cheerful but also emotional atmosphere. There were also many people from Switzerland and Germany that had travelled to Imst to see you. When I looked in the faces of the young girls that were with me, they had that look in their eyes that I have seen in so many other faces whenever you sing your songs. It's magical how you make their eyes shine and so many of them leaving with smiles on their faces and that certain shine in their eyes. I know how it feels. It's so very special to listen to your music, listen to what you've got to say and although I know all the songs, know all the words, I find new meanings in your lyrics all the time. Some of your songs are so deep, so true and so touching. And lately, to come and see you, it feels like "coming home". Big hug, ~Sylvia

Roger Hodgson - Imst Glenthof AustriaIt was so a pleasure to meet you in Imst, thank you for the advice you gave my son. it was an honor to be your driver, thanks a lot, im looking forward to see you in tyrol again. ~BR Markus

Photos by van der Voorden Photography





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