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Gibraltar Music Festival ~ Gibraltar ~ September 6, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ Gibraltar

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ Gibraltar

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarHope you had a safe and nice trip to spain..was amazing to meet you @ zurich airport...thankfull from the bottom of my heart..all the best to all of you..
~ Claudia Minet Koch

Best of the best of the best!!! Fantastic show in Gibraltar! best act of the night!!!! loved it!
~ Odile Serra

That was an amazing show! Thanks Mr Hodgson! 
~ Antho Rocco

Really enjoyed watching you perform tonight in Gibraltar! Best act IMO! You should definitely swing by again :)  ~ Kathy Montegriffo

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarAwesome! Awesome ! Awesome!….what can I say other that it has been an awesome night for me highlighting with Roger and his ever so talented musicians!!! I have waited many years to have the gift of hearing you live and have not been disappointed in the very least! Thank you! One of my dreams come true! Come back again soon to play in St Michaels Cave…you will be amazed!!! :)  ~ Christine Vasquez

Best show ever loved it amazing brought back memories  ~ Lizette Gino Olivares

Absolutely amazing show!  ~ Daryl Pallas

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarThe concert of a lifetime thank you for an amazing performance hope to see you soon
~ Dabian Joanna Parody

We love you Roger Hodgson xxx come again x 
~ Christine Cruz

Thank you Roger, the band and crew for making one of my dreams come true. What a brilliant show. Please come back. Xxxx  ~ Liz Savignon

My favourite performance of the night!!!  ~ Gerry Searle Matthews

Awesome performance. Thank you all for a brilliant evening.  ~ Gianella Steele

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarAmazement! Enthralled! Thanks  ~ Jenny Montegriffo

Roger Hodgson and his team are BEST OF THE BEST!! Hope to see you again next year in Gibraltar. Thx and Godbless. xxx  ~ Evelyn Cartwright


What an amazing show; brought back s many memories, thank you. Come back to Gibraltar for that Concert in the Cave :) see you soon xxx 
~ Natalie Tavares Carreras


I'm in that pic :) front row ,right side ;) the best ! Loved it! Spectacular to have Roger right infront of us with that voice ! Perfect! Xxxx  ~ Christine Cruz

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarIt was truly amazing thank you! Last time was 30 years ago!! Supertramp Crime of the Century tour!
~ Debs Shore

Poeta entre los poetas....no puedo decir otra cosa. (Poet among poets .... I can not say anything else.)
 ~ Nuria Carnero

Absolutely Awesome! Best of the Festival!
~ Louise Roberts

The best performance for me great glad I went amazing  ~ Lizette Gino Olivares

Guys you were all absolutely amazing!! Roger the passion and love you put into your performance is very palpable. If anything your voice is even better than the last time I saw in Estepona, Spain a few years ago We all enjoyed your act so much that even the Rock itself decided to grace you and your group with an astonishing moon rising from the crest as you started playing. Do come again, we sincerely love you here in Gib. BTW, your music even moves kids in the womb. When my wife was carrying our first kid in 1984 Iused to play your music when she was unsettled. It actually worked wonders! Unfortunately she couldn't make it to the show last night so you owe it to her to come again so she can make it!!  ~ Francis Montegriffo

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarThank you very much of such a great night. We have been followers of your great music for a long time and having the privilege of hearing you live was a blast. Please do come back...we love you
~ Rosemarie Manasco



Great,great concert at the Gibraltar music festival. Loved it. Many thanks for coming to Gib.
~ Charlie Agius

Roger Hodgson ~ Gibraltar Music Festival ~ GibraltarPlease bring him back for a solo show , wud sound brilliant at St Michael s cave.  ~ Jason Mesilio


He rocked!! :D  ~ Beki G


Awesome performance , Aaron was superb
~ Wynne Harcombe


He and his band were a delightful surprise we loved them nice to have the good old classics being played and the crowds singing along. Loved his set x x  ~ Beverley Nixon




THANK YOU Roger Hodgson ! We really hope to see you soon here in Gib. ~ Gibraltar Music Festival


Photos # 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 by Howard Heckers

Photo  # 2 by Bryan Head
Photo # 7 by Juan Pérez Márquez
Photo # 8 by Gibraltar Music Festival


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