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Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France ~ August 1, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceDear Roger, Yesterday's concert in Carcassonne was fantastic! Thank you very much for all the good moments and laughs, sharing with your band and the audience. The sound was excelent, thank you for adding "If everyone was listening" and "C'est le bon" in your set list. It was a great evening! Keep going! Take care, ~ Yves

Many many thanks for all you gaved in Carcassonne. It was a beautiful concert, in an incredible and historical venue, with a lovely set list. Lot of emotion and joy with my friends. Thank you Roger and Band, Linda, Shakti and the great Team. Have nice time in Spain, See you soon ~ Flo

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceMagical night in the beautiful theatre of Carcassonne. Great moment : Death and a zoo and Had a dream. We laugh a lot with this special moment when you ask Aaron speaking french about Death and a zoo. Thank you Roger for this wonderful day in Carcassonne with my friends of the french fan club. Come soon Roger ~ Alice


Dear Roger, To hear Minstrel in his city is the very special emotional moment, we can never forget.

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France
The medieval city suits you so well. And that evening in Carcassonne not only women's hearts were happy listening to your irresistible voice:), especially mine when I listened "where is Mila" ?, (was so lucky and surprised to listen to the song I love so much, requested by Flo), but also we could see happy faces of all, even children, smiling and moving throughout that magical evening.

It was beautiful to look around me the stars in the eyes of everyone, the stars brighter than those we could see in the sky. The gem after the gem, in the decor and lights that would have made turn pale Hollywood, after beautiful day in the name of the friendship spent with friends from FC, it was The Dream!

Thank you Roger (and Flo) for "my song", your nice and wise words on the stage and without, and still for your time and friendly laughing moments, and of course, the Great great great show under the blue moon, in the fantastic place. Now I'm again back in the hard reality, but I keep eyes full of stars and dreams about the Sun of our rainy days.

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France"The more I look the more I see, the more your shows, give to me" <3

Also, thank you Linda for your patience and kindness, thanks Guys, you made great job on the stage, thank you Shakti, Howie, David and Wim, everyone who contribute to our dreams.

Roger, sharing love is the higher mission and you are very awaited in Spain for yours upcoming shows, but, please, take well care about your health. Please Much love ~ Grateful HAPPY Mila

I have been yesterday in Carcassone with my wife and two friends. I would like to thank you Roger and his band for this incredible show. But also driven by the fantastic atmosphere and the people who listen the concert. It was magic. It was my second concert I have seen from Roger. But this one was the top of the top. We were really touched by him and his band. The songs are unforgettable. I am a fan of Supertramp and Roger since 30 years. And what a luck to see him still playing better than ever. Thanks, thanks for this. Also his french is not bad. I am german and learned speaking french. This is not easy. ~ Greeting from Thomas Herbrig

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceI listened to Supertramp and Roger since I was 8 years old in 1979, day when my father brought back home "breakfast in America", "crisis ? what crisis ?" and "crime of the century" from the U.S. Since then I've never stopped listening... My mother, and my two boys, 7 and 14 years old were in Carcassonne Saturday night listening to this fantastic "Roger Hodgson & Band" gig, I want to thank you all for this amazing music demonstration, Roger and the band give us a magic time, apart from world and time, great job, vocals, sax, drums, keyboard and bass guitar, where here to make people happy, you are all fantastic, what a performance, the audience was hectic. My two children were amazed too and we all goes back to Bordeaux - where we hope we will listen to you and your band soon - listening to your albums cause my boys asked for ... The new generation is fan too :-)

Keep on having fun playing your music all through the world, we love that :)

Thank you again ! ~ Philippe

We have been at the concert. It was fantastic. The ambience and the music was really unbelievable. Roger was great and the guy which played the saxophone was also really good. This was the best concert I have ever seen. ~ Thomas Herbrig

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceThank you so much Roger! I came with my family from Avignon, France! It was so a "crazy" (as you said about France ;)) concert! Thanks for having us! Big up to your fabulous musicians! Hope to see you soon! ~ Rémy Chevalier

Just wonderfull. I really had à gréât time ;)
~ Baudvin Agnes

C'était magique, merci à vous Roger et à vos formidables musiciens de nous offrir votre immense talent ! Nous vous aimons depuis plus de 35 ans et c'est la deuxième fois que nous venons vous écouter dans notre beau théâtre de la Cité et si par bonheur vous revenez, nous serons là nous aussi.

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, France(It was magical, thank you, Roger and to your great musicians to offer us your immense talent! We love you for more than 35 years and this is the second time that we have just listen to you in our beautiful city theater and if by some chance you come back, we'll be there too.) ~ Olympie de Rènnas

I was there and it was Magic ! Thank you Roger Hodgson ! ~ Pierre Corwin

Grandiose! Merci pour cette magnifique soirée

(Awesome! Thank you for this beautiful evening) ~ Céline Albert Boutté

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceThank you for the show in CARCASSONNE Mister HODGSON, it was a magic moment !!! ~ Muriel Zigioti Magic place, magic show, unbelievable atmosphere, great setlist, unforgettable night, merci x 1000 Roger, you really deserve the huge success and applause yesterday in Carcassonne !
~ Daniel Plessis

Beautiful evening. It was a pleasure to listen to all the titles of Roger Hodgson Solo who are rarely played. Special mention to "had a dream" which was fantastic... And of course all the tubes of supertramp... With Now 3 musicians Roger Hodgson is better than ever... This concert was much better than that of grenoble in 2010 and there he was accompanied by a saxophone player. Roger Hodgson is supertramp! ~ Piéric Pili

amazing show ^^ ~ Michèle HB

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceThanks so much Roger. Yesterday evening you and your amazing band had 2 Australian canal boaters passing through Carcassonne thoroughly entertained and enthralled. We now have a huge respect for your talent and mindset ... long may you continue to bring joy to so many people; joy that was so evident from the moment you walked on stage to the standing ovation! ~ Judy Hardy

I'd like to find again your song, The zoo,... please? it was really full of strengthness... each of your songs could be put into a cinematographic film... really amazing moment!! too short, i would have listen to you 2hours more!!! thank you!!! you are really great!!! ~ Peggy Jacottet

Thanks for the show. Hope to see you soon again ~ Christophe de Bise

Quel plaisir plus intense que de voir en concert l'idole de sa jeunesse ? Merci Roger pour ce grand moment qui restera à jamais gravé dans ma mémoire ! I love you Roger Hope to see you soon !!

(What a pleasure more intense than to see in concert the idol of his youth? Thank you Roger for this great moment which will remain forever engraved in my memory! I love you Roger hope to see you soon!!) ~ Sabine Green

Thank you, Roger, for this wonderfull moment with us in France, yesterday ! Thanks to your great musicians ! Thanks for your energy and your voice... You have lighted the city of Carcassonne... See you as soon as possible for others shining musical events ! ~ Jim CoViac

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceIt was a very good moment ! Thank you for your simplicity and yours band. ~ Eric le Bosser

Roger (and his fabulous band) was magical.....
~ Florent Brissot

Ce fut un très grand concert (après celui de 2008) qui restera dans la déjà longue histoire du Festival de Carcassonne !

(It was a very big concert (After 2008) which will remain in the already long history of the festival of carcassonne!) ~ Alain Pignon

Thank's Roger Hodgson !!! You're the Best. It was a really pleasure to see/listen you again !!! And again... again... again....;-);-) ~ Mat Aïka

Merci Roger de chanter ceux qui souffrent dans le monde... tes chansons sont là pour nous le rappeler ... ta musique est magique.

(Thank you Roger to sing those who are suffering in the world... Your songs are here to remind us of this... Your music is magical.) ~ Anne-Lise Revallier

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceC'était Magique ! Great great show ! (It was magical! Great great show!) ~ Pierre Corwin

Superbe concert pour clôturer le Festival. Plus de deux heures de spectacle intense qui ont vu s'enchaîner les tubes immortels de Supertramp...bref...encore...encore...encore!

(Great concert to close the festival. More than two hours of intense show who have seen if bind the tubes immortal of supertramp... Anyway... Again... Again... Again!) ~ Laurent Senegas

Merci Mr Roger Hodgson and his band pour ce fabuleux concert, un timbre de voix qui n'a pas changé,une communion avec le public,des musiciens exeptionnels et des morceaux mythiques!!

(Thank you Mr Roger Hodgson and his band for this fabulous concert, a stamp of voice that hasn't changed, a communion with the public, top musicians and the mythical pieces!!) ~ Agnes Maingret

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceUn immense talent pour un grand, très grand compositeur et des musiciens totalement en osmose avec Roger et le public - Un moment exceptionnel !

(A huge talent for a great, great composer and musicians totally in sync with Roger and the public-an exceptional experience!) ~ Olympie de Rènnas

Si Roger Hodgson, revient ... ;) je serais là aussi et tout le fan club Français, sans compter tous les autres fans ... merci pour l'organisation du concert, c'était génial ...

(If Roger Hodgson, comes back... ;) I'll be there, too, and all the fan club French, not to mention all the other fans... Thank you for the organization of the concert, it was great...) ~ Marie Jose Scornet

Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceOh oui Véro pour moi c'est le plus beau moment de la tournée que j'ai vécu là! Une super soirée et oui merci Gerard Sanz !Un très beau moment d'amitié qui restera à jamais gravé dans min coeur on s'est fait des souvenirs devant les filles!

(Oh yes Vero for me is the most beautiful moment of the tour that I lived there! A great evening and yes thank you Gerard Sanz! A beautiful moment of friendship that will remain forever engraved in the heart we got memories in front of the girls!) ~ Sophie Speeckaert

Vu à Carcassone ! Sacré Monsieur J et fan depuis avant ma naissance je pense (44 ans)

(Seen in carcassonne! Hell of a mr :) and fan since before I was born I think (44 years old :D) ~ Sylvie Skellington

GENIAL (Awesome.) ~ Hervé Leroy

Wonderfull Roger and band !!! Thank you again & again !!! ~ Corinne Morange

you were simply pefect!thank you ROGER ~ Thierry Ollimac

Super Concert inoubliable .... (Super unforgettable concert....) ~ Kamel Kherdouche

J' étais parmi tous ces gens.... Nous avons tous partagé un intense moment de bonheur en écoutant cette musique chère à nos oreilles et nos coeurs ! Merci Roger 

(I was among all these people.... We have all shared an intense moment of happiness, listening to this music dear to our ears and our hearts! Thank you roger) ~ Jean-Gabriel Petit

Carcassonne gig was brilliant ! Have fun in Germany ! ~ Daniel Plessis 

Carcassonne was fantastic ! See you in Paris next year! Thanks Roger for all these wonderful moments!!! Forever in my heart, have a great time in North America and see you soon ~ Anthony Galland


Roger Hodgson ~ Festival de Carcassonne ~ Carcassonne, FranceSuperbe concert a Carcasonne le 1 aout 2015. la magie est toujours aussi présente, la voix, les morceaux légendaires et les plus récents bref le public est acquis dés la première minute... il suffit de se laisser porter par nos souvenirs.. Roger est très bien accompagné par son band ....Un très grand bravo pour le saxo qui est époustouflant ... au fait comment s'appelle ce superbe musicien ? bon vent à toute l'équipe

(Superb concert Carcassonne 1 August 21015. the magic is still present, the voice, the legendary songs and the newer brief the audience is soon acquired the first minute ... just to go with our memories .. Roger is very well accompanied by his band .... A big bravo for sax is stunning ... the fact how to call this great musician? good luck to all the team) ~ doundar

I saw you in Carcassone ! It was amazing ! Thank you Roger for this incredible show ! ~ Diane Chevalier

Marc Israel ‏@misrael: Roger Hodgson at Carcassonne yesterday evening. Supertramp good old times... @ Carcasonne https://instagram.com/p/531A8LK1f_/

Francis Christiany ‏@fcparis18: Amazing show last night @RogerHodgson at @CarcassonneFest https://youtu.be/GIkx16FEijw

Amarie Inauen ‏@AmarieKrusch: @RogerHodgson thank you for this wonderful show! 😘😍😊

cmoilouloute85 ‏@cmoilouloute85: @RogerHodgson Thank you to come to France.We receive your songs with much love too.Very happy to see you,your band and your team.A bientôt

Photos # 1,  15 & 16 by Ville de Carcassonne / Julien Roche
Photo # 2 by Shakti Shivaya
Photos # 3-14 by Jordi Mac Miguel Angel Candela


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