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MotorCity Casino Hotel ~ Detroit, MI ~ November 6, 2014




Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MI

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MI

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MISaw the show at Motor City Casino, Detroit - enjoyed it immensely. Roger and team gave an excellent performance, if you came back i would definitely see you again. I really enjoyed it Brought back many many memories since the last time i saw was the Supretramp show back in early 80's thanks for the great experience and memory ~ Greg Lanthier

I saw your performance in Detroit on November 6th. What a joyful entertaining evening was! The entire audience was mesmerized. You lifted the audience up with your thoughtful words and music.The old songs, as well as your new material, were fantastic. It was wonderful seeing an entertainer enjoying the evening as much as his audience. Thanks for the great show. I hope you will be back soon.~ Mary Koval

I want to thank you for a marvelous concert on Thursday in Detroit. My wife saw an add for your concert on line. She grew up in Poland and I'm never sure if she has heard the same music I have over the years. She turned to me and asked "Is he any good? I answered " •••• yes he's good! We jumped into the car and got tickets fro your show. What a wonderful surprise for my wife and I to see you live in a classy music performance. My wife loved the songs so much she tried to record parts of them on her phone. I was totally into the music on "Give a little bit" I was playing air bass guitar with your bass player near the end of the song. The answer to the question " Death or the Zoo" for me clearly was death. I never heard "Overture for a Fool" It was amazing! Thank you for making us forget our problems for two hours and enjoy music the way our Creator intended. Hope to see you next time, God willing. ~ Chris and Agata

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIMy spouse and I had the privilege of seeing your show last night in Detroit. Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the show. Thought it was spectacular. Thank you so much for coming to the area. Please come back soon. ~ Shaun Clarke Enjoyed your show so much last night in Detroit at the Sound Board. You are better than I even remember when I was just a young girl starting my life in my first apartment. Your band members were all awesome. I really loved the sax player even if he is Canadian. Ha ha you started it. Really you all were and are great. Fun night out with my husband. Thanks to you all.
~ Leah

My wife and I were at your concert in Detroit last night. Absolutely fabulous. Your voice is better than ever. The band around you is probably better than the original Supertramp. Aaron MacDonald on the woodwinds is an unbelievable talent. Glad you're teamed up together. Forgot the name of your newest song that you sang last night but it was remarkable! Would sure like to know the name. Should end up a classic. Hope to see you again. ~ John Mileir

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIRoger, Your show in Detroit was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I laughed, cried, smiled and had such a WONDERFUL TIME listening to your music, your stories and your jokes. The best part of YOU sir is your ABSOLUTE humility and graciousness as an iconic songwriter/performer. You understand very well your blessing, where it comes from (The Source Of Light) and your love to share it with all will be with me forever. I am grateful you finally came back to Detroit after all these years and my hope is to one day shake your hand and give you a hug. Blessings & Peace always :)~ Robert


I feel very honored to have been able to see Roger live in Detroit a week ago. I'd never been to a Supertramp concert although I loved the music. What an incredible show, the musicianship was incredible and the feel of the show was beyond words. Thank you Roger for coming to Detroit and sharing your passion with us.
~ Amy Kowalski

Danny V ‏‪@usbt84‬ ‪@RogerHodgson‪ last night was a flashback. When I woke up I thought it was 1976. Thank you Roger! Looked like you had fun. I know I did.

I saw him last night in Detroit... Sounds as good as ever. Still humming the music today.. ~ Becky Campbell Wilson

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIAwesome evening in Detroit, please come back!!!!
~ Debbie Miller Harrison

Thank you for a spectacular show Roger! Niagara Falls get ready for a great show.‬ ~ Al Kohlmeier

Thanks Roger for a dynamite show! Brought a 1st timer, she loved it. ~ Al Kohlmeier

And after all these years I came to find out that I have been a Roger Hodgson fan more than a Supertramp fan!! Roger, humanity needs your songs, your smile and your long hair!!!‬ ~ M Teresa Winkler

What a performance on Fool's Overture!! You certainly brought joy to our hearts tonight. Thank you!! God bless you! ~ M Teresa Winkler

Just got back home, fantastic show Roger!!! The venue was perfect for you, very intimate setting, your band is awesome. Good luck on the rest of the tour. Look forward to seeing in Detroit next time. ~ Wayne Hasse

Just arrived home after attending the show here in Detroit with our oldest. Waited all my adult life to see and hear you live. What a pleasant evening with a fantastic performer. I will remember this great time forever.‬
~ Michael G Puckett

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIFabulous show!!! Thank you so much! ~ Jessica Venditti

First show for me. It was an incredible experience. One of the best concerts I have ever witnessed. Had a Dream was excellent! Thanks! ~ Joe Van Dyke

Excellent show. I hope I don't have to wait another 30 years for you to come back again! ~ Brad MacKinnon


Five-star performance. After the conclusion of the show, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning who had just opened his last present. ~ Chip Mundy

Thanks to you and your very talented band!! We hope not to wait as long for the next show. Fools Overture was absolutely amazing. Very exciting evening. ~ Sal Basirico

Loved every moment!!!!! ~ Rose Marie Hogue

Loved the show and your super talented band!! Makes modern day singers seem so ho hum. Your music has depth and soul. LOVED every minute!!! ~ Debbie Miller Harrison

We saw him in Detroit and we loved the show, we were sad it was over even after lasting 2 hours! We wanted more we wanted more, you guys are so amazing ~ Rick Strevel

GEeez Roger, didn't know you could play electric guitar like that!! Holy cow.... Brought my brother down from East Lansing to see ya. Great show! Rainy and crappy drive down in rush hour traffic after working all day, but so worth it. Great job and marvelled at Aaron's musicianship. Love the sax solos. Whole band was top shelf. You guys have a blast playing and it shows how much fun you have. I bet you know how lucky you are. (And us too) Take care ~ Kim Gwinn

What a show !!!! enjoyed it from the start to end !!!!
~ Karen Shveida

Thanks Roger - It was a great show. You and the boys sound as good as I've ever heard and we go back to the early 80's! I've heard Death and A Zoo during the solo shows over the years but tonight's version with the band took it to an entirely new level. Very powerful!
~ Tim Palmer

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIMy husband and I traveled from Chicago to see you tonight in Detroit. After seeing you in Naperville, IL, I knew I would see your show again! The musicality of you band is just fantastic and I truly can't say enough! Supertramp has been my favorite band since the late 70's and I am loving your new music as well. Thank you for your beautiful music. ~ Barb P

Excellent show! Vocals are amazing! Felt like 1976 all over again. Thank you thank you thank you! ~ Daniel Valko

What a great show! Haven't seen him since 1983 when Supertramp played Joe Louis Arena! Awesome musicians! ~ Dale Valliere

Great evening in Detroit!! ~ Sal Basirico

Roger Hodgson still has it! Very passionate band! Played many of his hit songs and truly appreciated the crowds' response which was very positive. Love that band! ~ Anonymous

A Night Not To Be Forgotten - The most tightly knit group of musicians I've seen in a long time. Put in your 30 year cold cassette or album on of Supertramp and hear all the bells and whistles from the Logical Song to Rogers unmistaken great tenor voice. I was mesmerized by every note and vocal. The horn section of this band is like none I've heard before and I plan on seeing him numerous times in the future. What a perfesional and outstanding performance. Favorite moment: Rogers rhapsody with the audience and find people by name who were there who obvious left comments for him on twitter or Facebook. ~ detroitbreakdown

Excellent show. Band was tight and Roger Hodgson talked about how he wrote some of the songs. Great Crowd to, respected other peoples attempts to watch the show. ~ ertaiwizard1

Great night of memories and music. Have listened to the music of Roger Hodgson for years. The sound was fantastic and the venue at the Soundboard was top notch. ~ Bekmom57

Roger Hodgson was worth the wait - I've waited many, many years to see Roger live, and I finally got the opportunity. The venue (Sound Board) was excellent for this concert! The audience ranged from the "older than dirt" (like myself) to the very young, as well as the young at heart. Roger seem to have as great of a time as we did and it showed! What a great performer! I strongly recommend seeing him if you get the chance.
~ MichaelGP

A very nice show. Roger sounded great, and the band was in fine form. They played a little less than two hours, hits and album tracks. ~ Anonymous

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIRoger and band are awesome - What a great two hour show! Roger entertains the fans, interacts with them and even takes requests, who knew?!! He's awesome, and nowadays a two hour show is a treat. Many shows these days are only 1.6 hours long and cost LOTS more. Roger also has one of the most talented performers in his band... this guy plays like a dozen different instruments and is a riot himself! Can't wait to see them again someday! ~ RASSY123456

Really enjoyed Roger Hodgson, his music always makes us feel happy! His choice of musicians to accompany him is outstanding! First class all the way. ~ Anonymous

Roger Hodgson exceeds expectations 1st time to see a concert at Motor City Soundboard. Great venue! Roger's voice is still strong and he and the band performed flawlessly. All the other big hits are there from the albums Crime of the Century (YOU MUST BUY THIS ONE), Crisis What Crisis?, Even in the Quietest Moments & Breakfast in America. Roger plays a few from his solo albums also. Favorite moment: The 1st note of "School" sent chills up my spine. ~ Wahly

Rodger was well worth the trip! Rodger and the band did an excellent job in their song selection and quality of playing. It was an evening of memories. A few more Supertramp selections would have made this an amazing evening ~ TryAgainGR

Sounded like Supertramp Rodger can still belt it out like days of old. Back up band was very tight. A very memorable experience. Venue looked sold out - great to see! ~ My2Mellotrons

Great concert. He is engaging with the audience and the sound quality is excellent. ~ superash

Roger , unlike many of his colleagues has yet to lose his singing ability. Throw in a couple of Canadian keyboardist and a couple of California boys they absolutely rocked the sound board. ~ KTPOROX

Super Awesome Great musician, extremely professional! Plus he was very funny, had everyone laughing. The band he had was incredible. ~ mrjojo

Roger Hodgson ~ MotorCity Casino ~ Detroit, MIRogers personality shined thru.... hi, i've been a supertramp fan for over 40 yr's, i saw them in the early 80's, when roger was with the band, famous last words tour, I did not like the new supertramp releases without roger in band, so I stoped buying their lp's, (or seeing them in concert) and opted for rogers solo lp's, yes there was my supertramp! at this recent show 10-6-14, rogers personality shined thru....concert was even better then when I saw him with supertramp!! it was very uplifting, I have dementia, and almost missed the concert, due to my depression, but thank GOD he gave me the courage to go, or I would have missed the best concert I have ever seen in my life! thank you roger for uplifting my spirit.....scott...... ~ scottlebug

Saw the show tonight in Detroit. Tonight's show was truly magical and brought back so many great memories --- the musicians in your band are really brilliant. Your voice sounded incredible and is still so unique today as always. Hearing these special songs again was like a journey back in time. Best of all, thank you for being so appreciative of the fans you have in Detroit. We all really appreciate so many years of great music --- Lord is it Mine and Fool's Overture were a really special treat. Thank you for sharing your gift as well as your relentless enthusiasm and especially for making the world a better place. ~ Shev

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