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Da Capo-Alzey Festival im Alzeyer Schloßhof ~ Alzey, Germany ~ August 30, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Da Capo Alzey Festival ~ Alzey, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Da Capo Alzey Festival ~ Alzey, Germany


Roger it was a pleasure to meet you and chat shortly with you in Alzey. Since 1978 I saw you first time playing in Barcelona always I am fan of your songs. In Alzey a brought my kids and they enjoyed very much. Thanks for your openness.  ~ Rodolfo Ampuero


Wow wow what a amazing evening in Alzey.  ~ Dieter Reiner

Ein wahnsinniges Erlebnis...jeder Kilometer der Anfahrt hat sich für dieses Highlight mehr als gelohnt...ein perfekter Abend (An outstanding experience ... Every mile of Driving has for this highlight more than worth it ... a perfect evening)  ~ Andrea Baumann

Thank you for this concert ….. it is always a great pleasure to see you. I hope to see you soon again :D
~ Barbara Märker-Weiand

To quote a song by another band: “Lovely to see you” all again! :) It was a very special night. I got the impression that there were a lot of people who had never seen Roger live before and you could feel the vibes of awe in the air. After being treated to a fabulous version of “Babaji” (just wow) and an impressive “Death and a Zoo” that made the earth tremble below our feet (not even mentioning all the smash hits plus “Soapbox”, “Only Because of You”, “Lord is it Mine”, “Lovers in the Wind” and “If Everyone Was Listening”), the audience was disappointed when we got to the last song of the set, “Fool’s” and there was no way, we would let Roger leave Alzey like that and of course he came back to play three (!) encores: “Two of Us”, “Give a Little Bit” and “It’s Raining Again”. That was it. The concert was over. Yet - it was not over! People did not leave the courtyard. They stayed, talked about the concert and you could see starry-eyed fans, old and new, from every generation. Please, please do return!
 ~ Elke Tritschler

Genial änsehaut Pur (Awesome goose bumps Pur)  ~ Thorsten Volk

Suuuuper Konzert .Danke für diesen zauberhaften Abend . (Suuuuper concert.Thank you for this wonderful evening.)  ~ Ulri Ke

So thankful I could enjoy it! ~ Peter Poell

Thank you very much for this really wonderful evening! Outstanding performance.  ~ Markus Funk

Fantastic concert in a beautifull athmosphere schloss Alzey ~ Joerg and Carmen

Again a wonderful concert at the beautiful castle from Alzey. There was magic in the air with your wonderful music, as always!!  ~ Selma

Very good Roger !! I heard that sign from you regarding the current political situations all over the world, as you mentioned last evening and when you asked us to believe and live in love. Thank you so much for this great evening, which was for me a perfect show and the best concert I’ve ever seen. I was returned to my teenage and twenties and still today with all the love and pain I felt and when your voice gave me comfort. You and Your band did a great great job with so much details in every song. Your voice tonight blow up every recordings and it was so wonderful humorous to watch your dialogs with your musicians. I hope we can hear more from you every year and that you will come again to our area here. Thank you so much and take care !! ~ Dirk

It was so great, to had you here - thanks a lot for coming :)  ~ Monika Stabel

It was amazing. Thank you for this great concert.  ~ Heiko Günther

Ein tolles Konzert und fabelhafte Musiker (A great concert and fabulous musician :-)
~ Barbara Schneider

Roger, so you could stop the rain again in Alzey, before the show and a little bit after the end, while the incredible beauty of "the storm in your head" so magistrally sung have still resonated in the mine, I realised the storm was also outside and the raining again. Crazy weather. Please take care and a little rest:) What a lovely , friendly, deep, fun, brilliant day and evening it was. And what a performance. I'm sure no one could resist to be deeply touched by the masterpieces like Babaji, Sister Moonshine,Two of us .... No doubt, your shows are GREAT.Just one irrealised Dream, to have listened, once in my life, only few moments, the sound of your nice electric guitare we saw on stage, you used to play so well. But I'm so thankful for everything I was given yesterday and during those dream rich years when I could to follow you. Happyyyyy but so hard to realised tonight show is the last... ~ Mila Musiclover

What a beautiful evening! Thank you Roger for the awesome show! Thank you all, the whole team!
~ Hans Peter Schwartz

Dear Roger, you have given me an unforgettable evening. Thank you for that !  ~ Michael Barth

Thank you for the evening, It was wonderful, magical...  ~ Carmen Möller

Dear Roger, I saw you the first time here in Germany at the castle in Alzey. Happy and laughing people around me, I coudn`t hold back my tears. I had tickets for me and my husband, but he died in march of cancer. But I`m sure, he looked down from his cloud in heaven and he was also excited than me. Thank you for your music and this amazing yourney to my girlhood in the Seventies. And for a lot of moments I forgot my own heartache. Thank you so much! Lots of love ~ Moni

Dear Roger, I have had the pleasure do see you in Alzey last Saturday and I enjoyed this evening. The first time I saw you 31 years ago in 1983 here in Frankfurt - the famous last words tour. A couple of years ago I saw you again here in Frankfurt at the Noka Night of the Proms. I love your music. .... and I have all cd's of Supertramp and yours as well. Hope to see you again pretty soon. Hugs from Frankfurt, ~ Sigi

Thank you so much for your show here in Alzey! We really enjoyed it :) ~ Dacapo-Alzey


Roger Hodgson ~ Da Capo Alzey Festival ~ Alzey, Germany

Photos 1 & 2 by Howard Heckerss
Photo Collage by Uwe Nessler


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