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Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, Brazil ~ October 17, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, BrazilI was there. Exuberant performance of Roger and his entire band. The presentation of "Fool's Overture" was divine. On the next tour, let us listen to "You Make Me Love You" from the album "Hai Hai”. ~ Cesar Caldas

It was superb...what a great night...as Mr. Hodgson said: for the next two hours leave your problems away and enjoy the concert...simply wonderful...l was like a dog with two tails…
~ Darcy Arnaldo




It was wonderful, thank you so much. Magic moments. ~ Reto Wurtrich

Really fantastic! And I kissed your hands ! Blessed hands! Perfect band Missing you now
~ Cecilia Pavan Margarldo

Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, BrazilThe best show ever. ~ Hemerson Diniz

It was amazing! ~ Beatriz Calderari

Thank you my master... my biggest influence.I went to the show yesterday in Curitiba. Looking forward to see all you guys again! Great band!!! ~ Henrique Peters

Simply magical my friend. ~ Jeff Reid

Roger, I watched your show yesterday in Curitiba. My will was to take you to my house, srsrsr. You is amazing !! Congratulations to you and your band. Congratulations sympathy and affection for his fans. You are always welcome in Curitiba ~ Nella Odevor

Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, BrazilYour words and beauty in the world continue to resonate to this day. Your music and you will always remain timeless. ~ Jeff Reid

I had the pleasure and the privilege to assist, in Curitiba, a new show from Roger Hodgson. A living legend of rock! An unforgettable show!~ Juarez Borges


Show in Curitiba, was absolutely beautiful  ~ Nelia Odevor


I was in the third row at the show in Curitiba. Thanks Roger for your return to Curitiba. Watch a show of an artist with his charisma and talent, accompanied by a spectacular band, is something unforgettable! At the outset, I, and surely many curitibanos await his return for a new show. Roger and team, stay with God! ~ Juarez Borges

Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, BrazilGreat show ~ Marcelo Ville

I was there! The best show ever ~ Hemerson Diniz

Wonderful ~ Maria Cecilia Franco Torres

Thank you Roger for touching my hand tonight. It was a magic show and a memorable interaction with the audience. ~ Cesar Caldas

I am glad you have made it safe to Curitiba. I have waited 32 years to watch you play live. It was a great show! Come back… ~ Juilane Novacki Cieto

Very good!!!!!! ~ Paulo De Tarso Vernet

Wonderful Show! Thank You! Dream come true. ~ Yonara Weschenfelder Lobe

It was a dream come true! 30 years waiting for this show it!!! We Love! ~ Angela Born

Fantastic ~ Reinoldo Luiz Gormanns

Thank you for this fantastic show tonight in Curitiba ~ Francisco Mattos

I was there and if I could I would see it again. Great night! ~ Robert William Albizu Jr.

Awesome concert! ~ Teto Fernandez Perfil Dois

Thank you for the wonderful Night! ~ Diogo Do Araguala Vasconelos

Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, BrazilIt was a dream being in your show in Curitiba ...I saw this show back 79 in California when I was an exchange student..You are sooooooooo sentimental, so nice person, so cute and you put all your deep feelings in each song you sing. The band is fantastic...I had such a great time! Please, come back always ...you are very welcome in Brazil. Love you soooooooooo much...deep inside my heart!!! Lots of hugs for you!!! ~ Fabiola Bernardes





What a show!!!!!! Was too good! Perfect! ~ Eliane Dec Morvan



Thanks for give me such great time in Curitiba...I cried in each song...too much emotion for my heart!!! You , guys are amazing musitions...looooooots of love! ~ Fabiola Bernardes

That wonderful setting! #beautiful #show ~ Tibor Alcantara

The show in Curitiba was wonderful. I loved it. ~ Martha Feldens


Awesome concert !!! Thanks a lot ! ~ Marcos DePeder


Roger Hodgson ~ Teatro Positivo ~ Curitiba, BrazilIt was amazing! A flawless show. The hard is dance sitting, but I swear I didn't nudge anybody
~ Eliane Dec Morvan

Roger Hodgson is so lovely!!! Awesome show in Curitiba ~ Marília Freitas ‏

Excellent show in Curitiba. Until the next Roger!
~ Cesar Augusto Savaria




Photo #1 by Howard Heckers

Photo #2 by Linda Tyler
Photos #3, 4, 6 & 8 by ABB

Photos #5 & 7 by Thomas Altaras


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