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Cornbury Festival ~ Oxfordshire, England ~ July 12, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Cornbury Music Festival ~ Oxfordshire, England

Roger Hodgson ~ Cornbury Music Festival ~ Oxfordshire, England

Roger Hodgson ~ Cornbury Music Festival ~ Oxfordshire, EnglandHi Roger - Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing you and your band perform at Cornbury Festival last pm. It was magical and so good to see you "Live" once again - Last time was at Stowe in 2013. As a fellow OS it is wonderful to see that you still have the energy to perform as brilliantly as you do. You are a great example to Old Stoics!!! Thank you - very much hope to see you at the Albert Hall next year. All the very best to you and your band.
~ Sam R-B

Roger What a fantastic hour and a bit at Cornbury yesterday. It allowed me to go back to my youth and remember my first ever proper gig (I can't count Showadywady!!). Bristol Colston hall around 1975- Crime of the Century tour. That gig shaped my musical taste so it was so good to hear some of the old classics yesterday.  A big thanks also to your fantastic talented band. Dare I say better than the original!!! ~ Nigel Owen

We were there! A fantastic concert which connected emotionally with us [john and linda] to a very high degree Hearing the opening bars of songs which were the musical fabric of our youth brought tears to our eyes on numerous occasions. Roger was delightful, and his band extremely talented. ~ John Leigh

Roger Hodgson ~ Cornbury Music Festival ~ Oxfordshire, EnglandReally enjoyed your set Roger. You spoke beautifully from the heart about being at Cornbury and you brought great joy to the crowd. Your sound engineer deserves a hearty thanks for providing the best sound balance to a performance over the entire event. Thank you for being the outstanding performance of the festival. ~ Mike Mathieson

Roger, we loved you set here at Cornbury. Can't wait until next April at the Albert Hall 
~ Mike Buchanan

A great set by Roger and the band.. Good to see you in England again. ~ Gavin Punfield

Roger Hodgson ~ Cornbury Music Festival ~ Oxfordshire, EnglandSuch a treat to see Roger and the band this evening, especially because we got to watch from the front. Another stunning performance- thank you.
~ Victoria Maleski

Absolutely brilliant. Please do more shows here, looking forward to seeing you next April. You and your band were amazing. ~ Martin Lynch

What a Legend! Come back soon! You were absolutely fantastic today. Great to see you here at Cornbury.
~ Tim Flère-Vaughan

Thanks for the fantastic performances of school and fools overture. Roger is a true gent as well!! Proud to be British. ~ Graham Auton

Just wanted to say Thank you! i had the pleasure of watching Roger at Cornbury, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand the entire show. What a very charming gentleman and a true music legend. I loved every minute - thanks again Roger. Xx ~ Alison Lorimer

Roger Hodgson ~ Cornbury Music Festival ~ Oxfordshire, EnglandHi Roger, thankyou so so much for dedicating Dreamer at Cornbury for me and my Fiance Dawn . It was a fantastic moment that we both will never forget. Your set was brilliant. Can't wait to see you again. Please come back to England soon
~ Roger Howis

Roger Hodgson you smashed cornbury absolutely amazing :) ~ Sarah Jolly

Il était au Cornbury Festival, au même programme donc que "mon" chéri. Un grand artiste, incontestable. ~ Dominique Montgilbert

(He was at the Cornbury Festival, at the same programme, therefore, that " my darling. A great artist, indisputable.)

Dear Roger, Many, many thanks for meeting me after your wonderful but all too short show at Cornbury festival on Sunday, it was amazing to meet you and be able to let u know in person how much your music means to me, Hide in Your Shell in particular. This was made possible by my fantastic husband with the help of Shakti and Linda, thank you for helping me realise a long held dream. So looking forward to seeing you at the Albert Hall next April, when hopefully we will hear Hide in Your Shell and many, many more of your wonderful songs. Thank you all again, ~ Debbie and Andrew.

Ive always wanted to see you guys play, I saw you for the first time at the Cornbury festival. Wow Norway, you're in for a treat!!! Roger and his band are amazing!! ~ Tim Flère-Vaughan

nick sweeney @nicksweeneypc: A brilliant set by @RogerHodgson @Cornbury . Wonderful school boy memories came flooding back. Thank you.

TWFF @smartloveco: @RogerHodgson Cornbury was magic.............I felt I found the real me again and was 17, no cares in the world. Now at 53 it was wonderful

TWFF @smartloveco: @RogerHodgson Your music is an inspiration, I will refocus and get my 13 year old very musical son to listen

Steph @LayItBareBlog: Absolutely brilliant day at @Cornbury topped off with seeing @RogerHodgson perform some of his greatest tracks pic.twitter.com/SvXgshN7Pz

Cici Muldoon ‏@DrCiciMuldoon Jul 19 : More @RogerHodgson Supertramp loveliness. :) https://twitter.com/DrCiciMuldoon/status/622898781055545344

Cici Muldoon ‏@DrCiciMuldoon Jul 19 : Second half of that @RogerHodgson Supertramp clip. As infectious now as it was then! (well I wasn't born yet.. ;) ). https://twitter.com/DrCiciMuldoon/status/622897864923082756

Photos # 1, 2, 3 & 4 by Howard Heckers
Photos # 5 & 6 by BBC Radio Oxford

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