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Scottish Rite Theatre ~ Collingswood, NJ ~ October 27, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Scottish Rite Theatre ~ Collingswood, NJ

Roger Hodgson ~ Scottish Rite Theatre ~ Collingswood, NJ

Very much enjoyed your band's performance last night at the Scottish Rite, Collinswood, NJ. Outstanding musicianship. My fiancé and I rejoiced with you and appreciate the gift you've been given and continue to share with all of us. If only we all would look up to the stars and blossom from our shells. I vow to keep my invitation open to all who will ask. Thank you ~Kevin Lawrence

Roger, Linda, Shakti, team and band - words alone simply cannot express the experience we had with all of you over the past 3 nights' shows. You show our family so much love and kindness and are the closest family to us that we've ever had. It is truly inspiring and moving how you care for each and every soul that comes to see Roger. I still have a lingering teardrop down my cheek thinking of the deeply touching performance of Babaji you dedicated to me & my family :) All of you kindred spirits, please rest well after this unforgettable tour and 2014 will be even better than the last!! May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you, guide your way on <3 With much love, ~ Rissa & family (Joe, Joey & Justin)

Roger is the BEST! Just saw him at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood , NJ. Seen him many times before, and will continue to see him till whenever- I love him, So much feeling, emotion,and just wonderful. ~ Carol Pisano

Saw the show at the Scottish Rite Auditorium this past Sunday. You guys were tight. Wonderful set selection. Particularly loved Fool's Overture. Loved the stories. You need to have a couple of nights up in New England, say the Boston area. Can't wait to see you next year!!!! ~Jon

Its hard to believe that its been two weeks since you were here in the New Jersey/ New York area. It seems like it was just yesterday when I had the fantastic opportunity to see you in Westbury, NY and Collingswood, NJ. Both shows were fantastic! I can still feel the sense of pure joy that hits me every time I hear those initial keyboard notes that signals the start of Take the Long Way Home. The two hours that follow always seems to pass by too quickly. The music I heard over the span of the weekend was unforgettable. Your music has certainly stood the test of time and, if possible, sounds fresher than ever. Roger, your music has the rare quality of touching me both on a musical level and a spiritual manner. There is no other artist, whether a musician or any other, that can do this. I think the highlight of Saturday’s performance was when you dedicated the wonderful song Babaji to one of your devoted fans and her family. It was very touching and a real treat for all of us since this gem is rarely played. Sunday’s show at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood was a very special one for me. This beautiful venue was a fantastic setting for another unforgettable night. This night held a special meaning for many of us who live in NJ, as it marked the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, which devastated the homes and lives of many of us who live at the Shore. In fact, there were approximately twenty fellow residents of Ocean County who rented a bus to travel across the State to attend this show. Just like last year, your music provided an avenue to forget all of the troubles that life brings, at least for two hours. Needless to say, when you dedicated The More I Look to me, I was floored. This song holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the songs that helped me through the storm and its immediate aftermath. Thank G-d for IPods. Thank you for everything you do Roger. You provide much comfort, inspiration, and joy to your devoted legion of fans. I look forward to seeing you, Linda and Shakti again next year. ~ Mike Morton

I wanted to say thank you again...I think having you sing "Breakfast in America" to me for my birthday was the best birthday present I've ever received. (HOW did you know it was THAT song??? LOL kippers!!!! I've always thought that was so funny!!!!! And have wondered "My goodness...do they eat fish for breakfast in England?"). I so enjoyed being so close to you and feeling we were singing together!!!!!! This was the 3rd time I've seen you. The other 2 were when you were still with Supertramp. I've been a big fan for a long time. You are such a dear, sweet, man. You connect with your audience in a way I've never really seen before and I've been to many concerts. I REALLY appreciated what you did for me. I really had a fabulous time tonight.....PLEASE try to come back to Collingswood and entertain us again??? If you do I will be there!!!  ~  Deborah Richter-Lynch

I saw the show 2 nights ago at Westbury NY- your performance was incredible. Your solo version of Even In The Quietest Moments literally brought tears to my eyes. The band is top notch - so incredibly talented. The harmonies spot on - the energy fantastic. Your voice has aged so beautifully - the same passion coming through with every note. I have never been to a show where the between-song banter seemed so heart felt. Calling out fans who requested songs - who does that? Roger you have done what i though wasn't possible - after seeing you live i am even a bigger fan of yours than before. i laughed along when you scolded the late comers that they missed the best song - even though that was hardly the case. C'est La Bon, Sister Moonshine, Lord Is It Mine, Easy Does It, Fool's Overture - what an incredibly deep pool of gems. Thank you thank you thank you. Also please don't sell Open The Door short - The More I Look, Along Came Mary and Open The Door are among my favorite compositions of yours (i even appreciate your contribution to Walls from the Yes Talk CD). Again thank you for a wonderful show - well worth the years wait  ~  Ricky Roche

Thank you so much to everyone last night for the wonderful performance, especially to Roger Hodgson! You & your music is inspiring & joyous & am so glad I was able to enjoy it with my mother, Susan! Thank you also for writing this beautiful music for us to enjoy! It was a great honor to meet you and it was an experience I will remember forever!  ~ Stacey Morris

Thank you for another great show. Saw you in Clearwater, Florida on March 22, 2013 with a string orchestra. So I was anxious to hear you last night without the strings. Your sound is magnificent with or without. Do you prefer playing with an Orchestra behind you? God Bless to you, your family and the band. ~ Scott McCoy

AMAZING SHOW last night here in Collingswood...please come back again!!! We love you!
~ Dale Pantz

Great getting to talk with Roger before the show a wonderfully pleasant fellow, very kind. Thanks again for affirming why I play music, you are a continuing inspiration.  ~  David Dzubinski

Great show! My fiancé and I will always remember your band's energy and expertise. ~Kevin Lawrence

Well not disappointed at all, I have been to 100's of shows and I have to say that was in the top 2 for me. I hope Roger enjoyed as much as we did.  ~ Marty Carroll

We're here !!! Great concert !  ~ Naomi Lubkin

Great concert so far! Anyway you can play Give a little bit? I'm here with my dad and that's the song we danced at my wedding to!  ~ Megan Korimsak

Great show!  ~ Offramp Muse

AMAZING SHOW last night here in Collingswood...please come back again!!! We love you! 
~ Dale Pantz

Great getting to talk with Roger before the show a wonderfully pleasant fellow, very kind. Thanks again for affirming why I play music, you are a continuing inspiration.  ~ David Dzubinski

Sundays show in nj was awesome, they don't miss a beat or a note, true professionals. I won the Facebook contest for tickets and backstage passes to your Oct. 27th show in Collingswood, NJ. This was a fluke as I have never even entered any type of contest like that before and, although my husband and I had to take off work and made all kinds of last-minute arrangements since we live in Florida, I wouldn't have considered not going for a minute. This was our 3rd time seeing you within the last 14 months (Atlantic City last August and Clearwater, Florida in March) and it was, once again, a magical and bordering on a spiritual experience. Not only are you brilliant, your music beautiful and lyrics unbelievably meaningful, but you also exude so much warmth toward the audience. When I met you I felt the same way. I posted the photo of you and me on my Facebook page and said, "His spirit is as beautiful as his music" and that is so true! We will continue to make an effort to see you whenever or wherever we can and it would be awesome to get another great hug which was yet another highlight! Thanks for taking us to a wonderful place, courtesy of you and your music. I'm still there! Bless you for all the joy you share and I hope to see you again!  ~ Jamie Undercoffler

That was one of the best concerts i ever seen he is a poet gentle man and a fantastic musician!!! all of them. ~ Anonymous

As we approached the doors to the Scottish Rites Theatre (which also doubles as a Masonic Temple), we had a feeling that we were in for a special evening with the former frontman, lead singer/songwriter & guitarist of my all-time favorite band - Supertramp. From the opening notes of Take the Long Way Home (from Breakfast In America) to the finale of Fool's Overture (from Even In The Quietest Moments), Roger and his band served-up all the 'Tramp hits (as well as choice solo cuts) that one could expect. As usual, Roger (remarkably) is STILL hitting the high notes in the same octave as they were originally recorded (up to 40 years ago!). The enthusiastic crowd loved every minute of it, and before he left the stage - Roger assured us that he'd be back in the area again next year. I, for one, am already looking forward to it… P.S. - A small group of loyal fans were luck enough to meet Roger after the show (outside by his tour bus). As always, Roger is as gracious a man in-person as one would expect - based on the feelings & emotions that his lyrics evoke.  ~  TheMeaning

Great venue!!!! The show was very good. It was nice to be at a venue where the performer actually interacted with the crowd. The venue seats around 1000 people and Roger played request that fans had sent to him, which was a nice touch. Overall it was great night and I hope there will be more concert at this venue. ~ La911

It was Supertramp for me! I was fortunate to see Supertramp back in the mid 70's at the Tower. It still ranks as one of the best performances of any artist I had ever seen and I have seen my share and then some. I am a nostalgic person and had longed to revisit that show. Then I saw the Hodgson tour add and tried for the Keswick but it was sold out. I was unfamiliar with the Scotish Rite Auditorium but decide to make it an adventure. I was not disappointed. It is a GREAT venue. Comfortable seating, great views and easy access in a suburban setting. But, I was there to see Roger and his band and they were great. Roger made it a personal experience for some patrons as he responded to their emails and Facebook requests and asked them to stand up to be recognized. His easy going and sincere personality only added to his musical genius. The band played hit after hit to perfection and it is great to see performers enjoying the show as much as the patrons. ~ Goldram

Back in 1979, I saw Supertramp at the old Spectrum in Philadelphia. It was the most fantastic concert I've seen at that time. Breakfast in America just came out and the album never came off of my turntable. Now, 34 years later, I see Roger Hodgson and his fantastic band at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ. I was blown away. The smaller crowd was totally into the show and Roger seemed to be enjoying their last show in the US during this tour so he mentioned. He frequently spoke to the audience between songs which made the show even that much more special. He sang all the tracks that he originally sang on B.I.A. plus many other Supertramp hits, including some of his solo work. I would see him again in a heart beat.  ~ Stuburger

Great to hear live the classic Supertramp songs just as they sound on the CD. The Scottish Rites Auditorium was the perfect intimate setting. Roger interacted very well with the audience, which I had never seen before and that made everything that much more special. I was very impressed with the Sax (and many other instruments) player Aaron Macdonald. Roger and the band were great Thanks. 
~ Dundeeboy

I've had several inquiries as to the identity of this fellow....All of you would quickly recognize his voice ...he was the main songwriter and singer for Supertramp. This chap has not lost a step or vocal range. Those unique harmonies we all came to love swirled about the Scottish Rite Auditorium beautifully. His band reproduced all of his greatest songs tonally perfect. What a wonderful evening we had going through his catalog. Phenomenal show, impeccable musicianship.  ~ DoctorCalagari

The venue is small and cozy. I would see anyone here. Not a bad seat in the place. Roger was in excellent voice. He had a brilliant band with him. The music was incredible. I will see him again when he is back in the states. His merchandise was actually reasonable. Bought his CD of live tracks. Bloody brilliant.  ~ joestate85

Roger Hodgson was excellent. This is the second time I have seen him on his own, & once many years ago with Supertramp. Always a fantastic performance!  ~ Anonymous

His voice sounded just like it did in supertramp days. best part was his interaction with the crowd. he would read requests and dedicate songs from people on his facebook. ~ freeparking

great show, voice was excellent, he and band sounded exactly like 1970's Supertramp, come back soon!
~ k4e4n

Roger ran down a setlist that was truly amazing. I am a big super tramp fan but one tends to forget some of the great music he has put out over the years.  ~ speckilpat

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