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Clam Castle Festival ~ Clam, Austria ~ June 21, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Clam Castle ~ Clam, Austria

Roger Hodgson ~ Clam Castle ~ Clam, Austria

We've been to the show at Burg Clam yesterday and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I could have watched and listened to you and your amazing band for 2 more hours:) Great music, great emotions and brilliant sound! Thank you for the music! ~ Thomas Eder

hallo roger i saw you playing on the klam castle in upper austria last sunday and the concert was bombastic. looking forward to see you next time in klam (or any other place). ~ Markus Türk

Dear Roger, thank you for the great concert in Clam. Only thing i can say is that you should have played much longer. Hope to see you and your fabulous band soon in Austria again. I´ve checked your tour dates but unluckily a concert in Vienna is missing!!!! Greetings from Vienna. Kind regards ~ Thomas

Great concert. Made the tour with the regular guide. Nice! Met David Paich later. ~ Bardo Metzger

Fantastic show, fantastic sound and Roger and the Band in a fantastic mood.
~ Helmut Winkler

Yes, it was fantastic, roger and the band getting better and better every year ~ Michaela Michal

Roger Hodgson ~ Clam Castle ~ Clam, AustriaGreat show Roger! Thanks for all the memories.
~ Peter Plevka

It was a really fantastic show tonight, Roger! Hope you come back again soon! ~ Tom Trenker

I was tears of emotion from Roger Hodgson! ~ Kam Vaj

So lucky werden could manage to be in Klam this evening. RH and Toto! Almost no wishes left. ~ Bardo Metzger

What a concert!!! Special thanks to Roger ~ Elisabeth Doktoritsch

I was at the concert in Clam, Austria yesterday - it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!!!!!! I sang along all the songs that R.H. and his brilliant band played - thanks for this timeless music, Roger Hodgson! And our smile :) ~ Alexandra Steiner

Roger Hodgson ~ Clam Castle ~ Clam, AustriaGreat Concert Roger! Was a pleasure to See you there! ~ Jochen Winkler

It was a fantastic show of both of them yesterday at Burg Clam!!! ~ Martina Gensmantel

Grand concert roger! ~ Johann Bauer

It was a fantastic show on Sunday!!!!! ~ Martina Gensmantel

Happy that I was a part of it! ~ Sylvia Pfeil

Roger Hodgson ~ Clam Castle ~ Clam, Austria

Photo # 1 by Shakti Shivaya
Photos # 2 & 3 by Howard Heckers
Photo # 4 by WeGotIt.at

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