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Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, Belgium ~ January 25, 2015




Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, Belgium

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, Belgium

As usual great moment, great show, and... wonderful after show where my 91 years old Mom finally met Roger... Once again: can't thank you enough for making this dream come true (with the complicity of Classic 21 - RTBF , thanks to Marc Ysaye and Patrick Bauwens) ~ Xav Sept

Only respect and admiration for such beautiful lyrics, music, for mind-blowing musicianship from you, the band, Sound & Light and, for a crew that is one out of a million. We're fans forever. Thank you for an unforgettable evening. Have a safe tour and.....please do come back! ~ Peter Schreurs

Great concert, Roger was perfect and his musicians too ~ Didier Wantier

Thank you so much......... this show was just.... perfect! See you soon! <3 ~ Caroline Dubois

What a concert ! what a energy and what a quality of music ... Thank you for this fantastic moment. The happy birthday dedicated to Anna from all the audience and Roger was so touching, lucky her ;)
~ Jessica Dotto

Our first time to see you, Roger, and what an amazing experience. You sound as good now as when the songs were recorded, and the show was just wonderful, in such a terrific and intimate venue. We love the informality that you bring to the evening. Well worth the trip over from the UK. Would be good to see you touring back home soon, but in the meantime we'll have to plan our next trip into Europe to see you again! ~ John and Anne Roberts

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, BelgiumDear Mr. Hodgson and group, I feel still very emotional when I write you know to thank you for the most finest birthday attention for our daughter Anna. It was so kind and generous and from the heart ... You are a very generous man, of course, you keep on sharing you music by giving all these concerts all over the world. But you and your crew, you really make more difference for the state of the world and for so many people then you can imagine. The concert was simply magnificent. I don't understand how you guys can do it, because you are setting for quite a time allready the highest standards for life performance ... but still you manage to improve. My friend said, this one was better than the one in Oostende, 2 years ago, and I had to agree: it seems like everyone is better than the one before... The setlist was also composed very strong, it was simply perfect, in the first part some of the best introspective songs but it was really building up with several climaxes to an apotheosis with Fools Overture. Like all of your fans, I presume, it was good to see you play the electric guitar again, like in the old days I think, and thanks a lot for adding Had a dream to the live repertoire, tx als for putting it last year on you tube. I hope one day to hear Oh brother and Open the door in a concert, but I agree it is not easy to choose out of such quality of repertoire. Choosing is always a little bit loosing... One of our friends had one remark: this music is better when played for a standing audience and I agree: this music deserves an active and sharp public. So maybe whe can join you later on, on one of the "standing" concerts. All the best for 2015's tour! Kind regards ~ Karel, Agnieszka, Anna, Ruben and co

Je confirme ,super soirée ,un grand roger ,toujours avec son petit brun d'humour ,merci
(I confirm, super evening, a large roger, always with his little brun humour, thank you) ~ Pierre Droulez

Thank you for this moment, I can now go home with one big fat smile on my face :) ~ Cyril Wilfart

Thanks for the dream, it's a great moment tonight. Roger ,you are the best. See you soon amigo
~ Maqpeya Luta

It was a dream to see you again..You made me crying. It was so beautiful..your songs go straight into my heart ..... ~ Jean Marc Daubresse

Wonderful evening Roger - Thank you ~ Eric Cacheux

Great show !!!!!!!!! Thank you ! ~ Pierre Rigotti

It was such fun Roger, I'm looking forward to see you again, back in Brussels ~ Jean-Luc Chefneux

Wonderfull show tonight, thank you Roger Hodgson
~ Julien Sterckx

Can't thank you enough for making my "dream" come true to introduce my 91 years old Mom to Roger... ~ Xav Sept

Great show, big smile at the end.. As the rain was waiting us outside.. ~ Zoltan Aradszki

Thanks for fantastic show. Now we can go home to sweden digging all your records and remember this great perfomance. Thanks! ~ Stefan Carlquist

C'était superbe merci pour ce spectacle. (It was wonderful thank you for this show.) ~ Anne De Plaie

Great show! Thanks ~ Henri van Zanten

First show which I Will never forget, and I hope not the last. A Mauritian living in Brussels, and a Dreamer too. Great night and thanks to Roger Hodgson. ~ Ghilaine Rabaud

We were there tonight in Brussels and it was fantastic; see you again in Heerlen later thuis year! Until then...... ~ Peter Hagen

There was also two fans from Estonia :) Thank you for the wonderful concert! ~ Monika Montvila

Het was geweldig. Volgende keer weer (It was great. Next time again) ~ Michel de Rijk

My third time with Roger, it was simply wonderful, as usual ! There will be a fourth meeting, no doubt about it ! ~ Véronique Bruyninx-Befays

We enjoyed the show tonight. Thanks to Roger & his band. Next time, we'll be there again
~ Marc Vanhemelryck

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, BelgiumMagical show ... Thanks ! ~ Emmanuel Hormidas

Merci pour ce formidable show ! C'était une superbe soirée, bravo à vous et à vos musiciens.
(Thank you for this wonderful show! It was a wonderful night, bravo to you and your musicians.)
~ Mireille Cochet

Schitterende show ! (Beautiful show!) ~ Carl Verelst

Super show ce soir!   (Great show tonight!!) ~ Régis Dutoit

Super concert ce soir roger hodgson toujours aussi extra ordinaire ainsi que les musiciens
(Super concert tonight roger hodgson always also extra ordinary, as well as the musicians)
~ Pascale van den Broeck

Hi Roger, Many thanks for this wonderful show and for the little meet after. Thanks to Linda too. Hope to see you soon back in Belgium. Best wishes. ;) ~ Philippe Dradin

Que du bonheur, que demander de plus ??....superbe soirée!
(That of happiness, what more could you ask for??.... Wonderful night!) ~ Fabienne Delvigne

Fantastic Show!!! Thanks. ~ Marliese Küpper-Reuter

It has been a great evening and a fantastic concert! ~ Klaus Weyand

Merveilleux musiciens.Merci Roger,d'être si bien entouré pour nous donner autant d'emotions ;-);-);-). JUST A DREAMS . (Wonderful musicians. Thank you roger, to be so well surrounded in order to give us so many emotions ;-);-);-). Just a dreams.) ~ René Plusquin

What a show ! The band, the sound, the audience, your electric guitar, everything was great ! Hope you will come back soon in Belgium ! ~ Gaston-Vincent Potferdek

Many thanks for magic moments ! Looking forward to see and hear you again ~ Francine Küpper

It was a splendid concert. ..a great moment of music and emotion...Thank you M. Hodgson and see you soon at Brussels ~ Isabelle Charlier

Great show ! Thankx Roger and all the band ! ~ Denis Pepinster

We were in Paris in Olympia in june 2014, we were there yesterday in Brussels, coming from Nancy, France... Thanks so much for this great concert...love you, love your bad and music since such a long time... !!!! MERCI ROGER ~ Sylvie Thevenin

Great concert thank you for those magic moments ~ Catherine Sacre

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, BelgiumWe had a fantatic evening, thanks to Roger and his great band! Very good memories! ~ Karin Vrancken

What a wonderful show in Brussels - as it was my birthday too, I took the 'Fool's overture' as my birthday present. Thank you for this wonderful evening! ~ Sybille Mazay

Roger Hodgson, encore une fois hier tu as été SPLENDIDE, t'entendre chanter est tout simplement MAGIQUE, vivement ton retour en Belgique....Je te souhaite une très bonne tournée de concerts remplie de joie,de bonheur,....gros bisous à toi et à toute ton équipe.
(Roger Hodgson, again yesterday you were splendid, hearing you sing is everything Simply magical, deeply your return in belgium.... I wish you a very good concert tour filled with joy, happiness,.... Big kisses to you and your team.) ~ Virginie Benoît Cortyser VanNieuwenhuyse

Thank you Roger for the wonderful evening and I am so glad that I have met you personal after the show!! ~ Thea Boogaard Stam

It was a warm and wonderful concert, and we all enjoyed it. Little Anna will dream about this concert for years! What strikes us, is that the band is smiling all through the concert. They really enjoy their work, and we feel their positive energy. Kind regards ~ Geert

Thanks you Roger for giving us so many "little bit" yesterday in Brussels. I was 14 again (even if really 49 ;-) See you again ! ~ Pascale Meunier

Just left the Cirque Royal after seeing Roger and the band. Absolutely fantastic! It truly was an amazing evening. Thank you Roger and the gang. Until next time ~ Darren Thompson

What a great first night, here in Brussels, thanks Mr Hodgson & band! ~ Margaret

Super concert this evening in Brussels ! What a band ! What a sound ! And i'm very glad that you play again on electric guitar ! :D ~ Vincent

Hi Roger (and your band!), Wonderful concert in Brussel 25/01/2015!!! it was the first time I FINALLY see you in my life! I'm already so OLD now (47) haha!. But wanted to say you were there when I was 10 or 12, and you were already inspiring me that much, as loneliness and feeling of being crazy sometimes have been a lot in my life. I start to get out of it. I have memories of singing your songs in my Grand Parents garden... Then yesterday, you were exactly the one I thought! You are full of LOVE! Everything you say makes you different: yes you give, but a lot more than a little bit ! I wanted you know ! Thank you Roger! The child in me who will finally grow up in this 'hard' world is happy to see so much you are true ! and a so beautiful 'soul'! Thank you. A lot! You inspire beauty, quietness, another look necessary on our world, and we feel what you wanna say... I Hope to see you again, now... ~ olive6741

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, BelgiumFinally I had the opportunity to see you for the first time in my life. I am 52 years old now and you fill my life with joy. Your concert yesterday in Brussel was just brilliant and amazing. I hope to see you soon again. Breakfast in America was the first Supertramp lp I bought in the seventies and it keeps always a special place in my heart. And I can say : You are really the heart and the voice of Supertramp. You are simply the best. Thanks Roger for your beautiful music and great concert yesterday ! God bless you and your wonderful band. All the best and have a great time during the rest of your tour. Greets, ~ Peter Vandevyere

Hello Rodger, Brussels yesterday was fantastic. Great band and I just love your performance and your great songs. Thank you very much. ~ Patrick Jordens

Amazing concert at the Cirque Royale last night - just loved every single song. Thank you so much and best of luck with the rest of the tour. ~ Pam

Hello hello, I was yesterday in Bruxelles .. It was a great great show ... I say you "Thank you for this moment" I'll see you, the band, and all the team in Paris ... Kisses for You, Linda, Shakti and all
~ Carole

I finally had the occasion to see you live! Thank you for being here (Brussels). I am 50 years old. In the 70's and early 80's I probably listened to your album 'breakfast in america" more than 500X. I am not exaggerating. I don't know why but I don't think an album has ever had such an impact on me. Kind regards. ~ Philip Wittmann

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, BelgiumFrom Brussels il y a, chez cet artiste, de la nostalgie, de la nostalgie heureuse, celle qui fait du bien, celle que l'on s'injecte les mauvais jours.Il vous fera aimer l'instant d'après tant sa musique sème de l'espoir, il faut se souvenir des choses essentielles de la vie, il faut se souvenir de cette generation ~ Guest

Cher Roger nous avons été très heureux de te rencontrer hier au cirque royal de Bruxelles . Merci pour ta simplicité , ton sourire et surtout le super concert que tu nous a offert . Ce moment restera graver dans nos cœurs au plaisir de revoir à un prochain concert . Un tout grand merci aussi à Lynda de nous avoir autoriser à te rencontrer après le concert . Vous êtes merveilleux deux fans tout simple . Amitiés musicales ~ Patricia & Rudy
(Dear Roger we were very happy to meet you yesterday at the Royal Circus in Brussels. Thank you for your simplicity, your smile and above all the great concert you gave us. This moment will remain engraved in our hearts we hope to see in an upcoming concert. A big thank you to Lynda for giving us permission to meet you after the concert. You are wonderful
two simple fans. musical friendships ~ Patricia & Rudy)

Pascal Canon ‏@Pascalcanon – @RogerHodgson what a great concert tonight in #Brussels. THX for this wonderful evening.

Aurélie ‏@lovetapdance – Soirée phénoménale en compagnie de @RogerHodgson et ses musiciens géniaux! Ambiance de folie, public déchaîné, musique! #supertramp #saxo (Phenomenal evening with @RogerHodgson and its great musicians! Amazing atmosphere, raging public, music!)

Roger Hodgson España ‏@RogerHodgsonEs – Brussels, Belgium many fans from many countries in Brussels with @RogerHodgson

Iza ‏@Dramafana – @RogerHodgson #Brussels Thank you so much! What a show! Had a blast! Hope to see you there again soon!

Roger Hodgson ~ Cirque Royal ~ Brussels, BelgiumMathias Jacques ‏@MathiasJacques – Roger Hodgson aura fait planer la légende de #Supertramp, fantastique concert au @cirqueroyale! (Roger Hodgson will casts the legend of #Supertramp, fantastic concert at the @cirqueroyale!)

Lut Wilms ‏@lutwil – Feeling young &old at same time seeing #rogerhodgson ex Supertramp in concert!

Photo 1 by Linda Tyler
Photos 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 by Howard Heckers
Photo 7 by Judy Merrims


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