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Community Arts Center ~ Williamsport, PA ~ June 25, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Community Arts Center - Williamsport, PA Roger Hodgson - Centre in the Square - Kitchener, ON, Canada  

Awesome show in Williamsport, PA Thank you! ~Becky

Amazing show tonight- it's been 30 years plus since I saw you in Troy NY...your voice remains perfect!! Sax player was great too. Whole band was great. Thank you!  ~Kim McMann

I saw Roger in Williamsport, PA. His vocals are still unbelievable and the band and even sound mixing was superb. ~ Ian Sanderson

Roger Hodgson - Community Arts Center - Williamsport, PARoger, I have seen more shows in my time than I can remember..last nights show in Williamsport actually sent chills down my spine. Your voice is truly incredible. To hear classics like Sister Moonshine, Fools Overture etc in addition to solo songs (by the way I agree with you...Open the Door is definitely some of your best work ever) was one of the biggest thrills in my life....Thank You   ~ Bob Jais

After a superb concert experience last night in Williamsport, PA we had the pleasure of meeting Roger and his band when we all checked out of our hotel at the same time. Never have we met such gracious, lovely people! We tried hard not to be too starstruck ... not too gush too much... and they made it easy because they were all so down to earth, despite the amazing talent they have. It was a very memorable morning after a memorable evening - the music and the people behind it have made us so very happy! We can't wait to see you this fall a little closer to home! Again, THANK YOU!!! ~Kim McMann

I want to thank you for coming to Williamsport. I have wanted to see you since you started touring again, and that gave me the opportunity to finally get the chance. I hope to catch you up in Montreal at the Balloon Festival someday. Your performance was, as I knew it would be: Magical! Best to you and your talented band! ~Chuck Hunnefield

Roger & Company....great show.....could have listened for another 2 hours!!!  ~ Theresa Hampl

The Williamsport show was incredible. I've been listening to Supertramp for over thirty years. This was one of the best concerts I've attended, from Take the Long Way Home to Give a Little Bit and everything in between. Fool's Overture, live, was phenomenal. Thank you Roger and Co. for such an awesome concert experience.  ~ Denise Diggan

Was probably the best concert my husband and I attended. You are truly a talented/gifted man. Your band ROCKS also! ~ Gwen Bickhart

Roger, what a wonderful show last night, especially having that front row center seat. Thank you for waiting while I tried the reverse camera shot with you and me. The problem was the height difference. Loved the new song and the show was just as good as Atlantic City last August. Make your way to Pittsburgh sometime. See you again soon!!!   ~ Dawn Nale

Great Concert!!! My husband and I were taken back to our younger years. The new songs were phenomenal - especially the one about animals in the zoo.!  ~ Connie Bunting Gunsallus

Roger Hodgson - Community Arts Center - Williamsport, PAMy older brother introduced me to Supertramp when I was very young. The music and voice of Roger Hodgson has been my favorite now for 30 years. I never thought I would get the chance to hear these songs live, but thanks to Roger's amazing voice (that has not lost a step) and his amazing band, it was not just good...it was AWESOME!!! Sitting front row and hearing "Hide In Your Shell" and "Fools Overture" is a moment I will never forget! Thanks guys for a great show!!!  ~ Joel Desotelle

Wonderful show! So glad we were able to attend! Roger and the whole band were amazing! Hope you play here again!!  ~ Susan Suseaux Zaydell

Such an amazing show late night!!!  ~ Shawnalee English-Miller

This was a fantastic show in a really great venue in a super town... THANK YOU!  ~  Kim McMann

One of the best concerts I've seen. I listened to Supertramp nonstop as a teenager. I never thought I'd get to hear these songs live. It really meant a lot to me, thanks so much for coming to Williamsport!  ~ Dylan Hoban

Williamsport, PA show was AMAZING! and it was GREAT meeting Roger Hodgson! What a cool guy!
~ Scott Spaulding


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