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Bridgewater Hall ~ Manchester, UK ~ May 29, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK Roger Hodgson - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK

Speechless Roger saw you at Kings Hall Belle Vue in 77 Barcelona 83 and just got back from Bridgewater Hall 13 Class Act ~Alan

Thanks for a great concert tonight First time !! ~Steve Maskill

Just got home from your concert in Manchester. Brilliant! Thank you for a amazing night best concert I have been to, hope to see you in the uk again soon. ~Jez

Brilliant concert at The Bridgewater, Manchester tonight. We all shared your emotions as you have shared ours over the years - for which I thank you. The band were great and Roger gave us a very happy evening in his inimitable style. “Raining Again” in Manchester - bring it on!! ~Cath

Roger, thanks to you and your wonderful band for a brilliant show at Manchester Bridgewater Hall tonight....simply wonderful and great to hear you play 'Babaji'......I have waited along time to hear it ! :) ~Gary Ashton

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful concert in Manchester last night. It was fantastic to see you with the full band for the first time (who are all superb by the way). The setlist was almost perfection with so many gems and even a couple I'd almost forgotten. Personal highlights were, as ever, Hide in Your Shell but also Fool's Overture, If Everyone Was Listening and Child of Vision. Fool's Overture took me back to Earl's Court in 1983 when I last saw you with Supertramp. A magic night. Please come back soon. So long as you do so will we. Thanks again. ~Dave Metcalfe

Roger Hodgson - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK“Even In The Quietest Moments” always chokes me up. It was especially the case last night. Thank you for the dedication Roger, it was totally unexpected. Your music has been such an important part of my life since the first time I heard you, in 1977. No musician has ever gotten through the way you do and the way you have done when I needed it most in life. You've been my best friend throughout my life. I just don't know how to say thank you enough. ~Jim Amey

Was at the Manchester gig last night and it was amazing. I saw you in Tenerife about 4/5 years ago and you performed without a drummer, so to hear you play with Brian completing the rhythm section last night was just perfect. Best wishes for the rest of the tour. ~John.

FANTASTIC concert last night, thank you and your musicians. It's the first concert my husband and I have been to where the quality of sound was better than the cd we played afterwards, impressive! We didn't know much of your work beyond Breakfast in America and your biggest hits but enjoyed all the songs you played, they were instantly appealing, must buy more! Your care for the music (plexiglass, rugs etc) and audience shone through, you come across as an all-round nice guy as well as a great singer/songwriter. Your suggestion everyone left their troubles behind for two hours showed compassion and understanding for people with problems, true in our case - as no doubt many others - as someone we are close to is desperately ill at the moment, so "Lord, is it mine?" was particularly moving. Overall a thoroughly uplifting evening though, and your mysticism, though not something we share, obviously helps make you a thoroughly decent man, thanks and respect to you and your band ~Carolyn Smith

Once again thanks for a superb concert in Manchester last night. brought along a friend of mine, who is actually the guitarist in the Happy Mondays, and he was blown away by your professionalism and the quality of your songs. it was a magical evening, and your humility shines through. thank you for performing Even in the quietest moments, which moved me to tears! keep spreading the love, regards, ~Ray

Thank you Roger for a brilliant show at the Bridgewater Hall last night. Saw you last time in M/c at the Palace 6 years ago when you & Aaron were wonderful, but with a full band you topped even that night. Great song selections, especially the surprise Babaji, and loved your interaction with the audience. Please don't leave it 6 years til next time... ~Graham Tarry

I just want to say thank you so much for reading my request and dedicating Lord is it Mine to me and my family-it was beautiful and we are so grateful- it was a wonderful night we will always remember. Thank you ~Margaret Robert and Family

Roger Hodgson - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UKI just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful evening of music at Bridgewater Hall Manchester last night. I was brought up to the music of Supertramp in my house by my dad and for me it is a soundtrack to my life. It was great to hear some of the tracks I never expected from “Crisis and Even in the Quietest Moments” (which in our house is called piano in the snow!) Babaji, Sister Moonshine and Lady were just amazing to hear. An amazing night of music I'll never forget, please come back to Manchester soon! ~Tracie Hutchieson

Wow what a show you gave last night in Manchester,you just seem to get better each time i have seen you 3rd time last night. Also thank you again for the meeting after the show, it was brilliant after being a fan of your music for 32 years. Enjoy the rest of the tour and best wishes to you and the team. ~stephen

Congratulations on an excellent performance last night at The Bridgewater Hall, the acoustics in there are excellent and you filled it with some good noise, but more than that you filled it with a lot of love. Bloody well right nice bloke! ~Glen Ackers

Attended your concert at the Bridgewater Hall Manchester last night. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful evening. You made my evening when you played Babaji for the first time. Good luck at Glasgow tonight they will be in for a treat I am sure. Hope to see you in Manchester again soon!!!!!! ~Jamil

Wow! what a night in Manchester's Bridgewater Hall. and thank you for playing Babaji, this is one of my most favourite songs, and I have not heard it played live since you were in Supertramp. I hope you have a great tour and see you next time. Cheers. ~Mark Stubbs

My friend Jessica and I met you after your concert in Manchester (I was holding a Brazilian flag). I would like to say a big thank you. Your coming to talk to your fans meant a lot to me. I'm still amazed at your humility and at how kind-hearted you are. I think this is one of the reasons why you inspire and touch so many people everywhere you go. I'm so glad to have met such a great person, even though for only a few minutes. It made my day. Thank you! All the very best to you and your band, and I hope to see you performing in Belo Horizonte again next year! ~Paulo Uliana

My mum died three years ago. When I was a teen she heard me playing “Give a Little Bit” and “Even in the Quietest Moments”. I’m not a head banger after all she said and that young man can sing and play music a bit. Every time I hear your music in those two songs my heart leaps Roger. I've been to a few of your concerts but the concert last night in Manchester was special. come back again and in the meantime Thank you for the music and my memories. ~simon

Fantastic show at Manchester last night Roger - loved everything about it and especially the way you interacted with the audience, especially the youngster (11 yr old). I was very moved by your dedication of "Lord, is it Mine"? as I too lost my Mum back in March and so could relate to the lady you had dedicated it to. Please, please come back again soon and make sure your bass player is with you (he's cute!) ~Gillian Brown

Came to see you last night in Manchester and had a wonderful night. Big smiles , some tears but lots and lots of memories came flooding back. Thank you ~Richard wood

I am a newcomer to your material,however my wife grew up listening to your music which holds priceless for memories for her as her estranged father was in a band in the 70's and you were his idol I believe, anyway I attended your gig last night at Bridgewater Hall and having been in bands for years I was blown away by the sound, the harmonies, how tight musically it was and the canadian sax player was incredible but nothing matched your acoustic song on the 12 string which sent shivers down my back....love it when music does that. So many songs i knew but didn't realise that was you (embarrassing to say but I wasn’t born until 72 so just missed out)....you still have a great vocal range and my wife smiled from start to end and the Long Way Home opener actually brought a tear to her eye and she never gets emotional. One of those musical experiences i am glad to say I experienced....I think it's a bit cheesy writing on these blog things but then again always nice to spread the joy. Thanks ~ian bryan

Roger Hodgson - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UKI was at your concert yesterday with my friend Paulo and I can't believe it yet! It was amazing! The show,as you told at the beginning, made me forget my problems and brought me so much peace... And I must say,talking to you at the end was really a dream coming true. My parents love you and I think they passed it to me. It was,really,a night to remember. Thank you for talking to us at the exit and for bringing such beautiful songs to the world. I love you sir! Hope to see you again. ~Jéssica Cruz



first saw you at Oxford early 1975 when you were touring Crime of the Century - I recall an amazing HIYS with Gallagher and Lyle joining for the coda - absolutely brilliant. Well I flew to Manchester yesterday from Belfast to see you again - and you were absolutely brilliant - many many thanks! ~Rob

Thank you Roger for such an amazing performance at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester last night. You and your band were absolutely brilliant and both my husband and I enjoyed every minute of the show. You obviously care about the audience so much, this came across in the way you chatted in-between songs, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and one we didn't want to end. Absolutely Brilliant!!!! ~John & Lorraine

Fantastic concert in Manchester last night....Fabulous YOU backed by four Great musicians just making such a wonderful sound....really enjoyed...come back soon ~Joyce Smith

You've heard from me previously, thank you so much for the dedication to Becky at the Manchester show. You've now got another fan who will never forget a wonderful evening.(Sadly her mum had gone for a comfort break and missed it !) ~Peter Howarth

Went to the Manchester gig on Wednesday. A great night, with 'Death and a Zoo' being the absolute highlight - powerful, emotional stuff. Thank you. ~Simon Bailey

Yeh the concert on Wednesday in Manchester was absolutely fantastic. I loved every single minute of the performance, you have such a relaxed style and love the chat with the audience and the band, showing how much you care about everyone around you. To then briefly catch up with you as you left the venue later just to say a personal Thank you was something I will remember. Your reaction, your smile and your conversation in the brief time you gave us outside was a moment to savour. The words, the music, and just for being you - Thank You . ~ Paul Stalker

Thanks for bringing the tour to Manchester. You were brilliant a fantastic night. It is wonderful to watch a true musician. Come back soon ~Phil McCormick

Bruno and I went to your show in Manchester... amusing, enchanting, touching, magical... Many thanks for all the warm feelings of that night! Cheers, ~Clarissa & Bruno

Saw your manchester bridgewater hall concert, superb, loved every minute of it! ~Pete Curran

Just to say a massive thank you for the show in Manchester, my name is Jerry, I am the father of Kye, he was the 11 year old boy sat in the second row at the Bridgewater Hall, you asked him if he knew your music and he replied "The logical song" was his favourite, well you made a young man very happy, he is telling everyone about his first ever concert and the fact it that it was Roger Hodgson, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I have played your music to him since he was born. I have to say the music was sharp and the band a real credit, canadians and americans, they were awesome! Thank you so much, ~Jerry and Kye xx

Saw you in Manchester. Sublime, as always. I adore your album Open The Door and was glad to hear some of your solo stuff at the gig. But it's been 13 years since we had anything new! I think we're long overdue! I guess you're having far too much fun touring! Don't blame you! ~Mike

Great gig at Manchester and my wife and I shook your hand at the rear of the Bridgewater as you were leaving, please thank the rest of the band, they also were superb!!!. Please can you tell me the model number of your trusted 12 string Guild Guitar, I have been trying to find out for ages? Thank you, Best wishes ~Mark Ashton

I was just a young woman when I first heard The Logical Song when someone I worked with said that they always thought of me when they heard it - I wondered if she thought I had a 'simple mind' I was indeed very troubled. However.......I then heard Crime of the Century and have been 'hooked' on the music of the then Supertramp and hauntingly beautiful voice of Roger Hodgsonever since. A lot of 'bitter-sweet' memories from those good old days. That was 35 years ago! I have never known of any songwriter/singer that has been able to 'relate' to so many people through his music like Roger Hodgson and I finally managed to see the very man 'live' which for me was a dream come true! Thank you for the most wonderful night! The band were absolutely superb and fantastic musicians............I salute you! ~Toni

Went to the show at Bridgewater Hall last night and it was truly Fantastic. The acoustics and Rogers voice was fabulous just like when Supertramp first started. Brought back a lot of memories of my childhood in Australia with my dad listening to Supertramp ~ Anthony Steventon

what a gig it was . a master class from the master himself. awe inspiring. superb. thank you Roger
~ Richard Walker

Really enjoyed last night's show in Manchester. Not seen Supertramp since the 1970s so it was a real joy to hear not just the old classics but also newer material too. Will definitely look out for you the next time round - don't leave it too long! ~ Steve Mcminn

A fantastic concert from Roger and his brilliant band.....special moments were Lord Is It Mine , Death and the Zoo , Babaji and The Meaning..... ~ Gary Ashton

I was there ! Amazing gig at Manchester.. one of the best gigs I've been to ~ Richard Smith

Having looked at the setlists prior to Manchester I was expecting quality songs, and then Babaji appeared to top off a brilliant evening ~ Graham Tarry

Thank you for this beautiful surprise, this song Babaji is amazing ~ Florence Canon

was at the concert. superb sound. the band were great as was roger. thanks a lot. i believe their is enough new material for a new studio album. how about it Roger?? ~ Charles J Simenoff


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