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Bospop ~ Weert, Netherlands ~ July 13, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, Netherlands

Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, Netherlands  

THANKS "sir"Roger for your concert yesterday at Bospop. My life will never be the same after watching and listening to you and your music. It brought back memories of the time my home was a good and safe place, before my dad died. Now after all these years it's clear what your music means. you are a gods gift. ~Joost van den Hoven

Thank you and your great band for putting on such a great show at the Bospop-festival in Weert. I also visited Bospop two years ago and it was again fantastic! You said it yourself during the show: please do visit Holland more often to perform! Dank je wel, and please do continue to tour for many, many years! ~Paul Baa

it was super at Bospop 2013, thank you. Please come back soon to Holland!!!!! ~Teus

Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, Netherlandsit was great having you here in Holland at the Bospop festival. We were surprised that you're voice is still that high and powerful. Also the band is great, especially the guy on several saxophones, and singing he was also a highlight on stage! Thanks ~Sonja van Vonderen

Would like to thank you for the awesome concert yesterday at Bospop. You're not only a fantastic musician but also, at least as important, a fantastic human being. We loved being there and enjoyed every second of it. We hope you keep your promise and visit Holland soon again. We all will be looking forward to it. Love, ~Lorrain

Really enjoyed your gig on Bospop yesterday. Great songs and a perfect performance! With no doubt the nicest guy on stage. ~Bert Nijenhuis

Thanks for (another) great show at Bospop Weert! It was amazing - I hope you'll be coming back soon! ~Miet

Thank you for the beautiful concert at the Bospop festival. One and a half hours was not enough. I missed so many beautiful songs. Please play Puppet Dance the next time when you come to Holland. Let it be soon. It was great to see that you enjoyed the show very much too. In the seventies Supertramp came to Holland every year. I only missed the first show and saw the other 4 shows, before you made the wise decision to leave Supertramp. But now the sound of Supertramp continues and we don't have to sit through boring Rick Davies songs. Kind regards ~Bertjan.

Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, NetherlandsThe show at Bospop was again so very very wonderful!!!! I enjoyed it just as much as 2 years ago. Please come back to Holland. Your music touches the hearts of all people. ~Lean You gave me such a power and energy. Thanks for that. Bospop was Keigaaf, because of you. I'm your fan for more than 30 years. ~Kiek

I cried out loud... @Bospop Weert Holland. Many many thnx. ~Sjako

Saw you at the Bospop Festival on Saturday. You really made my day! Had to wait 34 years after I had first seen you in 1979 when I was 14. Since, Supertramp means to me the band which most influenced and accompanied my life! Hope to see you again soon! ~Gitte

Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, NetherlandsThank you for your wonderful show at Bospop Weert! For 90 minutes, Bospop was peaceful and full of love. With music like yours, we could really change the world. Many thanks and lots of love! (PS. You had an AMAZING band as well!) ~Daria

As much as my family and I loved your concert at Bospop we really wanted more songs from your "Eye of the Storm" album. In my opinion the best album you ever made
Please take this in consideration the next time you visit the Netherlands and we will be there !! ~Frank

Thank you such much for the incredible show you've given us last Saturday. Time flew by and I only felt just a tiny little bit disappointed at the end, because I was hoping that you would play "give a little bit". However, your encore completely crushed that feeling, leaving me with complete gratification. You've given me and the other people listening everything we could've asked for, and for that I'm very grateful. I hope so much that you'll come back to the Netherlands and if you do, I'll be there. ~Tim

Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, NetherlandsWhat can we say after another fantastic gig at Bospop.
It has been another evening filled with beautiful songs, composed by one of the biggest name in pop history. Bospop and Roger, it has started to be a kind of perfect marriage.. The people love you and your music; you only have to enter the stage and the audience comes alive before you sang your first song. It's a long way home. Yes it is. But keep in mind it's simply the same distance back to Weert. Next time you should be the headliner of the festival and Bospop will have another full house. Take care, never stop playing music and I can not wait to see you again! Take care and thanks for a wonderful evening last saturday! ~Paul

Thank you Roger......for your concert at Bospop, Weert. I won't even start to try to explain what your music means to me. I'll always give a little bit ~Haico, Renkum, NL

Saw and heard you on bospop in Weert. Love the old hits, so did the rest of the crowd. Great performance from you and the band of course! ~ Carl van veen

Roger Hodgson ~ Bospop ~ Weert, NetherlandsThanks for the great show!  ~ Theo Naus


What a wonderful show! Magical evening!  ~ Selma Brouwers

Thank you so much for your show, Roger. And Aaron is hot!!! Wow, so much energy, I love him! ~ Marion Kemeling


Thanks for the show Roger, you were the reason for me to join the festival. Hope to see you soon again in the Netherlands!
~ Ron Timmer

You were amazing. Front row, just like two years ago!
~ Kiki Drost



The show was amazing!! What a fantastic musicians!! Please come back again some times!!!
~ Els Reker

Thanks for (another) great show at the Bospop festival!!!  ~ Miet Col

It was amazing! Sending you a smile and a little bit of my love. See you soon in The Netherlands!
~ Claire Huijnen

Thank you for a great performance!  ~  Dick Braam

Roger was better than ever!!Again sensational. ~ Frans Terhorst

Came specially over from Antwerp, Belgium to watch you (again) dear Roger and as usual, you made me euphoric from the first to the last musical note. Thank you!  ~  Cimber Maurice-Moshe

Thanks for the great show at Bospop Roger. Weert loves you xx   ~  Barbara van Geffen

Super show Roger!  ~  Jo Wolters

Het was echt helemaal geweldig (It was really quite amazing  ~  Sarah Hageman

Saw you third time on Bospop, yesterday. Boosegumps all over my arms when you started with Take the long way home. Other people in front of me had the same. Great musicians you collected from California and Canada! The way you connect to people and your happiness is amazing.  ~ Theo Mertens

Roger (and band) it was awsome....really, really enyoid it!  ~ Elisabeth Kappeyne

Still have no words to express how you impressed me for the third time on Bospop! Thank you!!
~ Vivi Schotsman

Roger thank you so much for the brilliant performance. I felt vibrant listening to your beautiful music.
~ Mireille Oostrom

Marvelous show! Enjoyed greatly!!  ~ Jolein Baidenmann

Het was weer super gezellig!  ~ Wim Peters

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