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Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PA ~ November 9, 2014




Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PA

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PA

Saw Roger last night for just the second time ever. First show was the Solotramp tour, near Philly, PA about 1998 or so, and was blown away. Glad I got to hear him with the full band this time around. The picture that is painted with every song is simply amazing. Funny thing is, I love all music from Megadeth to Mozart and I always find myself coming back to Supertramp when I just want to find my "happy place". Sister Moonshine always takes me away... I will definitely see the show again whenever Roger is local, and I will be sure to bring everyone I can. Thanks for another unbelievable evening. ~ Jimmy

Thank you so much for the dedication of Hide in Your Shell at the Sands on Bethlehem. That song is special for me. The show was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!. You and the band sound amazing and the your energy flowed into the audience... it was one big party!!! My son was also thrilled to that you mentioned him. GREAT, GREAT GREAT show! Come back soon PLEASE!! ~ Carol

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAI spent a wonderful evening with you in Bethlehem last night. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts, your cords open my soul. You make me want to search for the true meaning. You are the most gracious artist I have ever seen. Thanks again for giving me a little bit ~ Kevin

We haven't seen Roger since he was w/Supertramp in 1976 & it was by far the best concert we ever saw!! Thank you Roger & the rest of the band for playing our favorite songs, especially Hide In Your Shell!!!!! ‬ ~ Pauline Clark - Conrad

Great show Sunday evening in Bethlehem, PA. Roger and the whole band sounded flawless. Had a wonderful time and Roger, I hope you guys come back soon. Loved every minute of the show..
~ Brad Sofka

It has been a pleasure to hear you again in person tonight at the sands casino tonight. I grew up in the days of drugs and finding myself . but there was one thing that was missing, and I found that along the way. a lot of your songs seems to have you searching. i was just wondering if you ever found what you were searching for. before i found what i was searching for , i heard your songs "the meaning" "even in the quietest moments" and even "babaji" among many others that i didn't even know that those songs and meanings from your words, was the same ones i was feeling too. oh by the way, i named my german shepherd "Babaji" after your song. what i'm getting at is, in a whole bunch of things wrapped in one, did you find your God as i did? your songs had a meaning to me . i didn't want to admit back then, but it was spiritual and i didn't want anything spiritual in my life at that time. but now i see that it was God placing his spirit in me, in small parts, even way back in my 20,'s. And i,m so glad He did. The God I'm talking about is Jesus Christ and i'm forever grateful that He made me realize it . And i'm hoping you found Him out yourself. That's all of my preaching.and i did and do appreciate all of talents that God gave you....youwere awesome tonight ~ steve

My wife and I had date night in Bethlehem to see Roger and his band. I've seen a lot of concert through the years, but this one really sticks with me. I can't get these wonderful songs out of my head; I'm filled with happiness and the memories of listening to Supertramp albums so many years ago. Thank you Roger, you are truly blessed with a great talent. ~ Rich T

I agree!! His concert at the Sands proves to me that he really was & always will be Supertramp!! I saw as many Supertramp concerts I could in 1976 etc., & Roger & his band now is better than all of those concerts back then!! Aged to perfection!! ~ Pauline Clark-Conrad

Magnificent performance by one of the most gifted, original and unique artists of our time. So many moments of pure unfiltered joy from that show in Bethlehem! What a BAND! Every single player brought their A-game. Aaron must be absolutely wiped out by the end of the night. I can now live the rest of my life happily knowing I sat 30 feet away from Roger Hodgson and listened to him sing some of my all time favorite songs - including Had a Dream!! Could NOT have been a better time! That 12-string sounded like an orchestra unto itself. There's nothing like a 12 string in the hands of someone who really knows how to get the most out of it. Kudos to the sound crew, as well. Roger, you are a gift to mankind. I have some serious catching up to do on your post-Supertramp music.‬ ~ James Hull

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAYou guys were amazing, as usual. Spent the night with you at the Bergen Center in NJ a few months ago & was so excited to see you play at Sands. We met Aaron & David the following morning when you guys were leaving. Such great & talented folks.‬
~ Tressa McLaughlin

you are so in for a treat - we saw him last nite in Bethlehem, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME SHOW! we wouldnt let him leave the stage!!! Great show !‬ ~ Paula Jais

Great show tonight!!! Set list was incredible!!!‬ ~ Bob Jais Thank you for such an amazing 2 hours (or more) at Bethlehem, amazing showing, intimate concert, I was with my kids 10 and 8 years old....and it is raining again....amazing !!!!‬ ~ Familia Lopez Carrete

We attended and saw a fantastic show. Well done!!!‬ ~ Jack Bradley

Simply awesome!!! His concert at the Sands was the best concert ever I've seen, he's aged to perfection Age is really just a number, it's our state of mind that matters most!!! ‬~ Pauline Clark – Conrad

Was a ASWESOME show .. Stellar and Upstanding guy... THANK YOU for the memories
~ Suzette Bicker

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAMy husband and I were at the show tonight to celebrate his birthday. The show was absolutely marvelous. Great music and it truly was a wondrous moment. Great job by Roger and his band. Please come back to Bethlehem.‬ ~ Yvette Maurer

It was a great show !‬ ~ Tim Reichard

Thought it was truly a concert of a lifetime!.thank you roger‬ ~ Patti Hujsa

Thank you roger and band for a great performance...and thank you for swinging by this part of the country ...many great perfomers play in this area but few that can truly be considered artists.. and bethlehems audience i believe recognized this hence the standing ovation prior to the concert and after most songs...this is a show i had been looking forward to for some time and the band and sound crew did a fantastic job..truly one of the best quality performances ive ever seen..and tonights setlist was absolutely phenomenal. ...thanks again till next time...‬ ~ Dave Hujsa

Spectacular show!!!‬ ~ Justina Karner Rossnagle

Please come back!!!! Concert was amazing‬ ~ Bob Naydyhor Jr

It was surreal, magical. Roger has never sounded better and the band...I can run out of words with these guys. Always a wonderful evening out with Roger and his merry band and crew.‬ ~ Scott MacMullen

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAWhat a fantastic show Roger and the band were great. My wife and I had a great time. Thank you Roger and God bless you!!‬ ~ Mike Segilia

Great show tonight! Thank you so much Roger for playing my all time favorites; Hide in your Shell, the Meaning, and of course, School. I loved you so much back in high school in the seventies. Your songs sound just as good now as they did back then. Your band members tonight did a great job, too! Thanks, again for an unforgettable performance. Plus, getting to meet you back stage after the show, wow! Please come back again!‬ ~ Pat Harwl

I had one of the best nights of my life! Thank you Roger!‬ ~ Joseph L. Geidel

Thank you, your band and crew.‬ Magical evening!‬ ~ Joseph Penzes

Thanks for a great show!!!! Can't wait until you come back to Bethlehem! !!‬ ~ Jean Uhler Politi

Roger I can't thank you enough for the awesome celebration last night. Your music stirs my very soul and I adore you. Come back soon.‬ ~ Cheryl Matase

To Roger and the band- Thanks for an unbelieveably uplifting night. It was great seeing you guys again and thanks so much for playing "Two of Us" and "The Meaning"..two of my favorites. Good luck on the rest of the tour and hope to see you again soon!‬ ~ Rob Zinsmeister

Thank so much. The best concert I've seen. Thank you for signing my guitar. You are a true gentleman. Thank you again Roger.‬ ~ Billy Jack LaBarre

Absolutely amazing show! Roger's music is timeless. We brought our kids and 16-year-old granddaughter who have been listening to Roger's music all their lives. They were singing and cheering right along with us. Great memories were made last night.‬ ~ Jeannie Craig Urich

That was a great show. I totally enjoyed it and Roger and the band sounded great. I was really blown away by the crowd. Standing O after every song. I hope Roger and the band could feel the love in the room last night.‬ ~ Glenn Strouse

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAWell done!!! I've been to four shows around the world and each time I don't think you could be any better, but you always are... and last night was truly amazing! When considering this was the fourth straight night that the band played, I don't know how you do it, but you were truly remarkable and we appreciate all that you gave us!! Thanks again for playing "Had a Dream". Hope you get some rest and try not to pass yourselves coming when you're going ::)))‬ ~ Jeff Sheppard

An incredible performance with some nice surprises ... Had a Dream, The More You Look, Two of Us, and THE MEANING! And, I am in Roger's picture!‬
~ John Pelcheck

What an AWESOME show at The Sands! Thank you Roger and your wonderful Band!
‬~ Becky Clarke Parthemore

It was such a great show! Keep doing more and more shows, please!‬ ~ Sue Suter Stephens

Great show! ~ Nancy Seiple Ducey

Great Show!! ~ Jean Uhler Politi

Superb Roger and band. Saw you at the Keswick theater and this was a far more superior performance. Get some good rest and see you again I hope in Bethlehem. Thank you for the meaning. The band is great and so was the crowd! ~ Frank Reichl

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAYou guys were amazing, as usual. Spent the night with you at the Bergen Center in NJ a few months ago & was so excited to see you play at Sands. We met Aaron & David the following morning when you guys were leaving. Such great & talented folks.
~ Tressa McLaughlin

Thanks for the memories Roger Hodgson.The show in Bethlehem,Pa was unforgettable.Come back soon!
~ Ivan D. Echeverri

Was there with my grandson, great show:) ~ Rosie Walsh Lemm

You and your fellow band members put on a wonderful night of music and memories. Thank you very much Roger for your entertainment over the years! ~ William Pilling

Thank you for your forever memorable performance in Bethlehem,Pa. After forty plus years of loving your music, I am so thankful to have seen you live. You elevated my spirit and made me even more thankful to be alive. Hope to see you again. God Bless You. ~ Geoffrey Robinson

Awesome night with Rodger Hodgson!!! What can I say. This show was awesome. Listening to all my favorite classic rock songs from Supertramp took me back to my youth. We had a great time!
~ Woodshollow

Supertramp Flashback! Great to see such a talented, personable artist...and a great band as well. Sharing of personal historical moments really made some songs come alive. All around, fun, energetic, sing-along, family-friendly good time! A good 2 1/2 hours of MUSIC...not counting a fan friendly intermission, etc. ~ Madman2

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAWho needs the rest of Supertramp Roger and his band were excellent as usual.Roger loves his fans. Favorite moment: Roger with his camera taking pictures of the audience ~ bsme5

All the hits Roger still has it. Voice, moves and passion. It was such a pleasure to listen to him play all the songs that meant something to him and he passed that enjoyment on with each note. I never sat down. I sang along. I was thrilled that he played all my favorites. The venue was the perfect size for the intimate concert and I saw parents bring their kids and the kids singing along. This music is timeless. Favorite moment: babaji and the balloons in the crowd ~ ccjd380

Roger and the band were fantastic! I have seen Roger and his band six times over the last 2 years and even though each time was great (or I wouldn't have gone back) for some reason this concert was the most moving. It may have been the way that Roger interacted with the very enthusiastic audience or maybe it was the great selection of songs or maybe it was just the overall excellent quality of the music. Roger played all of the big Supertramp hits and included several songs from his solo albums, including my favorite "Open the Door". He began the second half of the show by walking onstage with his electric guitar which meant we were going to be treated by hearing "Had a Dream" from his first solo album, "In the Eye of the Storm", which he recently added to concerts. As soon as this song was finished the band walked off the stage (to take a little rest) leaving Roger alone on stage to describe how he wrote the classic "Even in the Quietest Moment", which he then played solo. A real highlight! Run, don't walk, to get tickets if you have a chance to see Roger play near you. The two hour show will be an experience you'll never forget. I know I can't wait for him to return to the NJ/PA/NY area next year. ~ NJDreamer

Roger Hodgson and band fantastic This concert exceeded my expectation. Roger and his extremely tight band took me back in time with perfect renditions of some of my favorite Supertramp songs. I never realized how very talented Roger is until seeing this concert. ~ NazMusicMan

Supertramp Revisted and More - Anyone in the mood of crying that the original band members are no longer together ? This show will get you out of that mood from start to finish. Roger Hodgson has refined every song to absolute perfection. Too often, old bands destroy great music either because the band is sloppy or the voices have faded. Each band member at this show was held to a level of perfection that just had the audience wanting more and more. Roger did add a couple songs that I was less than familiar with but the set list was robust with the songs we wanted to hear. ~ WillyWonderba

Hodgson is the voice and soul of SUPERTRAMP. One of the best concerts ever. Roger Hodgson is the voice, soul, and creative genius of the group he co-founded as SUPERTRAMP. Actually without him, there is no SUPERTRAMP. Roger is very personable and the songs come from a very deep place. What an awesome time we had here in Bethlehem, PA. ~ SignStudios

Outstanding music ala Supertramp! Roger was engaging. The musicianship and energy level of the band was spectacular. Overall concert material, experience and the crowd were fanstastic. Perhaps the best concerted I've been to in 40 years. ~ Waynesm

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAI can tell you seeing Roger Hodgson's show at the Sands in Bethlehem was a very special night. Yes I give it a 5 star rating but the performance, the sound quality and the audience mdd it a night to remember. The audience was so into the music and you could see the musicians feeding off of the crowd. It was a very special night! Roger's music is timeless and he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. He talks about how or why he wrote the songs where he was at that time in his life and gives the audience insight into the music. he actually took dedications for a few people in the crowd (probably via Facebook??) and it was a nice touch. He seems to care about his fans and really gives you a great show. Sometimes artists who made it 30 years ago tend to phone it in when they perform, that is not the case here. Roger's voice is still very good and the man really looks like he enjoys himself as do the rest of the band. If you have an opportunity to see him perform, go buy a ticket the show was that good. ~ M491

Roger Hodgson was Awesome Roger was great.. Sounded great.. cant believe I finally got a chance to hear some of those live... now that I've seen him live.. no cd can compare to his voice live. Please extend your tour and come back through. he had a great stage .. looked like he was having fun up there too
~ rice18076

Waited 35 years to hear him Awesome show. Wasn't disappointed. I waited 35 years to hear him play.
~ TOMO66

Timeless songs Incredible voice AMAZING musicianship !!!! Favorite moment: Entire set !!! Roger connected with the audience ....Sound was PERFECT !!! ~ MitchWise

This was one of the best concerts I have seen! He was awesome!! I would definately go again!!
~ bethstar

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAI am 54 years old and Supertramp was an extremely influencial band during my high school days and beyond. So many memories were made listening to this music. I have seen Supertramp countless times back in the day and as of late, have seen Roger perform with his band playing all those hits during my fifties. I am completely blown away every time I see him and the band. Each time seems like it's better than the last... Like a good wine, he gets better with age. His voice is still spot on and his band... simply INCREDIBLE. As crazy as it sounds, I think this band with Roger's vocals are better than what I can remember hearing back in the 70's. But then again, it WAS the 70's :-) I will continue to see Roger every chance I get and hope his voice can hang on a little longer so I can continue to relive these treasured memories... Favorite moment: Seeing a packed house at the Bethlehem Sands Event Center... mostly middle aged folks who were simply grooving to his music! ~ djfreddy

Thinking back on the first time I heard Super Tramp on an eight-track tape in a VW. I was so enamored with the jazzy tones of a supposed rock band. This is my second time seeing Roger. The first time was at the Keswick, he told us some poignant stories connected with each song and I fell in love. Second time was at The Sands. He is so engaging and sweet. Even though he seemed exhausted, he and his awesome band gave us an unforgettable show. I was so surprise that he played Babaji with whom I have a strong connection. Very Special...even in the quietest moments. Favorite moment: Video taped "Give A Little Bit" on my iphone. It is just beautiful with the balloons floating about. Can't stop watching it. ~ Dhyana

Wonderful night of music!! I enjoyed this evening way more than I thought I would!! I loved Supertramp years ago & just hearing some of those fantastic songs was going to be a thrill for me. But Roger is so much more than that....he is a gentle, sweet man who is still saying profound things in his music & in his microphone. And what a voice!! Strong as ever. His touring band is very talented and the sum of all these parts was an amazing concert!! ~ Danala

roger is an unbelievably talented musician first time seeing him live. i have seen many shows i am 55 years old so i grew up in the supertramp era this was probably one of the most musicly speaking one of the most beautiful ~ maiz

We had a wonderful time! All the songs we heard when we were young. He was amazing and right on!
~ The Zellners

Rodgers voice is as good as ever. He and his band are just great musicians, really tight, just amazing to see and hear. ~ Brad6211

Roger Hodgson ~ Sands Event Center ~ Bethlehem, PAAWESOME Great show, cant say enough. Loved the acoustics. Good band with him. Favorite moment: I had a dream song, Roger playing electric guitar.
~ twent1twelv

Outstanding! This was hands down one of the best concerts my wife and I have ever seen. Rodger was great, and his team of musicians were awesome.
~ Twillegar


Magical - The performance was perfect! This music is just so unique almost classical. The musicians were top notch. Even the audience was just so into it . The whole experience was a 10! ~ Bicentennial76

Roger Hodgson was AMAZING My wife and I went to see Roger Hodgson at the Sands in Bethlehem PA this past Sunday night the 9th of November. What a show. He played for 2 1/4 hours and was absolutely amazing. His voice was unbelievable, he communicated with the audience throughout the show, and he came across as very genuine. It was a show we will never forget and we would go see him again in a heartbeat. It felt like we were back in time watching Super Tramp perform. Favorite moment: The ENTIRE show ~ Anonymous


Photos # 1, 4 & 12 by Howard Heckers
Photo # 2 by Roger Hodgson
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