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Bad Hersfelder Festspiele ~ Stiftsruine ~ Bad Hersfeld, Germany ~ May 12, 2013



Roger Hodgson - Bad Hersfeld, Germany Roger Hodgson - Bad Hersfeld, Germany

I just came from the fantastic concert with Roger and "the birthday man" Aaron MacDonald in the Stiftsruine Bad Hersfeld and what should I say: It was a really great concert! Miraculous music, the voice of Roger and his guitar playing and the ingenuity of Aaron, who plays nearly everything. As it was already written, he indeed substituted whole band! Thank you both for this great evening and please come back in the future!!! ~Susanne

Roger Hodgson - Bad Hersfeld, GermanyThank you so much for playing the music which is part of my life since many years with so much heart, so much feeling at this wonderful place Stiftsruine Bad Hersfeld. And thank you for the birthday song, because I'd birthday yesterday too! Therefore also best late greetings to Aaron MacDonald!  ~Claus-Markus

LIGHT EYES, WHAT COMES FROM THE HEART .... one could describe the FEELING it ...... it was my FIRST CONCERT what I experienced in IMST and I can experience this wonderful feeling ROGER live and up close not put into words - I was so happy in a long time - it felt everything so easy and joyful. after ..... I was on Sunday still BAD HERSFELD and yesterday in BERLIN, I have the feeling of floating above the ground .... incredible ..... THANK YOU ROGER best greetings from the heart ~ BIANKA

Roger Hodgson - Bad Hersfeld, Germany

Photos by lokalo24.de, photo collage by Fred Rehberg


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