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Sparkassen-Arena ~ Aurich, Germany ~ August 28, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Sparkassen-Arena ~ Aurich, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Sparkassen-Arena ~ Aurich, Germany

Roger Hodgson ~ Sparkassen-Arena ~ Aurich, GermanyIt was a FANTASTIC concert. The band played well; every instrument was heard. Great songs by you, Roger. So kind and full of love. Loved it!   ~ Welmoed van der Woude-lijzenga

I'm back on earth. What a show! Thanks!  ~ Kees de Waard

I just took back the long way home from a great show in Aurich tonight. So thank you Roger and band for the fantastic evening. It really touches me in the way you reach all the audience and make us singing and dancing and laughing. May god bless you that you'll have plenty of time and passion to carry on and give us your music to warm up our hearts.  ~ All the best, Marten

It was great! Thank you very much, Roger! :D ~ Rene Eiben

Thank you so much for your great concert in Aurich! The records Crime Of The Century and Breakfast In America were in my dad's record collection when I was a kid. I started listening at age 10...now 29 years later I finally got to see you live in concert with my dad and my wife (also a longtime fan) right beside me. It was magical. Your integrity, warm personality and of course the gift of your songwriting were greatly felt...Blessings. ~ Job Verweijen

Thank you Roger for this great Evening in Aurik! I hope we will see us again in Aurik! Your Band was fantastic!  ~ Heinz Hinzmann

Dear Rodger. We just returned home and my wife and I cannot stop talking about this intense flashback. Thanks for giving us a large portion of our life, dreams and hopes back. There is a philosophy in your songs,that was too long hidden. Funny enough, as being a musician in my youth, I remembered every single note. Magic. Thanks to you and your perfect band, we felt back "home" immediately. We will not forget again. I swear!  ~ Mike Herrling

Concert for nice people in AURICH ;-) Dear Roger, 40 years after having enjoyed your songs in my youth I took the opportunity to see you and your fantastic band in Aurich. Accompanied by my 23-year-old son we had a wonderful evening. THANK you Roger & our best wishes for the future, hope we meet again soon. ~ Egon

Verry good concert in Aurich, thank you! ~ Ria Kluin

I loved your personal touches to the audience...
♥ ♥ (Regarding messages via FB etc. ). And welcoming those little ones on the stage was brilliant!!! . I have a sore throat from singing along all night. :)
~ Josie Grygier

Was a Great Show in Aurich(Orik )  ~ Rolf Fooken

Ich habe immer noch Gänsehaut. Danke Roger und Band.I hope we will see you again in Aurik (Aurich). (I still have goose bumps. Thank you Roger and Band.I hope we will see you again in Aurich)
~ Alwin Reuß

Thanks alot... it was a great moment hear the old music again... my memories... sitting in my first car, have had these wonderful music in my ears... 35 years ago,,, nice... wonderful experience back of my life... I love it...wish you all the best, Roger... ~ Michael Brandt

Thank you very much for the fantastic evening.  ~ Claudia Moldhagen-Krieger

Roger Hodgson ~ Sparkassen-Arena ~ Aurich, GermanyThank you for a fantastic Evening, your Music touched my heart and my soul...it was a very great Concert... ~ Kurt Hoffmann

Dear Roger & band, thank you for a great evening in AURICH! Just arrived at home (Holland) loving your album Open the door. xxx  ~ Conny Doolaard

I loved it!! Was a Great Show in Aurich (as always) and the chosen Songs were great!  ~ Jenny Sternchen

I've got a flashback to my Youth..it was fantastic..Thank you Roger Hodgson  ~ Stephanie Jullien

The quote from my country tells : like you call into a forest, the forest responds. It means : The joy of fans is the mirror of what Roger gives. Not other reaction of fans can be expected. I'm really happy you all enjoyed this first day in Europe. ~ Mila Musiclover

Dear Roger! Nearly one year before we saw you open air in Sögel. Yesterday you were back in the Northwest of Germany, in Aurich and it was again a fantastic concert. Thanks a lot!
~ Carola and Hermann Dirks

It was wunderful old memories from your music we have had fantastic evening  ~ Anita Mezach

Hi Roger. We saw you in London for about a year a go. Tonight we will be in Leipzig Together with my brother in law and his wife. They are salibraithing their 60 years birthday. Their names are Ann and Mats. That would be grate if you could say happy birthday to them at the consert. Best regards
~ Peter & Eva from Sweden

Thanks for the emotional meeting in Aurich, from the dutch audience named van der Tuuk. ~ Gert Tuuk 

Hey roger come back home from Aurich concert.400km from my hometown .best concert i ve ever hear..fantansic that you Play Babaji for me first time i hear live.hope to see you in aachen ~ Stephan

Thank you for the wonderfull evening ~ Insa Dree

Roger and all the others on stage and behind the stage, thank you for a wonderful evening yersterday in Orik (Aurich)  ~ Herbert Zinnow

Thank you for the great Music this night  ~ Karl-Heinz Freesemann

Roger Hodgson ~ Sparkassen-Arena ~ Aurich, GermanyThe Key of my life, always smile for make us smile. Thanks for ALL Roger!!!! ~ Kathia Mendez

You and your band were so awesome last night!!!! Please come back soon. Maybe to Hamburg (or Lüneburg - it`s also a very nice city!) ~ Bridget Jones

War ein toller Abend! :) (Had a great evening! :) 
~ Angela Trauernicht


Thank you , Roger , for this magical evening in "Aurik" ! There were so many pictures of good old times in our heads during your wonderful performance ! Thank you very much for all the great music you have made and you still do ! We hope , we see you again soon ! And don't take the long way home to Aurik !!  ~ Wolli und Elfie aus Emden


You brought the joyful, light atmosphere from California. Wonderful band, personal atmosphere and what a magical, touching music!!!!! Thank you.  ~ Luiz Lemes



Thanks for playing "Babaji" in my "new" hometown Aurich... :)  ~ Gunnar Maier


Great Performance in "Oorick" ! Thank you Roger Hodgson  ~ Stefan Maziejewski


Thank for the good performance and hope to see you once in Holland. Groningen is a beautiful city with a great concerthal.  ~ Bert Klooster

Thank you for the wonderfull evening !!
 ~ Maike Klaassen

That was a wonderful show last night in Aurich! We enjoyed it very much! Thank you dear Rodger & band
Greetings from The Netherlands xxx  ~ Cat Harina

Thank you Roger, for the very, very nice evening!!!!! :) :) :)  ~ Regina Meinert

Dear Roger Thank You for a wonderful evening and an fantastic concert in Aurich, see you in Hanau.
all love ~ Claudia Flemming

What a fantastic concert in Aurich in Germany! I had invited my husband as a gift for his special birthday, so we took from Copenhagen to Germany for a couple of days to hear you and your band. My husband always hears your music, and I have definitely become a fan also. So thank you so much for an unforgettable evening! I hope to be able to come to more of your concerts in future. ~ Annette Persson

Paul and I travelled from UK for this gig, flew to Amsterdam and got hire car. It was such a brilliant time, our dating memories of 34 years ago. Best evening imaginable. Thank you so much. Wow, what a band ~ Caroline Johnson

Thank you for that wonderful concert in Aurich!!!!  ~ Meike Dießenbacher

Hi Roger, I was in your concert in Aurich and in was awesome. Please come back to Germany, maybe to Hamburg it is near my hometown Lüneburg, I would like to have an autogram of you an your band. Please come back and I will all try to do to be at the meet and greet with you!!!! ~ Inken Schoop

Dear Roger, I enjoyed your Show in Aurich a few Days ago very much. After a Long Time I travelled around Germany to see your concerts, now it was your Turn to travel to my Hometown! When you Play "Death and a Zoo" I feel deeply touched because this Song means a lot to me. And the Music is very impressive! I would Love to Listen to this Song again tomorrow in Aachen but Most of all I would like to hear "Crisis? What Crisis?" another Time- it was so lovely lädt Year in Sögel! I am so happy to see you with an Orchestra tomorrow, the First Time for me to see you with an Orchestra! See You in Aachen, Lovely, ~ Jenny

Thank you Roger, the gig was amazing in Aurich, hope you play again soon in the north of Germany.
~ Andy Simcott

Thank you Roger, for calling my name at the Aurich show!!!! Your concerts made my summer!!
~ Patty Best
Photos 1 + 2 by Howard Heckers, others by Markus-Hagner-Photography

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