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Atlanta Botanical Garden ~ Atlanta, GA ~ August 18, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAJust experienced the amazing ATL show! I was in a time capsule. Thank you so much; especially for 'Even in the Quietest Moments." I realize it wasn't on the regular setlist so I wasn't sure we would get to hear it.
I don't know if it was because I shouted the title out a number of times or if it was planned, but it was certainly appreciated. One of many memorable moments. Please come back soon! God Bless.
~ David Siegel

Thank you for the wonderful show in Atlanta! ~ Alex

Thank you for a wonderful show in Atlanta! You are a blessing to many. Thank you for sharing from your heart. May God bless you, the band and your families. ~ Cynthia

Another awesome show in Atlanta last night. Roger and the band were pure sunshine on a rainy day. A special thanks to Roger for giving a shout out recognizing our 30th wedding anniversary. God bless Roger, the band and all of their's and the crews' families. ~ Ron and Sandy

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAThank you Roger for the wonderful show in Atlanta! As always your songs touched my heart and soul. In my mind, the greatest gift that music has to offer.
~ Larry

That Atlanta Show was awesome even though it rained quite a bit. But the music stood for it self. ~ Charlie


Words can't express how much I appreciated Rogers show last night in Atlanta. Is music its been an inspiration to me for many years. I just love his smile on stage. I don't remember ever seeing an artist enjoy performing his song so much as Roger does. Please come to Atlanta again someday!!!!.
~ J.D. Wolf

Roger had me going through every emotion last night during his concert in Atlanta -- from extreme joy ("Dreamer") to deep sadness ("Death and a Zoo"... which was heartbreaking & reminded me to pray for the young local teen who had been starved and locked up in his room for 4 years.) Many thanks to Roger and his brilliant band for pulling at every heartstring... and for "giving a lil' bit of your love" to Atlanta.
~ CR

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAI saw you last night at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta. I have also seen you at the “Even in the Quietest Moment“ tour at the fox when I was 18 and completely blown away by your music
( had a picture taken with you at the after party,) and at the Breakfast in America tour at the Omni. I also has a DVD called "So Far" about the bands career. I also saw you with Ringo Starr, which may be when you were here last. I yelled it out last night, but not sure you heard. I'm a ridiculous fan of yours! My heart soars when you sing! Your smile was and always will be inspirational. I had a sad thought before the concert that I wouldn't be as in love after all these years, but no chance. You were amazing, and your band is a fabulous compliment to your music as well. Much love,  ~ Naomi Boren

Can't keep myself from gushing. Sunday's concert at the ABG was a true highlight for a guy who's sliding down the back end of the mortality chute. I've been a fan since the 70s, but I never realized until 8 o'clock Sunday just how talented you are. And don't let me get started on your kick-ass musical associates. Thanks to you, your terrific sidemen and your crew for one of the best experiences of my 72 (gasp) years. If I'm lucky enough to be alive and compos mentis the next time you come to ATL, you can bet I'll be out front. Bonne chance.  ~ Jacques le Fou

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAI have to say the 8 hour drive to Atlanta was so worth every mile Teresa and I drove, I love you man ! Since the early seventies you have brought much joy and tranquility to me in some of my most desparate times of my life, and of course your music has made all the good times even better. I wish you all the best life has to offer you and your wonderful bandmates that help you deliver such positive vibes to our troubled world. I had to give my SuperTramp ticket away in N.Y. in the early seventies due to work. I finally was able to cross this off my bucket list! God bless! Thank you, Thank you very much. ~ Tommy D

The Atlanta show, although not blessed with great weather was absolute perfection. Roger and his fine musicians made such a great sound the weather was so secondary that it didn't even count except to make his songs about rain even more magical and poignant. Fantastic show. #RogerHodgsonfanforlife.
~  Maggie Marlowe

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAIt was a fantastic concert! The rain didn't dampen our spirits whatsoever; and I'm lucky, 3 of the 4 shows I've seen he's played Even In The Quietest Moments. Was great to finally hear "London", and to see yet another variation of "Child Of Vision" w/Kevin on the grand piano. My friend flew down from Boston for the show, and we were at the symphony show in FL this spring, which I hope becomes an annual event.  ~ Robert Downie

This concert was a dream come true! What a treat to hear "Even in the Quietest Moments", and I love the story behind it. (Actually, all the songs were a treat.) Blessings to Roger and his wonderful band. ~  Cindy Strickland Ralston

A Fantastic Roger Hodgson performance! Thank you Roger for giving so much to your fans. I drove from Abilene, Texas and seeing you play in the U.S. was on my have to absolutely do list of this year. Now I'm so happy and of course I am just totally amazed at your musicianship. Your solo and orchestra shows are Awesome and now you give us band shows too. Muchas gracias
~ Ruben Martinez

Loved the show! Wish you would have done Lord is it Mine but all the sings you did we're phenomenal! Thank you for the show!!!  ~  Rochelle Baker Hughes

I shoot shows for a local Atlanta paper and this was hands down the best show of the year. I have shot over 40 acts this summer. Roger Hodgson was #1. What a set, incredible musicians, just a grand night to be a fan of his music. Please don't take so long to come back to Atlanta. I have searched your tour dates for years waiting for you to come. Atlanta loves you!  ~ Chuck Holloway

Roger, you and your crew really delivered a terrific show. Great music and vibe. Thank you for toughing it out on only 2 hours sleep, enduring the long travel, and Atlanta's rainy & humid weather. My wife and I had a wonderful time. Wishing you all safe and pleasant travels, we'll keep our eye's out for your next visit. Thank you again.  ~ Robert Barnard

Beautiful music! Come back to the South soon! ~ Freda Hubbard Pittard

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAUnreal how talented you are Roger. Your sax player is so awesome. The London song was a treat. Thanks for Atlanta.  ~ Melissa Cobb

That was the best concert I've been to in a long time.
I never got to see Supertramp in it's heyday (yes I'm that old). Band was tight. Sound was just right and Roger can still hit the notes even on 2 hours of sleep. I wish it had gone longer, but I will take a lit bit. BTW on the way out I did hear several different languages being spoken so yes it was a international audience. I'd pay to see it again. ~  Jerry Moore


Just got back from Atlanta at 12:30. Went down with my friend Janice to the Botanical Gardens which was a first for us. We were there to see Roger Hodgson, former lead singer of Supertramp, in Concert. I saw him some 30 odd years ago as a member of the band when they played at Wembley in London. That was one of my all-time favourite concerts and tonight is a close second. He was excellent despite the rather damp English style weather. He played 18 songs and was on stage for 1:45, and they did an outstanding job considering they played the last 2 nights in Canada and were running on just 2 hours of sleep. All kudos to him for being the superstar he is and not disappointing his fans, but rather giving us all new and wonderful memories. He even sang 'London' which is very special to me as I miss my home so much sometimes. He also played all the hits including another of my favourites 'Fools Overture'. And while waiting outside in line we met a couple from the Carolinas and he gave a shout out to them for their wedding anniversary which was great, and then dedicated a song to them. Such a nice gesture. These folks had seen him recently in Florida and gave me heads up what to expect and they were spot on. So not only Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GAdid we have great space close to the front and right in the middle, and the rain was light, but the sound was awesome and not too loud and distorted as it often is. Heck I can still hear and no ringing in the ears. The young guy (Aaron I think) who has been with him for 9 years was superb on all the many and varied wind instruments and the rest of the band were great too. I have to say when he started with 'Take the long way home' I thought we might have to listen to some of the more obscure songs, but it was hit after hit and even his solo stuff was well known, and the audience singing and clapping along. I had tears in my eyes for his second song 'School', such a classic. And Roger was so personable and talked to the crowd sometimes giving the history of the song. A thoroughly enjoyable evening in the city, and thanks to my fellow Brit and my hero for making it so. Well worth the 2 hour drive and money and wish I could go again tomorrow night (but he's not here sadly). Come back soon Roger, please.  ~  Clive Bonnick

Roger always gives a great show.  ~ Alan Copeland

Mr Hodgson, first, let me thank you for a great show in Atlanta. Now, I have a lot of friend envying me back where I am from, Puerto Rico. You would make a lot of people happy and touch their hearts as well if you include PR in one of your tours, like many legends before (Paul McCartney, Billy Joel among others) Again, thank you. ~  Jose Toro

Roger Hodgson ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GARoger was incredible!! This concert brought back so many memories. One of THE best concerts I have ever attended...it is amazing that Roger is still able to bring those notes. Roger is so warm and inviting. The history behind the songs was an added bonus. Roger we love you and hope to see you soon! Cheers! ~  Jacqueline Smith Melton


In one word: awesome! Come back again Roger!  ~ De Bep

Thanks for coming to Atlanta - it was great. ~ Wally McCourt


Went to the show last night in Atlanta....one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Even in the Quietest Moments was really magical. If Roger ever comes anywhere near your town...run and go see him. ~  Rich Lutch


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