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Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, Brazil ~ October 21, 2014



Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Vivo Rio ~ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilThank you for this amazing concert. You have a lot of fans here and it's still hard to believe we had the opportunity to see you perform in our "small" city of Vitoria! I hope you all had a good stay. Come back! ~ Gabriela Castilhos

Simply the Best!!!!!!! That's how we can describe your show in Vitória!!!! Thank you for the pleasure of taking a picture with us and also give us an autograph!!!! We hope to see you again in Vitória!!! Good bless you and your Family.
~ Gisela and Luiz Otavio

I had the honor and pleasure to be at your show in Vitoria on Oct. 21st. Since my early teens I am a huge fan of your strong and also sweet voice, and and your songs. You write and sing with your heart. Thank you so much for giving us the priilege of making our dreams come true. Please come back. ~ Marcia Elena Dias Alves Your show in Vitória was something very special. It was a pleasure to see you in my hometown. I couldn't believe it. FANTASTIC!! ~ Arthur

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilI was in Vitoria, it was awesome!!!
~ Lucca Pereira Horta ‏@Luccahorta

It was amazing !!! The best show I have ever gone!!! The show of my life!! You will be always welcome here. Come back soon !!!! ~ Ignez Martins Fialho

Wonderful Show. I felt like a teenager again
~ Claudia Noll Pessoa

I had the time of my life ~ Ana Claudia Alves Moana Mutzig

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilI loved the show yesterday in Vitória. It was a dream realized!!!! The first Supertramp's music that i heard was Sister Moonshine. I loved. Thank Roger Hodgson for making my life happier with beatiful songs.
~ Aurea Araujo

The Best!!!! ~ Marcelo Grangeiro de Mattos



Roger´s presentation in Vitória was amazing! We are remembering your promise: to come back to Vitoria on the next tour to Brazil. Thanks for all the good moments.~ Helder Amarante Vitoria

City loved you, thanks for the great show, hope you will be back soon ! ~ Flavio Monteiro

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilRoger, thanks for the magnificent show held by you and your team here at EspíritoSanto. Unforgettable, memorable, FANTASTIC! Was lodged during their songs through my wife, her big fan, who now has his autographed CD, a dream girl done - thank you. One that was gray daçou and sang, accompanying you on all the songs from the show. I hope you come back to the Holy Spirit - Victoria, most times when we will not only assist you, but also make it a point to come to dinner with us a delicacy of the land, which I know you've tasted and loved. Thank you! Health and peace. Hugs. ~ Marco Cesar Borges

I loved the show ~ Christiane Guterres

It was really magnificent. What a glorious night we all had. Hope you had a good time in Vitoria and in Brazil. Looking forward to having you back sometime soon. Cheers!!! ~ Claudia Falabella

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilFantastic. ~ Paolo Giusti

Awesome concert yesterday night here in Vitoria! Thank you very much! ~ Vinicius Esteves

Simply a wonderful show, loved it!
~ Eliana Said Duarte Poltronieri

The show was simply incredible!! Every song was an epic moment, your voice sounded perfect and the band played with marvellous grace! Vitória thanks you, I thank you and hopefully we'll see each other again sometime soon! Have a great tour! ~ Gabriel Abaurre Amarai

I was there, it was amazing. Thank you Roger, I hope to see ypu again in Vitória. ~ Matheus Haddad

It was an awesome concert. I will never forget. Hope you come back to Vitoria as soon as you can. Thank you Roger. ~ Roberto Rastafari Highlander

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilYou're amazing. Thanks for the great moments in show last night. ~ Mai Fernando

Just EPIC!!! ~ Renzo Bermond Traspadinl

With talent and extreme sympathy. Perfect!
~ Luciano Zorzal



It was awesome. Ive never thought id watch one of yours shows. Thank you roger for this special moment in my life! Met you in the hotel and you were so lovely. We re waiting for the next time
~ Lohanna Frauches

Roger Hodgson ~ Arena Vitória ~ Vitória, BrazilThank you Roger! The show here in Vitoria-Brazil was unforgettable! I fulfilled my father's dream was to meet him near, and you have all autographed Vinyl Records he has Supertramp.His songs have marked my childhood because my father always listened disks Supertramp by many, many times. Too bad I can not speak English at the time of the photo could not say all this to you. The important thing is that now both my father and I are very happy we have your autograph and a picture with you! Thanks again, your show was wonderful! Please check back here more often in Vitoria-Brazil! ~ Pamela Xavier  


Photos #1, 3, 4, 6 & 9 by Howard Heckers

Photo #2 by Linda Tyler
Photos # 5, 7 & 8 by Tati Hauer


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