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Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, Mexico ~ November 8, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, Mexico

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, Mexico

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, MexicoI have the opportunity to stay testera y in the concert of Guadalajara in Washington a fantastic experience. I have dream that I could have been in one concert of Supertramp and now it has come true. More that 30 years waiting but it was great, I have passed great moments of happiness and sadness with your songs. Thanks for all this music ~neurojas Saludos Roger. Ayer estuve en tu concierto en Guadalajara. Muchos años y muchos sueños esperando por esto. Esta es una de las promesas que me hice a mi mismo y ayer se cumplio. Excelente concierto tal y como lo imaginaba. Muchas gracias, larga vida y ojala regreses pronto por aca. (Greetings Roger. Yesterday I was at your concert in Guadalajara. Many years and many dreams waiting for this. This is one of the promises I made to myself and yesterday was fulfilled. Excellent concert as we imagined. Thank you very much, long life and hopefully back soon over here.) ~ Chepe

I'm listening since 1980 with the live album supertramp Paris. I became a fan, I got all your records, I followed as a soloist. The first time I danced with my now wife Cony, was with the song Lovers in the Wind in 1985 and became our song. I arrived at the concert last November 8 in Guadalajara Mexico, the sight of you live, it was much my excitement. He had faith to meet in person, take a picture with you and you to put your autograph on a drawing I did in 1986 and still have, thanks for allowing me to fulfill that dream, I saw you at your concert, I have a photo with you and put your autograph in the drawing, amazing! My best songs, Lovers in the Winds, Hide in Your Shell and Lord is it Mine. Excellent concert. Thank you and come back soon to Mexico  ~ Jorge

Hope he can come back asap!!  ~ Edgar Jimenez

Excelente concierto. La parte de "Fools overture" fue toda una experiencia. Gracias. (Excellent concert. The part of "Fools overture" was quite an experience. Thank you.)  ~ Luis Enrique Ortiz Gutiérrez

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, Mexico"El mejor concierto" gracias por transmitir tanta buena vibra!!!! ("The best concert" thank you for transmitting such good vibes!)
~ Karla Pedroza Simplemente

Thank you so much Roger, loved the concert tonight, shed a few happiness tears, you waited 30 years to come to Mexico, and I waited those 30 years too, so happy.  ~ Marcela Valadez

Excelente concierto!!!!! Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de felicitarme y dedicarme la canción "Lovers in the Wind" se que eres una persona humilde y sencilla además excelente compositor, mi esposo
~ Alicia Cantu Garcia

Siempre me lo dijo, él es tu fan desde 1978. Gracias por venir a Monterrey. (Excellent concert! Thank you for taking time to congratulate me and devote the song "Lovers in the Wind" is that you are a humble person and simple addition excellent composer, my husband Fernando Gamez always told me, it is your fan since 1978. Thank you for coming to Monterrey.)

Gracias por venir Roger te amamos!!! (Thank you for coming Roger we love you!) ~ Roberto Samayoa

I feel really lucky that I could attend last Wednesday concert at Auditorio Nacional. Roger's such a great musician and his vibe's so peaceful and positive. It was a great concert. A concert full of light. Thanks for coming to our country!  ~ Gina Chávez

Great concert!! Please come back soon!!  ~ Alejandro Torres C

Ahí estuve ayer. Era una de las promesas que me hice a mi mismo. Fue excelente. (I was there yesterday. It was one of the promises I made to myself. It was excellent.)  ~ Jc Chavez Yepez

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, MexicoThank you so much for being here in Guadalajara, you really touched our hearts !!!. In my case I had the chance to shake your hand and feel the kindness in you, it meant a lot to me !!!. Please come back soon, we'll be SURELY waiting for you !!!
~ Federico Heinze

Roger hasta las lágrimas,tu voz ver Que lindo oírte en vivo roger es hermoso llorar de gusto gracias (Roger to tears, your voice see that cute to hear you live Roger is beautiful to cry, thank you)
~ Susana Zapatero


Thanks for sing Fool 's Overture here in Guadalajara ¡ !!!!  ~ Gabriel Gutierrez

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Telmex ~ Guadalajara, MexicoExcelente concierto Roger, espero regreses muy pronto a Guadalajara, una muy buena experiencia escucharte en vivo, felicitaciones. (Excellent concert Roger, I hope you return soon to Guadalajara, a very good experience to hear live, congratulations.)
~ Alejandro Camacho

You touch the heart of guadalajara!! :') lml Gustavo Morales vi el de guadalajara, gracias Roger. 
~ Joshua Izquierdo


Photos # 2, 4, 5 & 6 by Howard Heckers
Photo # 3 by Linda Tyler



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