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Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, Mexico ~ November 6, 2013



Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, Mexico

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, Mexico

A big check on my ¨Bucket List¨! Great show. Thank you ~ Jose F Gutierrez

Great, great, great show, come National Auditorium Mexico coming very happy and I just heard this great music with nothing more and nothing less than to the Lord Roger Hodgson, and we needed a moment so enjoyable in these difficult times, best action to bring happiness to others, I say good good show great. ~ Timoteo55

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoToday was a day touched by God, after listening so many times about the concert on radio, and without so much money i decided to go to concert in every way. One person who loves me finally help me to get the funds to be able to buy two tickets. Always I want to get earlier to any place I must go. Respect my time and the other's is priority for me. I arrived to N.A. a7 7:15 pm, just in time to walk around, looking all things near. At 8:15 pm we walk into the hall to enjoy the concert. First I have locations at the second floor but the organizers send us to a nearest place below the first floor. There´s only 3 minutes to begin the concert an operation manager said to me: I have a surprise i will change your locations just at the second raw, maybe sounds incredible but it happened. I felt God made it, this miracle is the reason that i feel now like in special place enjoying your music. As you said live, your music makes me happy and you have done it. I´m sure you remember me i was a guy who dressed an orange jacket with yellow shirt, many times i put my hands with clenched fists trying to show you how your music makes me not only happy, makes me feel very logical and makes me cry but not sad. I felt complete honest, clear and remembering how you said the world is difficult but anyway these night will be to enjoy and know that God is with us and we have reason to be. Your band is incredible, finest musicians and incredible persons, you stole our heart to. Speaking in Spanish our language was like trying to connect with us, fortunately now you will know that our connection with your soul and music has mora than 30 years. I wrote you in your guestbook, since i was 8 years old i have been lucky about discovered Supertramp music on an old recorder in seat back on my mom's car. I was complete sure that you´re so talent person but today i confirmed that there´s no only music in your life, you are a person who deserves making people happy, surely God is watching you all time. Listened you about come back makes me happy twice or more. My wife told me that there is so much time that not see me happy like this incredible night. I´m writing you to say THANK YOU in capital letters, THANKS YOUR BAND and please don´t forget us because MEXICO IS VERY GOOD COUNTRY and our people deserve see you once again. GOD BLESS YOU, ROGER
~ Miguel Angel Esquivel

Thank you very much for this great moment, with that great music that fills us with emotions, after having a bad day you completely transformed, thanks again and to continue their journey full of happiness. Great concert, very good. ~ Oscar

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoThis concert was a mystical experience! First of all: I dream about Supertramp 5 months ago, I did a google research then trying to find out if this band had ever came to Mexico, the answer was NO, but I found Roger was about to come! So I got somehow telepathic communication, no advertisement from the media AT ALL and I went to buy 5 tickets. Second, in 1990 I had a cassette while in college (proudly ex-UNAM), somebody requested it and never returned it to me! AND there was ONE MAGICAL song which I couldn't name nor listen since then, no single radio station played it. I listened almost every album without finding the song, I have been in rock forums for years looking for this song (Rock 101 for instance or WFM). the only way to ask for the song was trying to SING IT! how hard! NOTHING. But today Sir Roger Hodgson himself presented the song and named it! IT IS: ***** IN JEOPARDY! ******* I wonder why no single radio station played it, this epical song was not on The Billboards either! what a beautiful song! Obviously now I have it in my iPhone along with the lyrics. Third: months back I requested here to YOU Roger the song BABAJI, which sadly was not performed, but it doesn't matter, I will be in INDIA soon! you can imagine why!!! All the concert was a excellent, I missed the orchestra. It may be the very last rock concert that I go in my life, I've seen it ALL since 1989. Very very few concerts leave the whole auditorium full of joy, full of energy! everybody in the end was very happy my friends! Read the Lyrics, very deep: Logical song for instance, 100% compatible with Human awakening. So, people: Awake, awake! By the way I'm doing 100% electric car conversions for those interested in CHANGING our environment. So Roger: "where is the Golden Age" it is HERE!! Go Green, Go Veggie! I went to the concert riding my bicycle!! ~ Hector Ruiz

The team of this project called Bola De Ocios@s had the privilege of assisting to your presentation in the Auditorio Nacional this past Wednesday and all the team would like to thank you for one of the most magical nights ever! Our radio station will be playing all day thursday the 7th, until our live radio show, all of your music as a tribute to your talent. Thank you for making such a marvelous dream come true, listening to your incredible creations in this godforsaken country LIVE. Thanks again for all your magic, hope to see you again in the not too distant future, please come back!! Your all renewed and remastered fans... Bola de Ocios@s team. NAMASTE! ~ BoladeOciosas

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoIt has always been about music (my life). Thankfully, it never stops surprising me with experiences that make me remember the importance of celebrating the joy of life through music. Yesterday, I had one of those experiences in your concert. I want to thank you for the music you've created and collaborated to create, the music you've sung, the music you've played and ultimately, the music you've shared. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy many types of music as a player and a listener, but I must confess yours is a highlight in my life. Please come back to Mexico someday, many of us love your work and are looking forward to hearing from you again. P.S.: "Hide in Your Shell" and "Give a Little Bit" took me back to my childhood, I'm 21, so it was not so long ago, nevertheless, I will take this experience in my heart for the rest of my life, and I promise it will be part of the inspiration for my very own music. Greetings. ~Jorge Mayer

In 1983 I was a university student in Mexico City (way before the new generation of concerts were aloud in Mexico) and it was around that time that I started really getting into the music that today is part of what defines me as a person and buying my first LP's. One of the first ones was PARIS and I remember myself playing it over and over and fantasizing about how it would feel to be in person in a concert like that. Yesterday, about 30 years later, I had that experience. I felt complete, realized, a university student again, with all the feelings and anecdotes of that time filling my head and my heart while getting the grasp that I wasn't in the Pavillion de Paris hearing music that I love. I was in my home town, with my people, with my wife, living a concert that once I thought could only be a Dream and feeling and understanding the music so much deeper than what a 20 year old boy could have done so. I want to thank you for composing, playing and sharing your music with us yesterday at the Auditorio Nacional. It was a great night. It was not only a check mark of one of the things that I wanted to do in my life and have not had the chance to do so. It was an experience that made me feel that music is not only accords and verses. It’s energy, it’s magic, and it’s sharing and receiving. And I experienced it first hand with you and your music. Thank you. God bless. And hope to see you again soon back in Mexico City. ~Benjamin Lozano

Es usted un REY. Que gran concierto el de anoche, en el auditorio nacional, muy emotivo, por favor regrese el próximo año a México. Please come back to México City the next year. (Are you a KING. What a great concert last night, in the National Auditorium, sorry very emotional, please come back next year to Mexico. Please come back to Mexico City the next year.) ~ Fátima

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoThanks for a wonderful concert last night. I was so fortunate listening all you have to say in company of my life partner and true love, and specially with my son. Your music is a blessing for all of us who are hungry for goodness and love during indecent times. Your music truly comes from the heart. Please don't stop writing. After listening "Death and a Zoo" live for the first time, as many other great songs, I wonder how many other 60 gems you have to offer. Your music is really a beautiful gift, and I am so grateful to you for sharing. "Gracias" again!

~ Franz Mora

What a fabulous show last night at the Auditorio Nacional!!! Thank you so much for your soul, generosity and passion for music and people. See you soon again!!! ~Juan & Marce

My name is Christian Eduardo Hernández Quiroz, I want to say to you that the concert you gave yesterday in Mexico City was maybe the most incredible concert I have ever been at. You made me happy, you made me laugh, you made me dance, you made me cry (literally cry), you made me remember those memories in my life that lead me back to a beautiful past inside me when I became one with your beautiful music and you as a soloist and when you were with Supertramp. Along with those feelings also came melancholy... I used to listen to Supertramp when I was younger in middle school, and mostly when I was learning to play the guitar, I found in you a very special kind of music that I never heard before and that I'm never going to leave. One day, when I was younger I was watching videos from 1970's and 1980's and suddenly came a video about a man playing a keyboard along with other guys. I was really amazed because even though I had never heard about them before, the music and the lyrics evoked in me something very special, I sought for the name of the song and I learned that the name of the song was "The Logical Song" and that the group was "Supertramp". That was the the first time I knew about you and Supertramp and when I fell in love with that beautiful, honest music. I'm just 24 and I didn't live in the 80's or 70's but I think that is not a barrier to love your music, I honestly say to you that you inspired me, not only you as a musician, not only to learn to play the guitar, not only to learn to play the piano, not only to sing, but also as a person and human being... as a TRUE artist and angel... I know I'm still young but, that doesn't mean I don't know your music and lyrics, I really love and live your music like if I was in the 80's or 70's. I really want to thank you for being who you are, honestly, I want to thank you for make me happy, for building my dreams, for you to exist and for giving the world a lesson on how to be a REAL artist. It would be a dream to talk to you in person and to play with you someday, I really don't know if that will happen one day, but, I only know that I have seen one of the most, if not the most, talented artist and musician of our times. I love you  ~ Christian Eduardo Hernández

How could express with words how much your concert last night in the Auditorio Nacional means to me??? Every song brings to my mind wonderful and warm memories of my childhood and was just like listening in a very magical way the soundtrack of my life. The beloved Logical Song, Breakfast in America, It´s raining again, School bonded with music that touches the soul like Death and a zoo or Hide in your shell creates one of the most memorable nights in my all life. Thank and GOD BLESS YOU. Please come back soon. ~ Angie Quintero

Last night, at Auditorio Nacional, was way beyond my wishes, you transported me to a place that I thought was lost. And a very special thank you for playing me "Don’t Leave Me Now". I really believed that you didn’t pay attention to this comments, now I know you are there for your fans. Again, thank you very much for surfacing me from a very difficult moment. ~Angel

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoAn extraordinary night you gave us on Wednesday November 6 at the Auditoro Nacional in Mexico!! my parents and I want to thank you for your dedication, your effort, your philosophy of life and of course for all your extraordinary music, your lyrics and magic with caught us that night and we've caught over 40 years of work and unique style that follows and will continue to linger for many generations more, your music is IMMORTAL. Also I take to give infinite thanks for including "Don't leave me now" in the playlist of the concert, is one of the songs along with "Lord is it mine" that touches something deep in my heart and I was live waiting to hear since I started this way fabulous for your music. Again THANKS A MILLION for that wonderful concert and hope you soon again in Mexico, we never forget YOU!! GRACIAS MAESTRO !!!! ~ Alex Morales

I discovered Supertramp un 1979...at 12. And waited for listening the songs you shared with us last Wednesday at México city for 30 years. So grateful for singing Even un the quietest moments Thank you and your amazing band. Come back soon, as Mexico's fans will be there for you.  ~ March

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoI was at the concert in AUDITORIO NACIONAL, México City and that night and my emotions has been mixed with each song until what touched my soul and make me feel so glad with much anonymous for live the life. Thank You Mr. Roger Hodgson ~Gerardo Mijares

Roger, thank you for the amazing night you and your band gave us at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, you made us remember wonderful times, it was a very long wait to have you, and we hope to see you soon again, not go to the concert would be The Crime of the Century, thank you again mate, and keep rocking, by the way what a great sound the clarity everything, congratulations to your crew an impressive job ~edgar roncal I was 8 years old when my 16 year old brother used to play the Breakfast in America álbum all day long. Sincé then I fell in love with your music. I went to the Auditorio Nacional on November 6 and it was such a special night, a lot of wonderful memories.......Dreamer, Fool´s Overture, The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, etc, etc,,,It was magic, please come back I need to listen those songs again live. You are the master and I love you so much......THANK YOU!!!! ~Cris

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoI was not aware of the fact that you had a guestbook area until last Wednesday, when I was at your concert here in Mexico City. All I want to say is that I love your music, because it has been an inspiration ever since I was a very Little girl. I became a fan of yours when I was 7 years old because my mom introduced me to your music. For about a decade I wanted for the moment that actually happened that Wednesday night... Attending your concert was a dream that became true! Thanks for your beautiful music, and I send you a big hug!  ~ Jessica Molina

Roger was very excited for play first time in Mexico!  ~ Pispiscuis

So true!!! I really enjoyed it... lots of good memories came across!!! Come back soon Roger!!!! it was a great and delightful experience!!!  ~ Lydia Esquinca Azcárate

De los mejores conciertos de mi vida gracias por hacer el sueño realidad vuelve pronto. one of the best concerts in my life thank you for make the dream come true, come back soon!! ~ Frank Malamen

Roger,my wife and I saw you last night at the Auditorio Nacional,it was the best concert ever¡¡¡
~ Raúl Garza

Photo by Chino LemusMexico City, November 6th. Roger dedicated to me Lord is it Mine song for my birthday... Thank you Roger. God bless you ¡  ~ Leo Vargas

Villegas Lo disfruté mucho (I enjoyed it very much) ~ Rafael Gonzalez

It was an amazing evening!!! thank you!!!
~ Adriana Rivas

¡Excelente!!!!  ~ Mastropiero Carla

Yesterday here in Mexico city when he said maybe if I had known Mexico before; this song would've been called : Breakfast in Mexico. No, really I enjoyed watching him perform. he's a pretty amazing composer and his voice is in top form. ~ Ursula Valdes

Excelente concierto, me encanto!! (Excellent concert, I love!)  ~ Miriam Jurado

Hi Roger! I was in the concert last night and it was amazing!!! I´ve been a fan of your music for a long time...Thank you for coming!!!  ~ Mónica Mateos

Dear Roger I wait since 1982 this amazing concert, I cry, I laughed, and admire more and more. My daughter, 12 years old and young piano and violin player is your new fan. Many thanks for all moments and all my love for you... forever!!! ~ Jose Ruben Orantes Garcia

Awesome...awesome....awesome!!!!  ~ Javier Oseguera

It has been such an amazing experience for me since 32 years ago when I listen "It´s Raining again" for the very first time until now, also to be part of the people show whistling "easy does it" completely here in Mexico city. Man, you and your band played awesome. hope see you back again. thank all of you very much…  ~ Eduardo Padilla

Roger Hodgson ~ Auditorio Nacional ~ Mexico City, MexicoThanks for coming to México!!!!!! my big dreamer was reallly excited, and my little 8 year old dreamers at the Auditorio Nacional enjoyed the songs they listen almost every day. Thanks for bringing your music to México!!!!!!!!
~ Gaby Ck 

Thank you so much for playing in Mexico! This country loves you.... and there are still a lot of people who wants to see you, that's why you have to come back asap Hugs from Mexico City!  ~ Erik Nieto

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