Phoenix, AZ


Just want to say thank you. Like so many others, you have touched my life. For over 30 yrs your music has been part of the soundtrack of my life as well as my wife's. Our entire relationship has had your music as a backdrop. My children (gratefully) listened to your music with "Dreamer " being a family favorite.  We were at your Scottsdale show last night. You sounded as good as ever! Each song performed was a gem! Although i selfishly enjoyed the intimacy I wish more people were there to experience the magic. You were competing with Paul McCartney (a worthy draw) and Wrestlemania (not so worthy but a huge draw.) Anyway thank you again & many times over.  Please return to Arizona soon. ~ Barry Pasco

I was at your concert in Phoenix, Arizona at the JW Marriott. It was very uplifting and today, the day after, I'm whistling to several of your tunes. Please come back to Arizona. I really enjoyed your performance. ~ Randy Becker

I was just at your Phoenix concert and all I can say is when are you coming back? I saw you in about 1975 with Supertramp in Milwaukee and have fond memories of that concert. Seeing you on Sunday night was incredible! I think I just sat there with dumbfounded amazement that I was actually listening to you sing the songs I love so much! The new songs were great, the old ones I treasure and it was all magical for me. Thank you for coming to Phoenix! ~ Chuck