Pechanga Casino and Resort ~ Temecula, CA ~ February 26, 2011 ~ Review by David Mendenhall 


Two up, two down! The second show of Roger's tour like the first, was a complete sellout. In case you haven't heard, Roger is performing with a band of four musicians this year, and all but drummer Bryan Head who hails from Southern California is Canadian.

Roger began the show with "Take The Long Way Home," and "School" before surprising the audiennce with "In Jeopardy," a rarely performed track from his 1984 solo LP "In The Eye Of The Storm." "Lovers In The Wind" from that very same LP immediately followed. 

Roger and the band have already congealed into a tight unit, and before the show is complete, Roger and his band have gone through all four of the songs that he wrote on "Crime Of The Century." "School," "Hide In Your Shell," "If Everyone Was Listening," and of course "Dreamer."  This pattern is also repeated for all of Roger's written classics from the top selling LP of 1979 "Breakfast In America," - "Take The Long Way Home," Breakfast In America," "The Logical Song," "Child Of Vision," and "Lord Is It Mine."  The last song of the set, "Fool's Overture" was nothing but a crowd pleasing sensation that drew a deafening standing ovation.

For the encore, the songs "Two Of Us," and "Give A Little Bit" only confirmed that not only were these the songs that most of the audience grew up with, but that these were the songs that resonated most deeply. These songs with their forever positive message would guide and carry them home with a smile on this night.


Roger Hodgson's Band Members

Aaron MacDonald - Sax / Keyboards
Kevin Adamson - Keyboards
Bryan Head - Drums / Percussion
Ian Stewart - Bass