Panama City, Panama

May 18th, 2010

(I am Panamanian and hear your music taste is very nice. I know the vast majority of songs you've made with Supertramp, are songs that bring happiness and positive energy. I'm glad you come to give a concert tomorrow with your band at the famous Teatro Anayansi, Panama City. You're a talented artist, profile and communicate with the public know. Greetings, see you tomorrow)

Soy panameño y escucho tu música con gusto, es muy bonita. Conozco la gran mayoría de las canciones que has realizado con Supertramp, son canciones que traen felicidad y energía positiva. Me alegro que vengas a dar un concierto mañana con tu banda en el famoso Teatro Anayansi, Ciudad de Panamá. Eres un artista talentoso, destacado y sabes comunicar con el público. Saludos, hasta mañana!!! ~Antonio Rojas

Last night in Panama City was awesome, so great that we got the chance to watch it all LIVE!!! Thanks guys. Beautiful music, great band, everything... You Are Such A Wonderful Person! God Bless you. ~Elton

Saw your show in Panama last night. Thanks for an amazing performance! I Roger, thanks for sharing so much of whom you are with us. ~Jamuna

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to be at your concert in Panamá, you are one of the greatest and I really appreciate your music and your talent. I know what an opportunity it was to see you live; you are, by far, one of my favorite artist!! Your band was so great, all together sounds perfect!!

I hope you had a good experience in Panama and that we can see you again! The last song, “Close to You” was really a magical moment; I was sooo close to you! Thanks for that! Your music is very significant for me, I spent my youth hearing it, my friends were surfers and your music was always on for us!! By the way, I am 38th and today I wake up feeling grateful with life and for such a wonderful night!!

Please come back to Panama any time!! Best regards and my respect to you! Love you, I’ll never forget this day! ~Pierangelli Cozzarelli

I was 15 years old the first time I saw Roger perform with Supertramp in Toronto, back in 1977. Roger's incredible performance in Panama brought me back in time. Last night, I was able to share your voice, talent and legend with my 15 year old son. Thank you. ~Rick