Newcastle, Australia ~ April 11, 2010

I have just arrived home from your fabulous show in Newcastle, incredible; loved it. You truly are a gift. What a wonderful combination of talent with Aaron, loved him; fabulous musician. Keep on enjoying yourself it shows! ~ Samantha King

Well, I'd never heard of your name previously...nor could even name Supertramp songs.....however, I won the tickets from ABC local radio, Newcastle...and enjoyed the show thoroughly. Of course I had heard your music...I just didn't know it was "Yours"....I've never had "heros" or been a fan of anyone ever. The other performer with you, was great too. Job well done ! Now I know you...have all the pieces together now, the Music, the face, the name, etc.....I now have to give a report to the listening audience on's the done thing when they give give a review. I had invited a local DJ from another station as my guest but he declined....(something about seeing another woman these days) so I'll rub it in when I also call his talkback show and give a report. Look what he missed out on.! ~ Jenny

Had a great night last nightwith you and Aaron in Newcastle. Lots of nostalgia, took me way back. 4 mates and I listened to your music all the way up to Queensland and back [ 12 hours each way ] in a car on a "right-of-passage" trip after finishing high school in 1981, and I've been a fervent fan ever since. Like one of your guestbookees below, I was coming to see you in ? 1982 when the tour was cancelled, so was never expecting to see you live. I bought a video many years ago, but there's something about seeing your favourite band in the flesh thats just so much more than a two dimensional video. ~ Hugh

What a fantastic concert at Newcastle Civic Theatre. I was there 34yrs ago i was only 15. My friend and i was sitting 3 rows from the front it was fantastic please dont leave it for another 34yrs to come back. ~ Leigh

Thank you for such an amazing night in Newcastle, Australia. My husband and I bought tickets to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I found myself feeling as excited as a young girl in a lolly shop!  Such talent! Thank you again. ~ Alison

Saw concert at The Civic Theatre in Newcastle last night. What an amazing show. Don't Leave Me Now reminded me of my best mate's passing, my Dad. The Awakening reminded me not to punish myself over it, a natural process of life. Thank You and I hope to meet you in person one day! ~ John Pinkevitch

I had the absolute pleasure of attending your Newcastle concert last night and still have your lyrics spinning through my head. You made my husband and I feel like we were inside your private studio - not as part of an audience but more as friends.You truly are a gift with a very good soul. You had us at the first lyric and we will never forget your generous performance. ~ Lauretta and Keith

Fabulous concert in Newcastle last night. I still have vivid memories of Earls Court in 1983 but last night was even more memorable. Thank you Roger. Is there any chance you will come back to oz with the full orchestra? ~ Paul Simpson

When I was young I used to think that life was magical. In my late middle age, I've become kinda cynical. After seeing your fabulous show in Newcastle last night, I came away thinking it was magical again. Thank you so much  . You've made a cynical almost grumpy old man feel there's still some hope for the world. ~ Richard Chester

A fantastic show at Newcastle last night. We actually had tickets for the Enmore in Sydney, but we could not make it so we were very happy to come up to Newcastle to make sure we caught you.  10CC were also great and I hope you guys are having collective fun on the trip as the combined talent of you guys does my head in. I read your wiki with interest . . . . I feel sorry for the "Supertramp" guys trying to soldier on without your songs ... a bit like the Beatles carrying on without any Lennon/McCartney songs . . . nonethless if any of you have the energy once you recover from the current tour it would be great to see the Supertramp "Dark Crystal" restored for one more time should the planets ever align. All the best and many thanks for visiting our humble country and enlightening our lives!! ~ Nige

Just want to say, thank you for a fantastic concert in Newcastle - Sunday 12/4/10. There are few entertainers that can perform and relate life through their music and have people buzzing with excitement. Newcastle will be awaiting your return and hope it will be months not years. You asked " Was your music as good after 34 years. The answer is better ~ John Selway

My wife and I were at your Newcastle concert on 12/4/10 and were truly amazed. I have always been a Supertramp fan but never got into learning about individuals in a band. When I heard you were coming to town after all these years I thought "why not . . let's go". I was truly amazed by how talented you are and the beautiful way you play your instruments. Your voice is still truly amazing. Aaron was simply brilliant as well. Together, the sound was like there were more players on the stage. Thank you for the experience, I thouroughly enjoyed the show. I am now enjoying the DVD of your concert in Montreal and I'm happy to say, ours was much better. Aaron was much more involved with his singing and playing. Truly awesome Roger . . thanks again. ~ Phil

Thanks so much for a fantastic experience in Newcastle on Sunday night. I had been looking forward to the evening for months and you didn't disappoint. I have been running on adrenaline ever since! Great teamwork. ~ Sue

What an amazing experience! We so very much enjoyed your concert in Newcastle on Sunday night!!! Wow I was smiling and crying all at the same time!! Supertramp would have been my absolute favourite band growing up, and I have been to many concerts in my life, however I never got to see Supertramp, so when we got the opportunity to see the voice of Supertramp we just had to take it!!!And I am so very happy and thrilled that we did. The most memorable night in a very long time. Thank you so much for that memory, I felt you were talking to me, and I am sure everyone else in that room felt the same.... ok I am going on a bit now......Thanks again please don't leave it too long before you come back to our shores!! ~ Donna

Loved the concert in Newcastle last Sunday night it took my breath away. Technology is wonderful when it brings artists so close playing their own compositions. Your music is fantastic it brought back so many memories as your music was such a great part of my life and please I hope you saw some of the country during your stay. I will certainly look forward to attending your next concert - hoping you might make it up to Port Macquarie where everybody else goes on holidays to. Make it real soon. ~ Tricia Campbell

Thank you for the fantastic show Sunday night in Newcastle. I'm glad I got to see you for a second time, and am hoping for a third! Meeting you after the show was the extra icing on the cake! Thank you for your music! ~ Tim

Sunday night was a very special night in Newcastle, Roger your songs are the soundtrack of my life, thanks for the great concert . a dream come true, please come back soon. ~ Emiliano

Wow!! I first got into Supertramp in about 1982 and have been hanging to see something live ever since . What an absolute buzz to witness Roger live. I must admit I was a tad skeptical when I saw no drums-no electric guitars etc. but, boy, was I impressed! That was great show! I'd love to know what Roger's Top 5 is after he teased with "one" of his Top 5 being Two of Us...I'll compile my Top 5 and see how it this space! ~ Tim

What an overwhelming night! I missed you last time you were in Newcastle 30 years ago but not this time, yes I’ve waited and hoped you would be back. Your music and lyrics has played such a big part in my life and Sunday night was a combination of laughter and tears. Your interaction with your audience also brought personnel touch/meaning to your music. Aaron was also amazing and reproduced beautifully on the sax and his other instruments, its nice to hear real music with real instruments. Thank you for stopping by. ~ Richard and Maree

My name is Mark and I attended your Newcastle concert on Sunday 11th April. I was put in a special place by your performance and am still experiencing the effect. Your concert was the best performance I have been to by any artist and its amazing to see a performer whose songs touch the depth of your soul. I was also amazed by the kindness and friendliness that emanates from you on the stage towards your audience. Brilliant! ~ Mark

Hi Roger, I saw your performance at the Byron Bay Blues Festival (Australia) and had to see you again which I did in my home town (Newcastle, Australia). Both performances were amazing. I'm now buying up Supertramp CD's and your solo work - Had old LP's but no player! Bought your live DVD at the Newcastle concert and can't stop playing it!! Hope you keep touring and creating your fantastic music. ~ Mark Peterson