…a miracle

Frankfurter Rundschau December 6th 2005

Written by Jamal Tuschik

English translation by Claudia Yildiz

The former Supertramp singer Roger Hodgson fascinated the audience in the „Old Opera“

“The core competence of the PASS Consulting Group is, to value new technologies” – it is written in the World Wide Web, which turns us all into intelligent people. The Company functioned as promoter of a “Late Year Benefit” gala in the “Old Opera” in Frankfurt for the benefit of World Vision. World Vision is a Christian aid organization and enables long-run development aid. Therewith the worthily setting of an issue with “Soul and Spirit” is determined. Especially Judy Bailey, the ambassador of VW, implemented that issue, by practising a children song with the auditorium in the big hall.

Rockfans at a work party

Possibly it should read “U lalala”. The singer seemed to be overflowing with energy and lust for life.

Afterwards Lars Reichow, the cabaret artist form Mainz moderated an evening full of emotions. Gerhard Rienecker, the PASS chairman appeared onstage as a representative and stayed there as a “Groove- Minister” at the guitar and resurrected the 70’s musically with his funky style.

Meanwhile some rock fans appeared in the foyer and tried to be integrated in any way into the enormous work party. They only wanted to hear Roger Hodgson and maybe also Inga Rumpf, who was responsible for the interlude and sang gospels and the song “Superstition” in a staggering way.

The daughter of a sailor debuted in proper style in “St.Pauli”. (Note of the translator: a famous district in Hamburg). Her bands were named “Frumpy” and “Atlantis” in the heyday of rock music.

All the angels who sold lottery tickets this evening even weren’t born in these days and the prizes they promised not really fascinated the audience, but the first prize might of course been bombastic.

After all Reichow announced the real superstar of the evening, whom he owes wonderful times in his children’s room, as he said. Purportedly he seduced girls while they listened to the music of Supertramp – it won’t have been so bad.

Roger Hodgson appeared in a shape of eternal youth. He started with his summer hit from the year 1977: “Give a little bit”. The reserved audience went delirious. Some female managers, who were dressed with costumes for their everyday office life, started screaming spontaneously and proved once again, how music can help to let oneself go. It was obvious that everybody was watching a genius at work. Hodgson at the guitar, at the keyboard and grand piano: relaxed and distinguished, his voice is so extensive that you had to assure yourself again and again that there isn’t someone in the background who is providing some backing vocals.

“Take the long way home” was the second landmark of an era, that Hodgson presented the audience. His strings produced a wonderful “soft cheese” to his songs and when he played the “Logical Song”: “When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle…” everyone joined in singing.

The last freaks didn’t want to fraternise with the ladies and gentlemen from the upper middle class until the end of the show. That is bad luck: the today forty or fifty- year- olds succeeded in integrating the music from their school festivals into their nonconformist life style.