Melbourne, Australia

April 7, 2010

Tonight I saw you both perform in Melbourne. I was transportedback to my teenage by your voice Roger and was wondering what it would be like without the rest of the band (last seen Fairfield Hall Croydon UK I think 1975?) but Aaron filled the gap in such an immense and extraordinarily talented way the whole experience was Wonderful - thank you guys ps - SOOO clever of you to choose 10cc as a support - they were just awesome and warmed the crowd up beautifully. Thanks again for an unforgettable evening. ~ Liz Hodder

Well Roger you said last night in Melbourne that you hadn’t been here since 1976. I really hope you don't leave it as long before you head over this way again. I doubt I'd be around to see it ! Thank you for a wonderful wonderful concert. I was so moved by Lord is it Mine and when you played Fools Overture I was amazed at how you were able to recreate that wonderful song with just the 2 of you. Fantastic. 10CC were also great performers. They sounded just as I remember them back in my teen years. Thank you once again for an evening I will never forget. ~ David

Attended your concert in Melbourne, Australia last night. Would love to have done a "meet and greet" with you, but someone else was the lucky one. You've lost none of your magic.

You said some very nice things about Melbourne too. You'll be welcome here anytime! Don't make it so long next time. ~ David

The concert last night was one of the best I've ever been to. Roger Hodgson's songs are gold--the way they stood up w/o need for bass, lead guitar or drums proves this. Supertramp albums certainly helped me keep my sanity thru my teenage years in the 1970s, and expanded my musical horizons. And now—what a find in that boy from Canada! The only thing missing for me was a rendition of "Even in the Quietest Moments", so I hope this duo return soon and include it. 10CC were fabulous, too! Thanks to both groups for a wonderful night at the Palais. ~ Linda

I celebrated my 50th Birthday with my brother and sister at your concert last night, and it was just the most amazing experience. I have lived and breathed your music for many years, it's the sound track to my life. We would like to invite you over for an aussie BBQ and a night around the piano!! ~ Robyn Stevenson

Saw Supertramp in Liverpool in the mid-seventies Roger was brilliant then, went to the Palais in Melbourne last night, still brilliant come back soon !  ~ Jim Griffiths

A night to remember at the Palais, my 14 and 17 year old boys could not understand why I was crying, but your music is what I played during major events of my life deaths , births, stress and the best times. All my emotions were brought out in an evening of the most beautiful and moving music one could have only dreamt of.  ~ Terry

The concert last night (Melbourne) was just awesome! It's been a long time coming for all of us here. My husband Eddie has been so keen to see you in concert that he nearly dragged me all the way to Germany a few years back, so he has been very excited for the last six months, since buying the tickets for last nights show. Sadly though Eddie couldn't make it to the concert. He's stuck in hospital awaiting life saving surgery. I wish I could send you a photo as he is currently sitting up in bed, wearing his new Roger Hodgson T-shirt. When Eddie is well enough I've promised that we'll head to Europe to see you. Unless of course you plan on coming back to Australia. Any chance of that???? ~ Vicky

A few years ago one of my sons asked me what my favourite record was so I told him my favourite record was a record and got out Breakfast in America and played it for him. I also told him that when I died I wanted The Logical Song and Lord is it Mine played at my funeral. Last night at the Melbourne concert I asked my husband if I had in fact died and gone to heaven after you played both of these. Thank you so much. I had tears. Please come back to Melbourne soon and bring that young musician with you - he was great too! ~ Tracey Romans

Throughly enjoyed your concert in Melbourne on Tuesday night, you were just sensational. It was great to hear all those classic Supertramp songs, although I would have loved to hear Hide in Your Shell, but Lord Is It Mine was a surprise and is also one of my fav Supertramp songs. 10CC was a great support act and I hope you don't take another 36 yrs to come back here, please return soon, would love to see you at Hamer Hall with the MSO. ~ Gerard

TO ROGER, LINDA, SHAKTI & AARON... You are all such wonderful people to put together such a magnificent show that you did in Melbourne. Roger you are a genius, you should be knighted. You are a class above us all, the performance was absolutely brilliant i take my hat off to you. You put so much passion into your work, it gives me goose bumps to see & hear you perform, and to be sitting just meters away while you are singing is a dream come true. A simple thank you doesnt seem to be enough to show my appreciation, but THANK YOU SO MUCH. ~ RICK WHITE..

Made a special trip from Christchurch to Melbourne just to see Rodger play, as a teenager in the 70's this was my music and still is and wasn't let down, was an amazing concert, 90minutes of just pure awesome music from the past, could gone another 90minutes as his songs. Good to see all the old rockers came out and we weren't disappointed, my hat goes off to you Rodger..

and the leadup with 10cc set the whole night..~ Michael Nottage