Roger Hodgson
The Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

May 29, 2011
Running Time: 2 hrs 30 mins


Can it really be thirty years since Supertramp founder Roger Hodgson last played Liverpool? If so, then it is way, way too long and it should be fervently hoped that it is much sooner than that that he returns for this, without question, is one of the most polished and skilfully orchestrated performances imaginable.


From the opening Take The Long Way Home to the closing It’s Raining Again, this was a stunning night’s entertainment during which Hodgson not only endeared himself to the capacity audience that danced and sang all night long, they adopted him. There can’t be too many places the Supertramp legend has performed where the crowd have chanted “Roger Is A Scouser” with such unabashed glee.


School rocked its way to the forefront, whilst the delightfully haunting Hide In Your Shell brought the pace down a little so as to meld with the delightfully Celtic Along Came Mary. What is truly astonishing, however, is the manner in which Hodgson’s unmistakeable voice has lost none of its power or resonance through the passage of time and that he still remains capable of bringing a lump the throat through songs like the simply beautiful Lord, Is It Mine?.

Breakfast In America stirred things up nicely, as it would, before Dreamer almost stole the show as people stood in waves to acclaim this magical piece eighties class.


Yet it was the deeply melodic and unforgettable cover of The Beatle’s Across The Universe, sang in tribute to John Lennon, which really secured the singer’s place in the hearts of the multitude here and, such was the clarity and perfection of Hodgson’s voice it is doubtful whether the bespectacled legend would have received an ovation to better the one heard this evening.


Two Of Us and Give A Little Bit provided the jingle-jangle bounce on which to close but, with the adulation of a truly special audience ringing in his ears, Roger Hodgson must surely have pencilled in a return date as soon as he got back to his dressing room.


A quite remarkable evening in the company of a quite remarkable artiste.


Chris High
Freelance Journalist