Dear Roger,

My name is Paulo, I am 39 years old and I was one of the lucky ones at your show in Lisbon back in 31st of August! I´ve been in some music concerts in my life but I really think that you touched everyone's hearts your optimism that is always present in your songs! I really would like to thank you not only for your great show in here but also for the great music you gave the Humanity throughout the years. I wish you the best for both your personal and professional life and maybe I'm selfish but as a believer and as a catholic I pray that you will still give everyone lots of fine music in the future!


I went to the concert in Lisbon, yesterday, and it was fantastic. Roger Hogson is, without a doubt, my favorite singer. Yesterday I could confirm the reason.

I hope that he will come back again.

Thank You,


I saw the Lisbon concert yesterday an d it was simply... amazing! The quality of the Orquestra da Nova Harmonia with the beautiful voice of Roger gave us a memorable concert.

I saw Supertramp in 1988 (Madrid), 1997 (Cascais) and 2000 (Lisbon) and I hear a couple of the Roger's songs by Mark Hart but I felt that something (everything) missing.

Thank you Roger for the incredible moment!

Rogério (Roger) Filipe