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Kitchener – June 23, 2013

by Karol Wickert

Kitchener - Preah and Aaron  ROGER HODGSON is the co-founder of Supertramp, the   

 instantly recognizable voice, and writer responsible for  

 most of the mega hits that led to 60 million album sales.

 Over two hours of his timeless Supertramp classics
 as well as six songs from his solo career weaved a 

 tapestry of emotions into the audiences’ hearts at Centre

 in the Square last night.

 He opened the concert with “ Take the Long Way Home“ 

 and immediately followed it up with the 1974 classic,

 “School."    A rare treat, “Death and a Zoo" from his solo

 album released in 2000, “ Open the Door," had the sound

 system at the Centre in the Square rocking to his African

 flavoured masterpiece.   Hodgson has a real affinity and

 love for Canada.  Aaron Macdonald from London, Ontario

 is an amazing multi-instrumentalist and vocalist that’s been in Roger's band for nine years.  Another Canadian member, Kevin Adamson, is a talented keyboard player from Toronto. He received a standing ovation for his spirited and creative solo on “ Child of Vision “ a Hodgson created classic from Supertramp's most successful album from 1979 " Breakfast in America."   David J. Carpenter on bass and Bryan Head on drums were each spectacular as well.

Kitchener - Preah and AaronRoger once again awed and completely connected with
his adoring audience. As two of the four members of his group have families a short drive away from Kitchener,
this concert held a lot of meaning for Roger, the band,
and his adoring fans. The encore included “Two of Us“
and “Give A Little Bit“  where Aaron Macdonald’s young daughter got up on stage and played a tambourine to
the joy of the singing and dancing crowd.
Wow!! Oh, what a memorable evening in Kitchener.
After all that, Roger was so kind and very humble to meet some of his adoring fans after the show. Two members
of the Canadian tribute to Supertramp, Crisis What Crisis,
had an opportunity to meet the man that inspired them
to start their musical project.  “It was a rare pleasure
and an honour to meet the man responsible for shaping
my personal and musical life as a teenager growing up in the 70’s“ said one of the tribute members after the concert.
Roger is coming back to Canada in August so make sure you check out his busy concert schedule and don’t wait too long, as his shows always sell out.  See all of his tour dates at https://www.facebook.com/rogerhodgson/events.
by Karol Wickert
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