Dear Roger,

I have been A die hard fan of Supertramp's music for over twenty years now. I never imagined that in 2002 I would actually go to a Supertramp concert at Walkerton Ontario Canada. I was to young back in the early 1980's to actually go to a concert when you were still together. I loved the concert in 2002 but it would have been twice as good with you there.

Well I took my Wife and two young children to see you in Kitchener on June 1st 2006 and we totally loved hearing you sing and play your beautiful music that has touched so many people for so many years.

I just wanted to thank you for still touring and being able to see you live and your voice is still the same as it was thirty six years ago.

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,



Hi Roger I just wanted to say thanks for bring back the memories of my chidhood. I listened to your music when I was a teen and have always loved it. When I had the opertunity to come and seee you in Kithchener Ontario I could not resist. I was very taken on how my emotions came back as if it were hearing you yesterday. I hope you come back to this area, there was a lot of people that did not know you were here and would have loved to hear you. I would like to take my son to see you sing.

The last time I saw Supertramp play was your last concert at Maple Leaf Gardens. I still have the ticket!

Thanks for waking up my memories to how much I enjoy listening to you.

Music is the only place in the world were you can find everyone at peace!

Kerry Weaver :

What a great evening that we have spend my husband and I at La Place des Arts yesterday night. What great memories that all the songs brought to us. Suddenly, all the audience was 17 years old again, and some of the fans acted like teenagers again. Thanks for this great show. You still have your great voice, and the songs that you played are timeless. We are lucky in Montreal, we will be able to see this show again on DVD in autumn.

Thanks a lot for this perticular show and for all those years of marvelous music.

Sincerly from Sylvie

Earlier in June, my wife and I saw you in concert in Kitchener Ontario, Canada. I have to tell you, it was like going into a time warp as I had seen Supertramp in concert in Toronto I'm guessing late 70's early 80's. I think you voice has actually gotten better and the concert in June was nothing short of awesome. I am about to retire from the Police Service in Toronto and if you are ever back this way again, a few of us jam around a campfire at night and are always looking for another who enjoys getting away from the world.

Again thanks for the music.

Alan & Sybil Parks

Dear Roger,

Thank You for filling my soul on friday night June 2nd 2006 in London, Ontario Canada. That night was the highlight of my year! It was a dream come true to listen to you sing all of my absolute favourite songs live in person!!!! Your voice and skills are still the perfection they were when I first listened to Supertramp as a struggling 14 year old.(28 years ago)

Your music will last forever as it nurtures anyone who listens. Thank You for giving us the gift of your spirit in little London, Ontario, Canada. It was an honour to be in your presence! THANK YOU.

Love Pauline. A listening fan yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Hello Roger!

Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! My first concert ever was the recent orchestra london performance, on June/2/2006. It was truly amazing! I loved the song "keep the pigeons warm". I wanted to thank you for being such an great performer and for being so dedicated to your fans (like me!!!) all my life I've wished I would be able to meet you, it was even my #2 thing on my life to do list and I would sincerly like to thank you for making it happen! you were everything I expected you to be like and more! thank you for coming around for the autograph, and for the hug! it truly changed my life!

yours truly,

Jerri Ellis-Macdonald

P.S. I was the girl who waited around and gave you a pin! :)


I met you after the show in Kitchener on May 31st. I had driven in from Buffalo, NY with my buddy Todd(who drove in from CT). Todd was the one who had the picture of him playing drums with you at a show you did in Buffalo years ago. Anyway just wanted to tell you it was a great show and I would love if you could try to set a date to get back to Buffalo. I think that you playing with the Buffalo Philharmonic would be another great show. I know some people there, maybe I could help you make the connection. Anyway, best of luck with the rest of your concerts.

Thanks again,

Bill Davis

Hello Roger, caught your performance June 1 2006, all I can say is fantastic, you and the KW Symphony were on fire. Loved the versions of School and Child of Vision, I haven't heard those songs live in at least 25 years.

All I can say is thank you Roger, and please come back again.

Peace Roger.


Hi Roger,

What an excellent concert and hope you come back to Kitchener again. Since you left Supertramp your voice, keyboards, guitar and song writing has never diminished at all.. What a great concert and good sound, amazing!

The Kitchener( Centre of the Square) concert was one of the best concerts I've heard from a prog fan who like bands of Camel, IQ, Pendragon, Stackridge, Pallas, Glass Hammer, Genesis, Yes, Greenslade,Rpwl, Kayak.

Camel my favourite and love Andy Latimer's guitar playing very much and regard him one of the best in the class.. You are such a talented performer and hope you continue and don't change your style.. You seem more like Supertramp on your solo's than Supretramp do.. Closing my eyes at the concert sounded better than the original.. Loved Dreamer and Fools Overture, stunning..



Dear Roger:

Thank you so very much for your gracing us with your music up in these parts of the forest again. Your show this evening was magical. I feel rejuvenated once more. Music truly is good for the soul but no others can deliver it quite like you. And through it all you stand there in what seems to be true disbelief that we love you so much up here in Canada. And it seems like you who is in awe of us. Part of the feeling of well being or happiness I get is from seeing the crowd's reaction to you. There is never such a geniune outpouring from audiences for any of the shows I go to. There is the usual cheering and excitedness, but your shows are different, you can feel the mutual admiration and geniune appreciation from both sides. It is just plain wonderful. Sorry I tend to gush a little after one of your shows. But once again I do thank you and hope to see you up in these parts soon. Someone told me this evening that you were a little concerned about the show and how it would go. I hope this helps.

Valerie Macklin

Dear Roger,

My 12 year old son Connor and I met you back stage at Centre In The Square, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada last night. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with him and encourage him with his music, more specifically his piano. You actually deserve a lot of the credit for how well he is doing. I took him to see you the 1st time you came and he became so excited about your music that he bought all the sheet music of your songs he could find and can now play most. It has also rejuvinated his excitement for the instrument beyond his required lesson material. He very recently won 2006 Most Promising Junior Talent: Piano at the annual Kitchener/Waterloo/Stratford Kiwanis music competition. We were all very thrilled with your performance last night and Connor is just beside himself having met you and hearing your kind words of encouragement. I would guess that he is one of your biggest 12 year old fans and will continue to introduce your music and talent to his peers and his generation.

I hope this message will actually get to you....we are very thankful and wish you many more years of inspiration, song and music.

Jim O'Kane

I just saw Roger perform with the Kitchener-Waterloo symphony orchestra and the Jeans and Classics Band and it was fantastic. Back in the '70s and early '80s I went to just about every Supertramp concert when they played Toronto. Right from the Massey Hall days to their multi-concert series at Maple Leaf Gardens. I have all of their albums on vinyl (which I am now preserving) and am currently on my 4th set of CD's. It was very special to see Roger in such an intimate setting. He looks spectacular and his voice is as magical as ever. It was the hilight show of the year for me. The orchestra and the band were spot on and everyone on stage seemed to be having an immensely good time. Come back to Canada and K-W soon again Roger.We love you.

p.s. If there was such a thing I would nominate Roger for an honorary Canadian citizenship. As far as I know Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill are the only people to recieve this honour.


Brian Doughty

Just wanted to let you know that the Roger Hodgson concert in Kitchener last night (Thursday) was unbelievably awesome! My partner Kevin and I have always enjoyed Supertramp but were not rabid fans and I'd seen Supertramp at the CNE back in the '80s. That said, we were expecting a fun evening, as we always do when heading for "Electric Thursdays" but we never could have imagined how blown away we'd be by Roger's amazing performance (that voice is as true as it was 30 years ago!) and his delightful stage presence, by Aaron's spectacular sax solos, by how well the music lent itself to symphonic arrangement - and, of course, by how incredible the arrangements were (bravo once again, Peter!).

Renata Radek & Kevin Mooney

Roger, My son and I are huge fans of Supertramp music and are still riding the high from last night's performance in Kitchener ( no chemicals or herbs responsible; just the great music). I am 48 years old and Supertramp music was a big part of my life in the 70's. We have been to many concerts in the Toronto area in recent years, but last night was truly something very special. Hearing you and the K-W orchestra flawlessly reproduce some of the best songs ever written literally had me in tears throughout the performance. Good thing the lights were low in the audience.

My son is one of the newer generations of Supertramp fans and both of us cannot wait for your return. We travelled more than 2 hours to get to last night's show and it would have been worth it to have travelled twice the distance. My only regret is that my wife was not there to enjoy it. Due to previous commitments, she begged off on this one. As a classical musician herself, she would have been amazed by "Fool's Overture", her favourite Supertramp song. My hope is that you will be true to your word and return to the Toronto area again soon, so that all of my family (including my pianist daughter) can experience a wonderful evening of your music. If last night's performance could have been bottled, I would put it on a shelf and savour an occasional sip every once in a while, like a fine single malt scotch. Many thanks for making me feel 30 years younger last night.



I would like comment of the show I went to see on June 1,2006 in Kithchener Ontario, It was AMAZING. it was the like having headphones on, and I was taken away by the sound..

Keep us in Mind,



Hi Roger, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for dedicating "Breakfast" to me during the show in London, Ontario last night. It was really refreshing to see you perform again, and I am sorry if my appearance at the door almost "blew you away". I would have really enjoyed the opportunity for a chat with you, but I realize you were busy and on a tight schedule. I travel a lot in my job, so I experience the time issues and deadlines as well. Your show was absolutely brilliant, and I am amazed that you can still reach the high notes like you do.

I like the path your music has taken utilizing the Orchestras and I am pleased that the sound, and the songs are still sounding the same, if not better in some cases. I think you are in your element up there in front of your fans, your confidence level has risen and the fans can sense that and love it.

My daughter Stephanie said she loved the show, she wanted you to autograph the shirt she bought but we had to drive back to Buffalo and couldnt wait around. I have a flight today to Baltimore so I had to get home. One day before I get too old I would love to sit down with you over a coffee and discuss our lives and how they have changed over the last 35 years.

Great Job!

Best Regards,


Congratulation to you, the K.W. symphony orchestra and the Jeans and Classic band members. I enjoyed every aspect of the concert, from the first note to the second encore. Your remarkable voice, as well as your musical talents, made this the best concert that I have attended. Big concert venues were thrilling during the 70's and 80's but a venue like a symphony concert hall is by far a better musical experience for people who are now in 'middle age'. Thank you again for a wonderful evening. I drove 90 minutes to attend the concert. I will continue to check the website for future performances in an area nearest to my home.